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  1. oh man didn't even think about that, good point. alright i see the errors of my ways because yeah that's real bad. thanks all for reading though!
  2. personally i think it'd make lower level missions more enjoyable with revenant don't get me wrong enthrall + reave is all you're gonna be doing in endgame and that's all good with me but i'd just like to use him more doing easier things. i love playing rev and want to take him for a spin more. augment's just an example of something that could benefit from this
  3. hi folks so i would love to make use of the new revenant augment but other squad members LOVE to just kill your thralls instantly and it is profoundly frustrating. if enthrall was adjusted so that only you can damage your thralls and not other players i would be eternally grateful. thank you de i love you
  4. why not just remove all warframe abilities entirely? that'll fix every complaint that people can manage to exaggerate beyond any logical reasoning. hey, why not remove enemy abilities too! you could just remove enemies altogether! get rid of parkour because it's annoying, get rid of archwing because who even plays that mode?? get rid of companions because you gotta take care of them consistently, get rid of missions because they delay getting rewards. trash matchmaking and make the game singleplayer, teammates suck anyway
  5. if they changed stasis so that it only affected enemy projectiles i would like that a lot. or just new abilities. i mean seriously, he's a magician, where's the fun stuff? you got card tricks, ya got the quarter behind the ear, there's that doves out of the hat thing. get some built in kunai made out of a deck of cards that apply some random status proc or something, maybe a polymorph debuff or whatever, cut dudes in half with that magic saw that's in those box tricks, like come on DE make it fun! you threw that 'cool edgy space ninja' aesthetic away a long time ago, might as well run with the
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