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  1. I like my necramech( I use it to farm toroids its inefficient but I like shooting spiders with it) but I do have some issues · why doesn't my pets primed animal instinct work while I'm in it there's no way to have enemy/loot radar on one · if my operator is inside it why dont my magus arcanes/ school abilities work, like if I'm using magus nourish( I think that's the one) jumping in and out should heal it ·aura mods create an aura so they should effect it · just get rid of the necramech melee mods and let us equip arch melee's · and of course mod drop chance I just got
  2. You can turn its is and your operator off and people have been *@##$ing about the lotus lines for years
  3. So i dont know how to quote bc I'm stupid but OP said that umbra formas arent farmable and they are. The drop chance is absolutely #*!%ing abysmal but you can do it. Edit- OPS been playing since 2014 they aren't Mr 29 right now because they chose not to be
  4. So am I missing something or is this years Halloween event just play deimos bounties?
  5. Yay two runs, two different bugs. So like the title says I was fishing and the fish were dieing instead of being caught I tried all 7 spears same result
  6. Go submit a ticket and they can check your mission history and should give it back.
  7. Was leveling my necramech after the hotfix, tried switching back to my frame, it wouldnt let me( got the transference sound and screen lightning) so I was like well that's easy enough ill let an enemy kill the operator to get my frame back. When I let my operator die I got a mission failed screen and lost everything... Including necramech bonus affinity (granted only 2ish levels but I've already lost 50 plat rushing it and 20 ish levels to the last bug)
  8. I can't pick up anything with my much, energy, health, affinity, credits, mods, ammo.
  9. I'm on ps4 and I didnt see it in the thread but along without being able to pick up energy orbs I also can't pick up affinity orbs or health orbs. Also I lost 8 levels when I used my archwing but that might be part of the despawning bug
  10. Was really excited to go cut the fish I've been saving since I didn't want to cut them one at time. Go to Deimos go the fish vendor, select all, fish still don't reward their parts.
  11. If this is in the wrong spot sorry Like the title says, Cephalon Simaris doesn't have Xatu's bp in his recovered artifacts section. Not a huge deal with 40+ other frames to subsume first, but kinda a miss for the subsume frame update.
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