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  1. This seems like a fair adjustment to make, given the limited duration of the event and the fact that what's at issue is a weapon that give mastery - players active during the event now have a still challenging, but realistic, way to get the weapon. Thanks, DE.
  2. sleeviesaurus

    Recent Ducat Price Changes

    This is really disappointing. Surely this error can be remedied? How hard would it be to switch the exchange prices back until the new relics get cycled in, and credit anyone who exchanged the parts for ducats in the interim? I understand that mistakes get made, but with Baro's next visit so close, having 35 ducats deducted from the value of a bunch of stuff we may be trading in for ducats over the weekend seems like a mistake that deserves to be rectified.
  3. sleeviesaurus

    Warframe Prime Time #85: Tonight At 7Pm Edt!

    Could "Warframe Elections" be a new spy-style mission type where we're sent to rig ballot boxes as our favorite Grineer and Corpus characters attempt to prevail against each other in factional election contests? With the resulting winners getting to be the leads in a new questline (or two) where they constantly taunt the folks they beat? Probably not. But I would be a happy Tenno if that was the case.
  4. sleeviesaurus

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    Some of us have not been playing for two years. I've only been playing since January. I've only progressed far enough in the game to contemplate having junk prime parts to sell to Baro - and, indeed, far enough to get to all three relays where Baro appears - in the last couple of months. I had absolutely no idea that the ducat values could potentially change. I don't recall seeing it on the wiki, which is pretty much my go-to repository for stuff I don't know due to being a newer player. If I'd known that, I would've exchanged my spare stuff for ducats regularly - I just didn't think there was any reason to do so until Baro's items were available and I knew how much I needed to exchange for the stuff I wanted. I'm not positing that DE has done anything malicious here and it's unfortunate that the loudest voices in the discussion here and on reddit seem to be focused on conspiratorial thinking in that vein. I'm sure they meant to notify everyone when the changes were made, but I still think it's reasonable for us to want an advance warning when these changes get made, rather than a notification after they get made, however prompt. As it is, my guess is that I'll come up short in the event that there are two items Baro has to sell that I want; I had enough ducat value in my spare parts pile to cover that much, and I don't know if I'll have time to play enough Void missions over the next two days to make up the difference. And as far as the whole grind-versus-fun thing goes, there are a bunch of things I'd much rather do with the time I have to play than play in the Void.
  5. sleeviesaurus

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    It would've been nice if we'd had some notice and time to trade in spare parts before the ducat values changed. I'm now out upwards of 100 ducats in exchange value, and the last thing I'd like to do with my available game time over the next few days is farm for parts ahead of Baro's weekend visit. This is certainly a reasonable change to make in principle, but I don't understand why we couldn't have 24 hours to take advantage of the outgoing higher exchange values. And the timing is less than ideal.