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  1. I'm always up for frames to get better scaling. However i have grown tired of how long it takes to get into the level 1000s. Nidus can face roll for a few hours of survival before ya need to think about anything.

    Do ya really want more?. 

    At the moment i just love using him for alot of things because of the 10+ million dps aoe Glaive Prime nonense we got atm. Larva with that is way too good with Nidus since you can go full true range and do silly stuff.

    Plus ya know what Link allows so yeah lol at most i don't mind swapping his 4 off via Helminth. Just nothing is strong enough to face Nidus in his prime never alone my 2 Umbra Forma version.

  2. 2 minutes ago, UUDDLRLRBA_START said:

    Then something's likely wrong with your perception of the fake world where we fire fake weapons on fake enemies.

    And kill them.

    Nah UUDD he is talking about the firing mechanics itself. He is correct their mechanics like hit boxes don't have the correct weight feeling to it that you find in on similar type things. Ever play COD and go this gun just doesn't feel correct compared to others when hitting lads.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    No worries. I can understand that talk is bound to happen when review and opinion is right there on the table. Everyone has a different experience of the game and come from different angles when talking about it. The discussion you've had here paints a perfectly good example of that.

    Yep it certainly does when conflicting feedback and expierences occur and it's something to always be mindful of and while i disagree with their opinion heavily, i value their right to say it. Although i still hope that one day DE would bring feedback forms into the game itself via the inbox system. Offering a small reward like a forma pack would certainly go a long way to collecting alot of feedback from those playing.

  4. Just now, GEN-Son_17 said:

    Agreed - we're both tired of each other's opinions and I'm quite sure the community is too. I don't agree with power creep, especially when those who call for it also call for more difficult. Therefore, I agree to end my part of the discussion here. To everyone else, my apologies.

    I'll agree to this, it's a pointless exercise if you wanna continue this my inbox is open. If you wanna start talking power creep verse scaling now and i am happy to explain mechanics to ya.

    To the OP sorry for hijacking your thread to teach new Tenno.

  5. 4 hours ago, GEN-Son_17 said:

    To sum up Brozime's argument, from an MR 28 player's perspective who has played since the old tier system and map days (so drop the crap), he said cold needs to do damage "because it's cold damage". Cold DOES damage...all elements do. Its PROC has a powerful cc to it that would be overkill with a damage buff. Like I said, Brozime associates everything with dps. He is a specific type of player with a specific mentality of the game. His style of play is not mine and not many others...that's the beauty of the game.

    Lastly, he criticized Ice Wave's damage before he even bothered to look at the values and realize it's already potent. He followed up with triple buffing it?? That's dumb as hell. Dude, his build was already showcasing how powerful Frost is and you can easily tell how much he had to second guess himself choosing to make the video without testing his build first. "Extra, multiplicative based on the amount of enemies standing on frozen ground...while also slowing then freezing the enemies in the process. That just sounds extraordinarily op. His avalanche already strips armor AND freezes enemies (aka, perfect cc). 

    So, no, I don't listen to most youtubers like Brozime. Not my style.

    I'm honestly tired of trying to get you to see differently and i can see how little you truly understand the game. It's obvious we won't see eye to eye and my paitence for this is getting thin.

    But do not get in the way of talks over buffs to Frost. But for the last flippin time ALL FRAMES are gods in the game, none of them are bloody weak. Frost however requires some catch up buffs to be on par with the other GODS. I was hoping a simple video would be enough to make you go, aah righto i see what you are talking about. It's not doom or gloom and it's not messing with his dang kit. So stop with the whining about messing with him.

    Also as someone who has enjoyed Brozime for over 7 years, i am disgusted at how little you gave towards his opinion. He is one of the pillars of the community and has had a large part in helping Warframe over the years.

    Second guessed his video.... if you knew him at all you would know how silly that line that is, but no you think your better than our content creators.. sorry it's not your *style*.


  6. 3 hours ago, (NSW)IronElemental said:

    Just watched 11 minutes of brozime basically just wanting to change how cold procs work and adding that to frost.

    That would be 'cool' <-- pun.

    He does have a bit of an oversimplified view on how people use frost though. Adding more power would be nice, but i still dont see it as very nessecary.

    In any case, thanks for letting me know what its all about. I usually ignore anything brozime makes because i cant stand his: 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllriight' at the beginning of his videos, but he didnt even do that this time😅

    lol indeed but it definitely would be such a great way to rework Frost while keeping his kit in one piece. Cold has needed love anyway so a two bird situation. Imagine if one day the meta involved cold procs...

     Shocked Oh My God GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    While Brozime definitely has a way of over simplifying things. I do find his knowledge very resourceful regarding pure stats and percentages. Some people refuse to even listen to what they have to say and then make up their own mind regarding it.

    I do believe his Frost rework is definelity an amazing idea because of it's focus in the cold itself over the frame.


  7. 3 hours ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

    We're getting the skins sometime down the line. And no, this stunt by Epic actually backfired, since PC players don't actually have to download the game on the Epic launcher.

