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  1. You could try changing your region matchmaking/text channel (idk if you can on console though) as that might fix the problem. If it doesn't you could also try port forwarding but that does require some decent knowledge of your modem.
  2. DE have the right to permanently ban your account for absolutely no reason whenever they want to regardless of investment, and you agreed to it in the ToS. And I have thought about this fact many times, which is way worse than getting banned for a false positive as that is appealable. Also when it comes to posts on the forums of people saying "I got falsely banned for x" it is hard to know if they are telling the truth or not as many people will lie to save themselves, especially on the internet. Unless you trade multiple times every day with your friend/relative for missions you ran together and give them everything, I highly doubt you will get banned. Sure, you might, I can't deny that. If you don't trust in your ability to appeal it, or DE's ability to examine the situation, then your best choice would be to avoid any situation that might get you falsely banned. DE doesn't really care about players when it comes to banning them otherwise they would never state they can do it for absolutely no reason in their ToS. Taken directly from https://www.warframe.com/terms Digital Extremes reserves the right to discontinue the Use/Service or to terminate or suspend your account at any time in its sole discretion for any reason, or for no reason Edit: Fixed formatting.
  3. I referred to sharing devices in my last sentence. I also was talking about if you own 2 accounts. As in, if the accounts are yours what I said is applied. If both accounts are not yours, then you can do whatever you want with your friend/relative and 30 people using 1 pc or phone should not matter. If each account is playing the game fully during a whole mission you shouldn't have any problem. Giving your friend a prime part is not against the ToS if DE see that yours and your friends account does its own thing some of the time, then I doubt anything will happen.
  4. Using an alt for an advantage is against the rules afaik, not simply "playing with an alt." What this means is, lets say you farm prime parts and sell both of them, then give all the plat to one account, you are using it to your advantage. If the plat stays on each account and each account purchases their own things, there shouldn't be a problem. If you give your alt some mods, so it can farm prime parts and sell them then use the plat for itself to trade/buy market stuff, I don't beleive that would get you banned. If those 2 accounts are kept seperate, i.e each one keeps its plat and spend it for itself then I don't think you would get banned. It's against the rules to share 1 account with others, not 1 device. 10 people with different accounts could all play on the same PC at different times and DE wouldn't ban them.
  5. I agree that the hounds disarming all the time is very annoying, good post.
  6. I think the point of it is to use it specifically when looking for those things, I am sure that if your goal is collectibles, you will be using a frame that is fast and probably doesn't need 4 combat powers. EDIT: And you can put a power only on 1 config too with the other configs having better ones. Also I have run many missions with thousands of hours, but I still have not maxed my codex for all faction rare crates.
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