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  1. It was called "Echoes of Umbra" I believe. It may still be in the pipeline, but they haven't said anything on it so it will either never happen, or when/if we get more Umbra frames they may have another look at it.
  2. You're not quite right on the player being "the server." All your items on your account are tracked and recorded on DE's servers. All your mods, foundry, equipment etc are. The servers stream this inforamtion to a client every time they log in. I know this because if you have very slow internet, you will load in as default excal with a default orbiter until it streams in completely. The limit is mainly there so that they shouldn't have to worry about any amount of players decorating to max capacity and causing severe server to client problems. I would say 80% of players wont even get to h
  3. Honestly it should already be like this. Maybe with the Archwing revisit, at least that could be connected to your loadout.
  4. These would make more sense being exilus mods. If they are supposed to be a reward for 1000 day login players, then making them an Aura means you give a free booster to other players which would allow a player to try sell their time being a booster bot. Personally, I think a 20-40% boost to all resources/drop chance/credits as 1 exilus mod with a drain of 16 (and potentially no polarity which means wrong polarity wouldn't increase cost) would be more reasonable imo. Also to note, it isn't the 1st for me anymore. I could genuinely see something like this being a reward given the MR 30
  5. Railjack "Zetki" Armaments have a typo The new Zetki Armaments (Glazio, Laith, Tayln, Vort) do not show up in the "Zetki" tab for armaments but do show up in the MkIII tab. The old armaments show up when typing both "Zetki" and "Zekti" so there is a typo either for the Tab or for the Armaments.
  6. While what you are doing is technically against the ToS, provided you are using those accounts normally to play the game and gather resources then using them to provide resources to your dojo might not get you banned provided you spend multiple hours on each account with the intention of still playing for normal reasons (level up gear etc.) If you are using your alts to get plat discounts and boosters solely to provide resources to your Dojo, then you will get banned if DE catch you. Regardless, the safest bet is to just use one account for a 'solo' clan and never trade between alts.
  7. Yep, I am 100% sure. There is a tip somewhere in the Railjack screen (probably crew screen) that states they do.
  8. Crew members recieve a copy of every mod in the hosts plexus. What would likely happen is the crew member would have a cooldown for shots, like 10-20 seconds. Pretty sure crew dont use revolite and they just take x seconds to repair damage. Forward artillery should just be usable by the pilot honestly, DE can just prevent movement and shooting main guns to make you vulnerable. It is a waste of time swapping from pilot to FA, it doesn't make the mission harder just more annoying.
  9. I'm fine with them changing this once they fix the bane mods damage bonus and make all the stupidly low mod drop rates 10x higher then see how it works. Currently the bane mods seem to add an absurd multiplier to your damage. Without the bane mod my crew didn't do much damage to a grineer crew ship to the point it would have taken 20+ seconds to kill it, with the bane mod they 1 shot it every time. Idk what exactly is going on with the multiplier, but it seems to add 2000% damage and not 20%.
  10. Forcing us to do both the Railjack part, and onfoot part for mission completion is not a good implementation of normal WF to RJ. A railjack mission should always be completable from the RJ with some minor detours. Currently, forcing us to unlock a ship and do a generic 5 wave defence or 90 enemy exterminate is such a pointless design. We can already breach ships without a RJ taking out the outside nodes. All of the missions should have 2 paths available, fully RJ, or RJ and a mix of onfoot. Full RJ would be slower than doing a mix. As a very brief example, you do the RJ part, then t
  11. I like the direction, but I don't like the implementation. Being forced to do a generic 5 wave defence to complete a railjack mission is not fun. I thought that going on to the ship would be an alternative option to achieve the same goal but, it is a required path that takes away from actually using the Railjack. I don't like defence missions and I assumed the new mission types would be new RJ missions. We manage to get on enemy ships all the time without having a RJ shoot some nodes on the outside, doing the RJ part and onfoot part should speed up the mission leaving the option to d
  12. Generally when I play games with randoms and see some special power that is unique and different I want to know more about it/aquire it for myself. It does tie in to the story, but as long as the story isn't explained it's closer to a hint of a spoiler imo, unless a new player knows the lore and about the Zariman ship. The second dream was a huge deal for someone like me because I had put hundreds of hours in to game without the operator existing/knowing how it all worked. For a new player, operators are already part of the story, and I would have my curiosity peaked if I was new and saw
  13. The issue I see with this is that if different classes of ships are in the game, but the limit is still 1 RJ/mission and it is based on the host then that will just cause more issues that it solves. Even more so if they are meaningfully different. I can definitely imagine players leaving a game due to a large/small ship choice by the host if each has different downsides. Having it all be consistent is better than a choice that may cause inconvenience. But if DE was to have different interiors, then first they have to add at least 4+ new stations on the current RJ to make the space have an
  14. Except the Railjack teaser/preview was actual in-game footage on a carefully crafted and scripted mission node that was likely rehearsed over and over again. So it did genuinely exist as that one mission/scene and it was being played by a person/people who had practiced it repeatedly. Anthem did not exist at all and the 'gameplay' was literally a cutscene that used some art assets. Not a single person in that preview was a player controlling a character and the voices were obviously done in a studio. I'm not defending DE, they overhyped RJ and did not deliver on launch so the Cyberpu
  15. I find it very strange people would rush trying to get 30 completed for some reimbursement rewards. Sure, I get everyone likes free stuff and it is good they lowered the requirement but it was supposed to be a gift to those who have invested a load of resources and time in to railjack so rushing to meet the criteria, even if the Tier 3 bundle stayed the same, would cost you more than what you gain from the bundles I would think. I don't even know why DE included an Umbra forma, it has 0 relation to RJ. Legendary core makes sense because the new system will require endo and credits to leve
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