    Do you have the info to back that up?, that would be truly amazing if they did that. But i won't get my hopes up without seeing proof lol.

  8. 2 hours ago, GEN-Son_17 said:


    Frost has been my main for half a decade. I'm currently in the steel path with him with zero issues. I originally didn't like SP but, with the acolytes now in the mix, I'm thoroughly having a blast. Also, if you're referencing "a few hours in survival" as your bases then that's not how you judge what needs a rework. ALL of the SP meta patterns are similar, which is why YOU DON'T BASE THE GAME OFF OF SP OR SUPER LONG SURVIVAL. Here's proof:

    Gather and cc the enemy, strip armor/shields, and then do a big damage aoe. In Frost's case, that's the proboscis cernos + avalanche --> pathocyst explosion or bubble (which gives true damage with wall impacts). That's easy to do and, thanks to shield gating + adaptation or rolling guard, most warframes are long game viable.

    Lastly, "new lad"? Brozime? You sent me to a youtuber!? Yo, you serious? I'm done with you kid. Learn on your own like I did.

    My lord what is wrong with the new Tenno. Did you seriously just disregard Brozime because of a stigma towards content creators without looking at the video?.

    This is why you don't have a leg to stand on, your childish and flagrant disregard to understand the why. Learn on your own, your joking correct?. Have you even dared to look at my profile?. i have been with Warframe from the start of PSN area, I'm MR30 with almost every dang thing in the game owned with every single frame formad 3 ways to sunday.

    Brozime simply explains in the video, had you dared to look. Regarding the issues with him in plain english and how he can be reworked while leaving his kit intact.

    But sure jump down the throat again... like a child.

  9. 5 hours ago, (PSN)GEN-Son_17 said:

    Frost is one of the few warframes that has a completely usable kit. Every defensive ability has powerful offensive, cc and utility capabilities built into them. Let's look at this:

    His 1 stops hard hitters but also slows nearby goons, all in one, quick, low cost shot. Built in freeze, slow, aoe...and that's just his first ability. Add in an augment that can turn a toxin weapon into a viral one or beef up cold damage too!? Why would I change that?

    His 2, without the augment, staggers, hits hard and can cover a huge area. Add in Ice Wave Impedance and Ice Wave now commands the entire battlefield while giving your squad an offensive form of DR (slow movements, slow bullets = excellent SQUAD survivability. Why would I change that?

     His 3 not only does its signature job of protection, it also has built in cc and is one of the hardest hitting tileset weapons in the game! Launch a wide range bubble within a heavy crowd and anything hitting a wall is getting destroyed. Those that survive are frozen...and that's from his key DEFENSIVE ability! Don't want it anymore? Then fire your 1 at it and aoe blast enemies again! Why would I change that?

    His 4 stops everything, strips armor and can provide ice armor with the augment. Nuff said. Why would I want to change that? 

    To be honest, DE is right to keep his energy capacity low. He's extremely dangerous, hard to kill, compliments any squad and DOES NOT NEED TO BE TOUCHED. Currently, I'm going for a range build, adding the Probicsis bow (proc gathering), Zekti Prime (stagger + proc) and the infested glaive (insane damage) to compliment his abilities. Nothing touches him.

    Full House 90S Tv GIF

    I can see your a new lad to Warframe and i really don't want to have to explain the issues again (no offense intended). This isn't the first time a new lad has failed to understand the difference.

    Just watch Brozimes video on it and you'll understand that a rework is not doom and gloom. But please for the love of the Lotus, Don't say that Frost is a god. Take him in Steel Path survival for a few hours. He is one of the hardest Warframes to do relying directly on his weapons and knock back.

    Just watch this please and let this be the end of this.



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  10. 52 minutes ago, (PSN)Hopper_Orouk said:

    a hacker Warframe.

    We have ciphers , our Parazon and Helminth ability to auto hack consoles. Unless you mean hack enemies, but that sounds insanely silly. The only ones that it may work on is Corpus. But i couldn't see a frame been useful under these rules. We have Nyx who already hacks enemies and takes control of their minds. So i just don't see a hacking Warframe a likely one never alone a popular one.

  11. Just now, (XBOX)BLACKDEATH2881 said:

    Love you guy's DE! I really have loved the art in the game I know it said unreal skins would probably be available in the future is there any confirmation or does anyone know when and if it's for sure we will get them? Love the designs. 🧡As a Nekros user i loved the design of the Cheron helmet and tonfas we got the tonfas but later found out you can only get the helmet for PC. Please make unreal tournament skins and steam helmets for us console players.  Who else on console have been dying for these? 

    Those skins are the epic stores exclusives. We have our PSN and Xbox exclusives as well. Each console has it's own exclusives. I also believe it worked well for Epic as it definitely made alot of pc lads swap over from Steam to Epic app. Thus bringing them into Epics ecosystem.

  12. On 2020-07-10 at 1:57 AM, [DE]Marcus said:

    For those Tenno that have already begun to walk The Steel Path, (looking at you @Ceadeus)  you may have seen the new Bishamo Armor Set in Teshin’s offerings. We see that people would like to mix and match between the male and female Operator sets, and we totally want that to happen.

