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  1. I can't provide any video tonight, but I can tell you that it was a very consistent pattern when I last fought hounds (September 13th). I was the host in our gaming session, and every single Hound I tried to stab would cause the glitch. No matter what frame I played, or whose hound it was. Conversely, my clanmate, who was the client, had no parazon or animation glitches at all So I am confident in saying that Hound abilities and animations aren't the culprit. It's something weirder, such as internet connection or custom settings or something
  2. Indeed, that is the key They literally can't clip through ceilings, not all the way (the bubbles measure the distance to the ceiling as part of their size calculation), and while they might skirt walls a little bit we're not getting the situation with old Nullifiers where you could see their bubbles springing into existence when they spawned on the other side of a door
  3. Educated guess, I admit. If we assume that the version of Warframe being played at Tennocon 2021 was real live gameplay and not faked footage. The graphics have PC parity and the screen matches a standard iPhone, so I presume they're using a Stadia devkit Again, this is just educated guess
  4. I believe the current version of Warframe is not supported by cloud gaming, no. They will, however, soon have a mobile version of Warframe, which will absolutely be running on a cloud gaming system
  5. No they don't, not like they used to So no, you really are the first person I have heard complain about nullifiers in about three years. Because as bad as you think they are, the rest of us remember when they were FAR worse. I think you just need to git gud
  6. Thought so Classic Nullifiers spawned with 10 meter bubbles that could go through walls and ceilings, and had no weak point. Damage against their bubbles was gated at 600 damage. Ironically their bodies were (and still are) extremely weak, in a poorly-execute attempt at proper enemy design. Your options were to either waste ammo, or say goodbye to your buffs and kill them with one melee attack -- if they hadn't already stolen your buffs the instant they spawned, because they spawned with Max size bubbles that were not restrained by walls or closed doors. They could just spawn in a locker room with their bubbles clipping through the walls Modern Nullifiers don't have any of these issues. They can shield their troops from a few bullets and they will nullify a Tenno who isn't paying attention, but they don't take entire magazines to bring down, they can't clip through walls anymore, and they have a weak point for players running sniper rifles. And they come in both melee and ranged now, to keep players on their toes
  7. "You Tenno, you fight for treasure. You are just another Corpus machine to me! Are you just mercenaries? Fighting for scraps? Where is this so-called Tenno honor?"
  8. The problem with old Nullifiers was not the challenge, because they weren't challenging. No, the problems were a bunch of unfun consequences of how they spawned and could nullify you through walls and would screw over anyone running bows (still considered strong back then) and sniper rifles (considered very weak back then) I haven't seen any hate for modern Nullifiers, nor do I think they are too weak. They're in a good spot
  9. Gunna disagree on the Warframes. Besides Yareli being a magical girl, her aesthetic uses a muted color scheme and techno-organic body suit just like all the old Warframes Corpus are definitely more brightly colored now. They used to be dull metal that just came out of a machine press (corporate penny pinchers), now they are bright and noisy like a package on a store shelf (corporate advertising moguls) In contrast, the Grineer really aren't different at all. Kahl from the New War looks right at home in classic 2014 Warframe. So DE have done a great job keeping the Grineer consistent
  10. Have you ever done any Conservation before? It was added in the Fortuna update If you have never done it before, you will need to buy a Tranq rifle from Biz in Fortuna. Shooting wild animals (such as Condrocs on the Plains, and Velocipod on Deimos) will get you animal tags. You can also buy echo lures, to get more valuable animal tags: Let me know if you need more conservation help
  11. Warframe in general would probably benefit from a massive downscaling of EVERYTHING. Halve our damage overall, quarter our crit and attack speed mods, reduce the benefit of the first Viral proc, and drop enemy health to match. Then, we can rework enemy AI, rework things that suck like blast damage, and overall have a better game But that's too much work. Like no sarcasm, that probably is too much work for a game this built-up on old systems
  12. 'tis a shame, but it's nice to actually see the vid now. That's a lot of melee
  13. Do you still get the mods if you do that? That was the real question in my ask
  14. If all else fails, get a Kuva Lich and fight thralls for your finishers
  15. This is what some forums call the No Limit Fallacy
  16. His account name is "Dante", and the "teenager" remark was metaphorical. Your advice was good but he wasn't breaking the rules
  17. I highly doubt that's going to happen. The going away part, that is. Why would they trash the Plains? They spent like three years on that No, they're probably going to do the thing line in Bastion, by Supergiant Games, where the hubworld comes under attack once, and it might have some battle scars on it for the rest of the game but otherwise it functions just like before
  18. I think it a;; depends how the New War is actually going to be structured and whether or not we'll be using any of those systems in future content. We know that playing as established characters isn't a problem for DE, what with a playable Teshin section, so could both Kahl and Clem be playable? Time will tell
  19. It used to do that. On launch (well, launch of damage 2.0 back in 2013 or so) blast procs would knock down anything neat the target This was, of course, famously changed in damage 2.5 In my opinion Blast's real problem is a bunch of other stuff. First and foremost, Warframe is a game where Viral and Slash both exist, so any other proc is rarely useful (Cold might help sometimes in Disruption, Loki's Radiation Disarm is not bad, but that's about it). Secondly, the damage part of Blast damage sucks because almost nothing is weak to it and a LOT of things resist it -- including most things that would be weak to it. At least Magnetic and Gas get slightly more use in Steel Path, but you have no reason to ever build for Blast
  20. People can change their UI colors, so "yellow" doesn't mean much. On my screen yellow means success and white means failure, but different UI screens can use yellow for failure If the Requiem symbol has a slash through it, that always means a failure
  21. That depends whether it's Nezha's fire is causing the speed, or whether Nezha's speed is causing the fire
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