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  1. TARINunit9's post in Critical Delay no longer stackable? was marked as the answer   
    I remember way back in 2015 you could cheat the system by setting up an invalid loadout ahead of time and it would work, but you can't cheat anymore. If you have incompatible mods on something after an update, the game will just have one of the mods do nothing. It won't even cost any Drain, funny enough, it will just sit there and the game will wait for you to replace it with a valid mod
  2. TARINunit9's post in How to put pictures in the posts here. was marked as the answer   
    You need to upload them to another site, presumably imgur. Warframe forums do not have native image hosting, only hotlinking to other sites
  3. TARINunit9's post in profit taker's weakness was marked as the answer   
    Let me try to clear up the confusion:
    Radiation does NOT cause the shields to immediately change. However, if Profit-Taker's shields are reduced by 20% within a single 20-second period, it will immediately change to the next element. This is to prevent you from dealing 100% shield damage using only a single element
    What is most likely happening is that you are not the only person running Radiation. Your teammates probably also have it, and are probably dealing so much damage so quickly that they are wiping out 20% shields in only a second or two
  4. TARINunit9's post in Phasic Cells - should I kill other sentients as well? was marked as the answer   
    Score divided by ten equals phasic cells. If killing Sentients increases your score, kill as many as possible
  5. TARINunit9's post in question about creating PC account was marked as the answer   
    Currently there is no cross-progression, sorry.
    Playstation consoles share accounts with each other Xbox consoles share accounts with each other, but are separate from Playstation Nintendo Switch is separate from Playstation and Xbox PC is separate from the consoles. However, Steam, Epic Store, and Warframe independent launcher all share accounts (mostly because Steam and Epic just download the independent launcher for you)
  6. TARINunit9's post in Necromechs and Nezha was marked as the answer   
    Necramechs have both Natah's Denial (a special form of nullification) and Damage Reflection Shield. They can make your Halo vanish pretty much whenever they want to
  7. TARINunit9's post in Protea owns me! was marked as the answer   
    Do not
    I repeat
    DO NOT attack Protea in melee for any reason whatsoever. That is my first tip
    Mag might be your best bet, if you hit her with a Bullet Attractor and let her kill herself. Mod your guns for some Magnetic damage to keep her from regenerating her shields.
    But overall, your best bet might be to just grind some endo and upgrade your mods. Increase your Vitality and Steel Fiber mods
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