    We’ll have to make slight adjustments to the mesh of each variant Armor set for it to function properly on each operator model, and to avoid clipping when swapping between the pieces. We’re currently heads down on Tennocon prep, but we will explore this sometime in the post-Tennocon future!

    Marcus can we grab an update?.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Bryuf said:

    Frost is lovely but he's also hopelessly behind when compared to most other warframes. His whole defense gimmick which is the only thing that's really left for him is pretty much being taken over by more capable defenders and the fact that the need for defensive abilties is being reduced by how OP offense is isn't helping. Frost was my first aquired frame and the one I used for all the main story quests so he has a special place in my heart but man, he needs an overhaul to make him up to date in the current meta

    I'll add to this as i am more shocked that we have Tenno that dispute his needed overhaul. As someone who littarly has a Frost tattoo. All frames can do the gimmicky boring sit in SP 5+ hours for the level 5000+ test.Frost is fundamentally useless in this current version of Warframe and even in his previous game version he was only so so but still a one trick horse.

    Those that fail to recognise the true issues of Frost will only see the frame fall further and further behind as he gets out classed by everything.

    To see the Frost King reborn is a dream many of us hold, please don't step in the way.

    arnold schwarzenegger polar vortex GIF

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    I would write that in the wordy sections in the end. I am now at almost 300 responses and you are not the only person to suggest that balance is an issue. Those wordy sections are not a dump where longform answers go to die.

    Teoarrk it's nothing new, this conversation happens every single year. Nothing will come of this like all the previous ones. It's just me venting the same thing. To balance Warframe the changes needed would be so great that it would cause untold issues.

    You will make a forum post like those before that collected the data and it will die and be forgotten as usual. I wish it wasn't true but i know too well.

  15. Done OP, you missed an option btw, The thing that i want to see because i truly fo fear for it is balance in 2021.

    Why now?, It's always been an issue but it's starting to really add up lately. Steel Path was supposed to be our high difficultly option. Unfortunately we can smash level 9000+ enemies in one single hit sooo level 100+ enemies meant nothing. Unfortunately to get to 9000+ enemies you have to sit in survival for 8+ hours.....

    Hmm let me try this again...

    We are THE SUPERMAN of this universe versing normal humans. It's fun for abit but eventually you want your Doomsday for a true challenge. Every year that goes by we grow infinitely stronger while our enemies grow weaker.

    dc comics superman GIF

    They nerfed Khora Whip only to give us a stronger version via Glaive Prime combo that pushes 10 million dps easily per explosion without a broken Riven in the same patch.They gave us Voidrigs 4 and soon we will bring that power into normal missions with Protea.What's gonna be this years power creep?, I mean we got builds like Pillage Mesa and Warcry Chroma from Helminth.

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  16. 13 hours ago, (XBOX)YoungGunn82 said:

    Why are you calling yourself a jerk? Its been almost 7 MONTHS since that announcement. It’s a fair question. You are not a jerk for asking it. 

    Pretty much this it should've already be a done and dusted thing. Hopefully it won't take another 7 + months.

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  17. 9 hours ago, Loza03 said:

    I don't like to be a jerk, but are there any updates regarding this?


    14 minutes ago, (XBOX)SilverSurferGuy said:

    Yeah the female version looks a lot better. I was thinking more on line of adding more to the male version. Maybe add a little ring around the head piece and then add some drapes over the shoulders to look more like teshin. Maybe even add that ring at the back 

    Yes please an update to this would be nice. The male version is utterly god awful and that is something shared across all our clan. We did our best to see who could make it look half decent but it really is off looking.

    It's missing alot of the Teshin look...

    The female version is bloody amazing a true master piece.

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  18. I still don't understand how Rells quests was close to a horrow story to anyone. I wish i could see it differently like you lads got to.

    But rolling in with my unkillable god like Warframe you kinda lose that. I don't understand how it was. If anything we are the gods and demons to be feared correct?.

  19. Open worlds are not for you yet. Your focus should be on your quests / unlocking all planet nodes / junctions.Once this is done and your understanding is there of how the game works then return.Yes return and feel the true bordem i mean power of your god like Warframe / Mech / Tenno etc.


    War Shockwave GIF

  20. 5 minutes ago, Kaotyke said:

    Its likely that it depends on how far along the Infestation got you.

    Rotten Salad was connected long enough to become rotten, but had parts that were still fresh enough to cut himself off.

    The Entrati... they are gigantically mutated, can use the Infestation to "travel" to certain spores around the CD and had even their names erased from their minds.

    I dont think whatever cure Alad made up will do anything to people who are that far integrated into the Infestation.

    Like some sickness we have, some of them only have cures if treated at the beginning stages, after that...

    I am sure they would still love to meet the lad and learn what he did as it could help them esp daughter reverse their changes as much as possible. Heck Alad would probably dig the chance to see them and learn some of their secrets as well.

    Tit for tat as you would say.

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