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  1. I'm always up for frames to get better scaling. However i have grown tired of how long it takes to get into the level 1000s. Nidus can face roll for a few hours of survival before ya need to think about anything. Do ya really want more?. At the moment i just love using him for alot of things because of the 10+ million dps aoe Glaive Prime nonense we got atm. Larva with that is way too good with Nidus since you can go full true range and do silly stuff. Plus ya know what Link allows so yeah lol at most i don't mind swapping his 4 off via Helminth. Just nothing is strong enough t
  2. Ugly as sin but not fussed, dislike alot of the rubber looks of the normal frames. But Primes, Tennogen and Deluxe skins are always bound and tend to give the frame its true personality. Can't imagine Harrow without his deluxe or Graxx skin anymore.
  3. Railjack Hidden gem, buggy as hell and needs alot of work but my god it's fun with mates. ● Make sure to see the posts under my thread as people have put some really good feedback foward. This upcomming update is probably it's last chance to not end up a dead mode. It's failed already and people have alot of dislike for it. But it can be such a blast and i hope it cements it's spot and doesn't end up like K-drives or Archwings. ☆ Railjack bugs that need to be addressed to make sure RJ cements itself as a main part of Warframe. ☆ Railjack Feedback 1. First thing i woul
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