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  1. More-L

    Placing Komi stone in Sacrifice mission

    Fairly sure you have to move the pieces to the marked locations, at least in the first few ones. You should notice a holographic marker for where you should move a piece.
  2. More-L

    The Atmo Systems it's impossible to obtain

    Doing the stage 2 bounty seems to get me loads of all of those resources. It's fairly fast as well. Though I was only doing it for the mod that I never ended up getting and instead traded for it but you know, RNG
  3. Haven't seen this mentioned, but you guys all know relays are server hosted on DE's end yeah? The only things that show properly in relays is emotes and running. I have never once seen any other player animation where they jump, bullet jump or slide, even in extremely low population relays (i.e Dojo) This leads me to believe DE can't figure out an effective way to correctly sync up character animations via a dedicated server, I don't believe they lack care especially since public dojo's became a thing. Until it happens in Dojo's/relays I can't imagine dedicated servers will even get properly considered for standard missions. Though that is mostly speculation.
  4. More-L

    Platinum Problem

    The only thing I can really think is that someone else uses your computer and they were logged in when you tried to make the purchase. The e-mail you received confirming payment should tell you what account it is linked to. I'm not sure if you can use the same e-mail for a PC account and console account but you probably can. Maybe someone 'stole' your e-mail to make an account on playstation/xbox and the purchase somehow happened for that account? Idk that's just a guess
  5. They did it so more people want Redeemer Prime. "Is swapping weapons too much of a hassle? Did your ammo run out and your companion died? Do regular bullets just not cut if for you? Well... there is a solution! With its revolutionary bladed barrel containing a 10 round loaded chamber, your enemies lifespans will be shorter than the time between a hotfix and new bug! Just take a short second to admire the beauty of this gorgeous creation before obliterating the health-bars of those sad (gunblade-less) targets, you'll be doing them a favor! But... how do you too become a wielder of such a divine object you ask? It's simple really! Just melt down all your other prime items (you won't be needing them anyway!) into platinum and send it my way, it's that easy! And soon, you too will be a proud owner of the Redeemer Prime™!"
  6. I agree that wording implies there would be 9 skins in the pack. It should clarify that it is not 3 skins for each warframe within the sentence using a comma or otherwise. i.e "three skins, one for each of the 3 starter warframes" Lets take it out of context. A sentence that has no break in "three 'skins' for each of the 'x thing'" makes it correctly read as each 'x thing' will get three 'skins' as the ratio presented is 3:1. the 3 being 'skins' and the 1 being 'x thing'. The only way the sentence could be read otherwise is if it said the following "three 'skins' for each three 'waframes' in the starting pool" as the 3 is still 'skins' but the 'x thing' could be applied to the starting pool. As it only consists of 3, it would be a 3:3 ratio. The reason is that three 'warframes' could be freely swapped out for any number of 'warframes' and the sentence would still make sense. "three skins for each four warframes in the starting pool" would mean that if there was 12 'warframes' in the 'starting pool,' then 9 'skins' would be given. As a final note, pretty much every word/all words with 'this' could be swapped out for any number of items/groups and all examples would still show the correct ratio's which proves the original should be read differently to what was intended.
  7. The main issue I see is it could set a precedent for future PA's. Sure, in this one particular instance it is technically an additional bonus item, but what about if the next time a helmet is designed to be the main focus? What if they just give us 2-3 helmets as the accessories? Also the potential for it to be earn-able in-game is quite worry-some. PA accessories have never been farmable before and we have accepted that as the point of them is to show your support and possibly look good, I would not buy or have bought accessory packs if the cosmetics were going to be farmable later on unless it was like that from the beginning.
  8. First off, I appreciate you adding something new to the accessories pack. Not quite what I was hoping for but I will probably buy it out of thanks for trying at least. Maybe anyway... Secondly... just... I honestly cannot figure this situation out. I have no idea of the best way to handle this, no matter what you do this can't really be fixed and a lot of people will loose. If I buy it, and you let the helmet be obtainable in-game in the future I might get pretty annoyed about the fact I bought it, if you lock it to the vault I would sympathize with those who want it but don't want to spend money just for a single frame item. If you add more prime helmets to accessories I won't be happy but the people that want more alt prime helmets will... I don't even know how to feel about this anymore, I spent 20 minutes deleting and re-writing and still don't even know if I wrote what I wanted to, at least say with 100% certainty if the helmet will be 'farmable' or not. I know that will at least help me decide. EDIT: My thoughts on this is basically, I don't want it to be farmable because it is a part of PA accessories and they should not me farmable. But at the same time, it is an alt helmet and should be farmable. I have no idea which decision is the better one but they are both pretty bad... EDIT 4: This is pretty much how I view what happened at DE and I probably would have done the same as "Steve":
  9. More-L

    Is it safe to play Fortuna content?

    This 'very recent' ban that occurred had such a specific set of requirements to pull off that the chance of more than one player naturally coming across it would be very low. It was clearly an exploit of game mechanics that required some setup to pull off. When I first heard about it I thought DE were in the wrong, but when I learned what the steps were I'm surprised a player happened to even find it in the first place. Also doing it once or testing it out probably wouldn't get you banned, but abusing it to max out multiple pieces of gear in 10 minutes or less is not something you can defend.
  10. More-L

    My Personal "Patch Notes"

    I couldn't read the whole thing but I got a general understanding of what you want to do from reading most of it. Which is essentially buff everything to the point that it all is closer to a balanced state and I would very much like to see that. The problem with balancing everything is that future frames will probably need to have way more thought put into them than normal to make them viable with the roster after your proposed changes. DE should take the time to look through your ideas and consider them for a balance pass in the future though. I will say this as a final note, spending a large amount of time balancing a large majority of an ever evolving game could very easily, and reasonably, be considered not worth it from DE's perspective. Major changes to damage types, enemy scaling and mechanics could make a large portion of the changes you've proposed completely redundant.
  11. More-L

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    I like how you're giving operators some love with prime cosmetics, and Mesa prime looks 10/10. But I personally think operator face cosmetics should not be part of prime accessories. The Commodore prime suit was fine because it is much more significant than some facial accessories that will probably be hidden by 90% (if not 100%) of operator hoods... Don't know how reasonable it would be to ask for something more with the access but it would be nice if something else was added. I was looking forward to having a reason to buy the whole package but I honestly can't say I want to spend the money on those accessories.
  12. I feel Anthem will compete with Destiny more than Warframe. It looks like Anthem will have the same focus as D2 in that it will be on gear from enemies like many other shooter-looter games. In those types of games, I personally play for gear trying to get better drops etc. In Warframe, I play to have a diverse option of many different 'classes' and play-styles to endlessly gather materials for that precious MR and complete my mod collection.
  13. More-L

    Chroma Prime Access Ends December 18!

    Prime access's all end and start on the same date for PC and both console versions. Nintendo Switch is on a different schedule for now it seems.
  14. I mean you can buy the daily deals with plat if you are that desperate to get them asap, just have wait for the main parts to cycle if you want to get all the mastery rank xp.
  15. More-L

    Why people are toxic in warframe ?

    The issue here is that, based on your title, you feel that a game (in this case Warframe) should be free of toxic people because it is a certain game. That sort of mindset isn't something I would consider good. No game, especially one where you interact with other people, is free of toxicity because people are people. They have different days, lifestyles and mentalities based on their experiences which lead them to do certain actions and make certain choices. Not saying that justifies things, just answering your question.