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  1. Destiny works on a different schedule than warframe and is a large "buy to play" game, which means guaranteed income even for people that only play once. Warframe is f2p and I would bet at least half the players have spent less than $20 on the game. Warframe is still unfinished, adding in more content constantly, different size dev team, still plenty of bugs and to a degree, unpolished. The cert process is the main killer of cross-play/cross-save at the moment.
  2. I just loaded in to orb vallis and instantly got the achievement. If anyone else still has this issue try loading in and see if it gets fixed for you too.
  3. It is a bug that happened when playing with other people as a client when Fortuna and Orb Vallis released. Any caves entered after launch had the possibility of marking as complete, but providing 0 credit for the challenge or marking as complete, providing credit but then cancelling on host migrate or changing session. I don't have any video proof but I definitively remember having this problem and have since gone through every cave and still not completed the achievement. There were cases where it marked on the map, and then reset when playing as host. Idk of any fix either. EDIT: Should also note it is possible only specific caves caused this problem as opposed to random chance but I don't have a way of testing as I imagine it would have been patched to not happen to future players by now.
  4. It would be nice if you could launch Grendel across the plains or even vallis with Gauss (or anything.) But I would imagine DE would prevent or highly reduce player-induced momentum for him.
  5. New mechanic: Sentient Instability. My (as far as I know) original idea for a new mechanic. Probably won't get much attention here but maybe this index will come back to life.
  6. Well it would be smart to just buy all the cheaper bp's now I guess. Converting to standing may have been a more 'fair' choice for quill/Hok arcanes but if it works it works.
  7. I'm pretty sure past blueprints for arcanes will just stay exactly as they are. You can still craft the arcane if you want to save standing. Or you can buy the built ones if you want to save resources. So many people seem to be having an issue for no reason.
  8. Take the idea of his passive and apply it to his stomp when cast in the air. The higher he was when it was used will make it a stronger/longer/wider effect but potentially have a longer recovery time so it isn't just a free bonus.
  9. Tasked to destroy vents, destroy one then the boss protects the other ones. Makes sense, fair enough first time. Know about bosses tactics beforehand due to past experience. Come up with a tactic to out-smart the boss as if it was a real fight with strategy involved. Successfully pull it off and be rewarded with some time saved. Using something with aoe damage that does deal damage to the vents is the only logical thing anyone would come up with after seeing it the first time. How about this DE, allow a coordinated squad to target all 4 at the same time giving a brief window after one is destroyed before the other ones are frozen. Oh look, a reason to play with 4 people and actually communicate that isn't essential but just a time save that might add some life into voice chat. This way it won't be exclusive to certain weapons/frames but will instead be viable to any squad with good timing or communication. EDIT: Next thing you should fix is being able to take the phase 1 canisters to phase 2 because it saves some time. It is an exploit because the canisters in phase 1 come from a machine and not from fissures and corpus raknoids so they shouldn't have the same use.
  10. The main issue I see is it could set a precedent for future PA's. Sure, in this one particular instance it is technically an additional bonus item, but what about if the next time a helmet is designed to be the main focus? What if they just give us 2-3 helmets as the accessories? Also the potential for it to be earn-able in-game is quite worry-some. PA accessories have never been farmable before and we have accepted that as the point of them is to show your support and possibly look good, I would not buy or have bought accessory packs if the cosmetics were going to be farmable later on unless it was like that from the beginning.
  11. First off, I appreciate you adding something new to the accessories pack. Not quite what I was hoping for but I will probably buy it out of thanks for trying at least. Maybe anyway... Secondly... just... I honestly cannot figure this situation out. I have no idea of the best way to handle this, no matter what you do this can't really be fixed and a lot of people will loose. If I buy it, and you let the helmet be obtainable in-game in the future I might get pretty annoyed about the fact I bought it, if you lock it to the vault I would sympathize with those who want it but don't want to spend money just for a single frame item. If you add more prime helmets to accessories I won't be happy but the people that want more alt prime helmets will... I don't even know how to feel about this anymore, I spent 20 minutes deleting and re-writing and still don't even know if I wrote what I wanted to, at least say with 100% certainty if the helmet will be 'farmable' or not. I know that will at least help me decide. EDIT: My thoughts on this is basically, I don't want it to be farmable because it is a part of PA accessories and they should not me farmable. But at the same time, it is an alt helmet and should be farmable. I have no idea which decision is the better one but they are both pretty bad... EDIT 4: This is pretty much how I view what happened at DE and I probably would have done the same as "Steve":
  12. I like how you're giving operators some love with prime cosmetics, and Mesa prime looks 10/10. But I personally think operator face cosmetics should not be part of prime accessories. The Commodore prime suit was fine because it is much more significant than some facial accessories that will probably be hidden by 90% (if not 100%) of operator hoods... Don't know how reasonable it would be to ask for something more with the access but it would be nice if something else was added. I was looking forward to having a reason to buy the whole package but I honestly can't say I want to spend the money on those accessories.
  13. Prime access's all end and start on the same date for PC and both console versions. Nintendo Switch is on a different schedule for now it seems.
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