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  1. The option to dismiss them once a week would be nice. Wouldn't break gameplay or ruin the reward but would allow you to get rid of something you really don't want once a week. Could also give players incentive to participate in the system knowing they can dismiss if no ephemera.
  2. Headless and default pose (A in this case.) 100% just a visual/sync bug. The specific position is likely caused by how DE coded swapping to operator
  3. Return blast to what it used to be, have the double proc be "enemies become unstable and cause an extra, smaller explosion after a few seconds." Blast is only innate on a few weapons and most, if not all of them don't need headshots to effectively kill. Heck, even letting the 2nd proc cause an extra blast proc to create an infinite chain would be pretty cool. Make impact reduced accuracy, it makes sense to have reduced accuracy when your head, arm, leg, finger, toe or w/e is hit heavily and you become disoriented. Even have it so that after 10 procs the enemy is disarmed.
  4. AoE knockdown that was fairly instant, mostly optional and worked for any frame. Some people may not have liked it but there were only a few weapons where blast was forced, and on those weapons having an enemies head move was rarely an issue when it came to killing them effectively (Bramma for example) EDIT: Actually why the hell isn't impact reduced accuracy? It makes sense to get disoriented when your head is bashed in multiple times
  5. More-L

    Arcane Upgrade

    The most recent hotfix fixed that issue so now that "rank up" should show in the arcane screen from foundry Never-mind, apparently not. I misunderstood the patch note "Fixed unlocalized ‘Rank Up’ button in the Arcane Manager screen." I guess it means language
  6. More-L

    Arcane Upgrade

    Ah I figured out a work-around. Go to your warframe mod loadout, click on the arcane slot, click an arcane and then down the bottom right, "Rank up" works. It's stupid, but it works. THe arcane tab must have not had that option added. EDIT: Should also note you have to do this for Magus arcanes from the operator loadout as well
  7. More-L

    Arcane Upgrade

    Same issue with me. Do you have deferred rendering turned on?
  8. Zenurik is more beneficial in most cases when compared to Vazarin. Also healing allies with void dash can be a bit difficult, though the upcoming magus cloud change might make it a decent alternative for healing.
  9. Rivens should have never been tradable once unveiled, and a veiled riven should not have had a "class" (primary/shotgun/secondary/kitgun/melee) and simply worked like whatever you unveil it on, is what "class" it gets so you unveil a riven on a melee to get a random melee riven or a secondary to get a random secondary riven etc. But either someone at DE was really smart and knew exactly what was going to happen with heavy stacked RNG being tradable, or no-one at DE (with any say in the matter) had foresight. I like rivens, but the only price I would buy any is for under 200p, if I don't get it from RNG w/e.
  10. Maybe I just forgot it existed due to not having been there in a long time. I feel like I would have remembered it in the background from all my Orb fights but I guess not.
  11. Apparently there is a bug that some PH sentient enemy can spawn in Orb Vallis, went to check it out and noticed some building out of place near Deck 12. I haven't really played on Orb Vallis in a while but has this always been there? Also found a bug to get you under the map and saw some weird thing. You get tp'd back to gate if you go too low though. I'm looking to see if there is anything else interesting under it. Also 3rd orb confirmed
  12. I might be incorrect, but is it possible that if one player in the squad has an active lich on the 3rd sortie planet this happens? My Reward for the sortie shows 1092 stolen to 1 kuva which makes no sense because where the heck did 1092 come from lmao. EDIT: Will also note, my sortie reward screen does not have a tick next to any reward
  13. First for your Arca plasmor: Shell compression with ammo mutation is a complete waste of a mod slot. You should never run out of ammo for that gun, let alone with shotgun ammo mutation. Remove Shell compression for Blundebuss or any 60/60 mod. For your Sonicor: Magnetic is not a good damage type, especially when you're using gas which the toxin procs bypass shields. I would highly recommend using 1 forma on it for Hornet strike. Then remove concussion rounds and convulsion and go gas + cold build. Cold procs will help you greatly for dealing with higher level enemies for the slow. Then put on lethal torrent (ideally max rank.) For your redeemer: Looks like a fairly solid build, but take off rending strike, it is not that good especially because redeemers charge attack is purely elemental. Put on vicious frost instead so you have gas + cold. For your Trinity: Take off fast deflection, it loses its usefulness very early on and with a Trinity (who presses 4 for full shield) should never be needed. Put on Continuity instead for the extra duration on bless. Or if you have quick thinking put that on.
  14. My main issue with this? DE took too long to do it. They should have never kept a mod with any power benefit an exclusive for any decent length of time (over 1 year.) But now that it was in Baro, at least DE are finally over this stupid situation and can know to never do something similar ever again in the future. Good on DE for finally re-releasing it, bad on DE for waiting so long.
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