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  1. My understanding of what macros are and are not allowed is the following: Allowed - A macro that combines buttons in to a single press (ctrl+space) and can repeat if not too spammy and still requires player movement/aiming to use properly. 2 I used to commonly use was an op-dash macro (5, ctrl, space, 5) and a slide melee one that auto-repated but still required me to move and aim. Not allowed - A macro that repeats an action without requiring any further player input that kills enemies/bypasses the AFK system. I remember I read somewhere that a DE staff member stated something
  2. I would say most likely it should be fine. You aren't doing it to get an advantage, and you still need to collect all the content, it would just be like having a friend do it for you. But your best bet is contacting support and asking them the exact question you posted here, they will have a more concrete answer. Last I checked, they handle these things on a case by case basis Link: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  3. You're looking to delete your old save data and start from scratch? I would guess you have to send in a support ticket to DE asking them to "delete" your data, which will probably take a week or more. I'm fairly confident you can replay 90% of the story content so it would probably just be easier to continue and replay old stuff. Did a quick google search and found this https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203728870-How-can-I-delete-my-account- It would be important to note that they specify at the bottom, they cannot guarantee you will be able to re-use your sa
  4. But if you keep 1 at 9 right now, you can just skip straight to 9 when command comes out with your 512 intrinsic points. Most of the level 10 intrinsics aren't even worth it anyway.
  5. The actual issue I had with Tyl Regor in steel path was his instant shield regeneration. I'm not sure if that has been in the game since his release or what, but it is literally instant, and constant shield regeneration which means... yep, shield gating damage reduction. You could try slowing him with Nova or getting a strong melee loadout with a tanky frame (ideally with stagger immunity) but his teleporting can make using melee difficult. I can't remember exactly what I did when I killed him the first time, but revenant with high strength, use entrhall and reave on him to skip to the ne
  6. I just want them to make all the procs "realistic" to a degree. Heat is pretty close (hot metal is easier to mold) as is Electric (tasers stun) and chaining electricity has just become so normal in games that it might as well stay. Toxin is also acceptable as is Gas except its damage (it should be a low % hp burn such as 0.3% per proc, up to 30%) Puncture should bypass armour and shields to some degree Impact should stagger and disarm or stun/open to finishers (like equinox's rest) and Blast should do the other one (increasing chance per proc) Slash is fine in terms of what it
  7. I get your frustration with the game and its issues, but these 2 points are completely false. If you are not stealthy/careful/super fast when doing spy or rescue, you will set off the alarms which gives you a chance of mission failure. Some spy vaults can be very complicated if you don't take an invisibility frame/tool (which is complete stealth.) Try doing all the spy vaults/rescue rooms without any form of invisiblity or large CC, sure basic star chart ones won't be hard, but wait till you try Lua or Kuva fortress, you need to pay attention in those. Also if you want to post in a b
  8. Yeah they are bugged, lowest level bounty with adaptation on and they could nearly kill me as Wukong if I wasn't paying attention. DE must have given them double dipping finisher damage after taking it off M4D. It just works.
