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  1. Yes thats what I thought. Need to test it.
  2. Interesting. Sounds like inside information, do you have knowledge of the codeing?
  3. greatmin

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    Game too easy? Try hardcore mode
  4. Technical support was not of much help sadly, mainly copypasted answers. On the bright side I'm almost finished with Pluto on the new acc. When all the mainquests are finished the SUIT will rise again.
  5. Yeah, might get banned, I'm not doing it out of malice though, rather out of love for the game. Will try that out aswell.
  6. That was the plan, until I realized you needed mastery rank 8 to visit Baro on Pluto, was rank 3 at the time 😛
  7. It's basically impossible to lose the recovery mission, by the time you get captured your warframe is atleast rank 20, I had to stand in enemy fire for 3 minutes to die.
  8. Should mean that the likelyhood increases I hope
  9. Things to try: Spectre Captured again with only SUIT If it's possible to use ground archguns Equipping Grustrag bolt + all dragonkeyes Get lowest rank on all the sydicates (Always wanted to try this, could mean I get invaded a lot by syndicates) Create a SUIT only clan (lol) 😛
  10. I'm in contact with support but I'm not sure they will be able to resolve the problem. I'm thinking of continue my research on my new account. If someone has a Zanuka beacon they can use on me, add my name: Failed_Tenno
  11. Zanuka was sadly not avaliable during that scene.
  12. Can't check atm but probably best to avoid all quests due to the high risk of permanent softlocks.
  13. Yeah, next thing I would like to try is the Grustrag bolt + all the dragon keys. I wonder if it's possible to keep the ascaris though 😞
  14. Lol! Yep! It sure seems so...
  15. I was kind of asking for it lol. I would have liked to try out those things. I'm sorry if I let you guys down, I hope to resolve this loop in the pursuit of SUIT Prime. I discourage people to try getting this Warframe because of the likelyhood of a permanent softlock. I've sent a report to the bugforum, and the quest support team. It seems like they could fix this problem. Let's hope so 🙂