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  1. Rivens are a cancer on this game that will never be changed for the better or removed. DE don't want to do anything about this S#&$ty system and the toxicity it produces will exist until the game dies. DE knew exactly what they were doing making them tradable. The only reason they removed the companion slot machine is because it was a direct purchase from them as a company. Now DE as a company can swim in its cash piles without worrying about a little cricket because "the players are selling them, not us."
  2. I would assume DE won't just make it only be the person using x thing gives it 100% of all its stats. What I would assume is that DE would make it "use the best of x" but that is assuming the current RJ stats remain the same. In my opinion DE have 2 real options if they want it to be an overall improvement. One is to use the best stats out of everyone in the squad and to just have tactical/battle avionics and resources be "personal." Two is to completely remove HP/Damage mods and integrate them in to a basic RJ, that way its only utility avionics (like speed) that will take effect wh
  3. My understanding of what macros are and are not allowed is the following: Allowed - A macro that combines buttons in to a single press (ctrl+space) and can repeat if not too spammy and still requires player movement/aiming to use properly. 2 I used to commonly use was an op-dash macro (5, ctrl, space, 5) and a slide melee one that auto-repated but still required me to move and aim. Not allowed - A macro that repeats an action without requiring any further player input that kills enemies/bypasses the AFK system. I remember I read somewhere that a DE staff member stated something
  4. I would say most likely it should be fine. You aren't doing it to get an advantage, and you still need to collect all the content, it would just be like having a friend do it for you. But your best bet is contacting support and asking them the exact question you posted here, they will have a more concrete answer. Last I checked, they handle these things on a case by case basis Link: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  5. You're looking to delete your old save data and start from scratch? I would guess you have to send in a support ticket to DE asking them to "delete" your data, which will probably take a week or more. I'm fairly confident you can replay 90% of the story content so it would probably just be easier to continue and replay old stuff. Did a quick google search and found this https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203728870-How-can-I-delete-my-account- It would be important to note that they specify at the bottom, they cannot guarantee you will be able to re-use your sa
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