  9. While I can see where you are coming from, there should be quite a few clans you can join that have no requirements when it comes to MR or participation. You also still have the option of creating your own clan and building everything yourself, I would really not recommend it though. I am in a clan of mostly vets and pretty much no-one types really ever, so the social part is non existent. The only real "limit" you have on clans is the build time for the dojo key, you can just join one whenever you see it, build the key, buy what you want at the time and leave. It would probably be best t
  10. I will address your points in order. 1. Making it so enemies hit heal you completely changes the use of the ability. As you worded it initially, it was a sacrifice of EhP for a minor speed boost and 2-3 seconds of cc in a small aoe, which is really not a good first ability for something that is supposed to be "tanky". The heal would make it more usable but then its just an altered version of Xaku's 4 and I wouldn't say a dragon shedding the entirely of its scales fits thematically. If anything the ability should harden chroma's pelt, not weaken it. 2. Vex armour being a passive will
  11. Chroma does need some attention and making Vex his passive would be interesting, but probably not too useful. There are better places to share concepts/ideas for frame reworks too. Some feedback, Your idea for his 1 lacks basically anything anyone would want, a small aoe knockdown that sacrifices EhP for a meager speed boost does not sound appealing. Your idea for his 3 is basically just Garuda's dread mirror, charge orb, shoot orb. But its elemental The idea of a full size flying frame has been thrown around for a long time, something Zephyr could have used. Chroma's
  12. Personally my opinion to fix this issue would be that the first subsumed ability change costs the same, but after that, you get the option to swap w/e is currently subsumed on to a warframe, for any other unlocked one for 2-5% of every helminth secretion. That way, there is still a resource sink, but experimenting is encouraged for being relatively cheap to partake in. Or each time you infuse an ability in to a specific frame it reduces the costs by 25% down to a minimum of 10-20% for that one frame. This would also encourage diverse slot infusions as for B and C loadout you have a reduce
  13. I don't really get why DE feel like open worlds need some kind of "cycle." It made sense with earth because you know, we live there and day/night even exists on normal nodes. The only reason these cycles have any place in Deimos is to force you to do 3 vaults within one for the "best" rewards. Didn't nightwave get created to let players play when they want for all the items? If I want to do 3 vaults at 3:47pm, let me do 3 vaults at 3:47pm. Instead of waiting for 20 minutes because the vaults force you to wait for multiple minutes without any method of making it faster meaning if I start
  14. Man the people in that thread were either trying to hide the bug, or really aren’t that smart, and the guy who did it that said spamming op was for unairu... spamming it so fast doesn’t let your unairu school do a single thing lmao. it is clearly 100% a bug of stacking the range effect while aiming down sights, not sure on the exact methods though
  15. Its a bug related to getting into the "full" archwing zone under the map and typing /unstuck. If you fall through the map you can try find it, it doesn't have a set location
  16. A more reliable CC ability that doesnt interrupt you or a survivability one (like elemental ward) is what I would recommend. I currently have radial blind and it is a good "oh S#&$" button because I can use it while spamming jump/roll for the damage reduction. I have never liked ensnare and strange dome is decent for some area lockdown.
  17. Oh so typing a response to someone is now just considered a waste of time? I didn't even use combo melee builds for most of steel path, only once I got bored of doing the same missions again. Melee has been the strongest damage dealer since I started playing way before the relic system was implemented, especially when it went through walls before the melee rework.
  18. Is this a troll post? The typos make me think it is and it seems very satirical. Very fitting for the current state of some things.
  19. It takes me longer to mark an enemy and cast an ability to allow me to use a finisher on them, than to just spam melee mate, and my melee wipes the enemies off the map in larger quantities, faster than casting m4d, finisher move, then removing the remaining 25% hp. So yes, in my situation the ability is nearly completely useless because I have way better options and pretty much every player with enough gear and mods can do the exact same thing as me. m4d+ash was just a fun thing I fiddled with for a little bit because his 4 is not fun to use at all. EDIT: Just so I don't get a "do y
  20. Just wait until DE's actual balance team looks at M4D Is what I would say if DE themselves waited for their dedicated balance team to look at it before butchering the ability to near-complete uselessness, so yeah keep posting and acting rash just like DE. It is only fair. M4D was justified in getting nerfed, the potential of it when it came to ~3000+ level enemies was a viable concern because that is what is important to DE as most players get to that point nearly every mission (even captures!) But capping damage to an enemies current health bar is the dumbest thing ever done to any
  21. I would recommend you go in to any open world solo (Plains, orb vallis or cambion dirft) and summon your necramech there, kill some enemies in the mech (ideally with the mech's 4th ability) and then extract through the door to see if anything happens to its level.
  22. I was playing wukong with subsumed fire blast and noticed I could not hit enemies through the rift with it while in a mission. I then went to test in simulacrum with ember prime and fire blast still did not work through the rift planes. I should note this was with immolation off, I didn't get the chance to test it with immolation on
  23. I haven't touched railjack in a while, but I am pretty sure those 30 slots are only wreckage slots (blueprint slots). Components and armaments have different slots that are used for fully built components (shields, reactor, weapons etc. all of it)
  24. MR is the only 'easy to see' indicator for experience in this game. You can't blame people for using the most accessible piece of information to make an assumption of a player's skill level. I'm not saying it is correct but the ones who assume MR relates to skill are just as bad as the ones who whine about them assuming it. Though you can blame DE for not making the earlier mastery tests test skill or build strength properly.
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