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  1. Clan Name: Jolan Tru Clan Tier: Mountain Clan Platform: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding Warlord Hello! I'm honored to enter our clan dojo in our third Dojo contest. We are named after the Romulan phrase, Jolan Tru, which translates to "Find Peace". I've been slowly building and improving on this Dojo for over a few years now, with countless hours along with blood, sweat and tears poured into the creation and intricate details of something that not only I can be proud of - but all my clan members as well. I'm always looking for ways to improve the gameplay experience for our members and since the Dojo is our home, I try to make it as fun and inviting as possible. A huge thank you to DE for holding this contest and giving us a chance to enter. Without further delay - here's our Dojo! 😃 MAYAN TEMPLE *NEW* A complete Mayan Temple and surrounding jungle with running river! Find the top entrance and drop in to explore all five levels inside the temple. Discover ancient artifacts, avoid traps, and uncover long lost secrets. Stay over night at the floor level camp site and escape through the underwater passage! This addition to our Dojo is truly something that needs to be experienced. MAIN HALL/SPAWN ROOM Our main hall/spawn room is the first room people see upon entering, one of the first rooms I put maximum effort into decorating after creating our Dojo a few years ago. The main theme of this room is a sort of jungle gym theme, where our players parkour and run around to kill time while conducting trades and interacting with other members. We have two trading posts in the rooms center, and a bonus music maker balcony where players can drum up some tunes or clang them out on the bells! CAFE AND ARCADE/HALL OF LABS This is the main hall that houses our research labs, but also where our clan members come to chill out and relax! We've got a full drink bar on one side of the room, a food bar on the opposite side, two cafe/sitting areas on the lower level, and an interactive arcade up on the third level! BATCAVE/HALL OF GUARDIANS Where our clan meetings and congregating takes place! With a large cave theme, this room features a huge bonfire in the rooms center and is surrounded by benches for sitting. Two giant guardian bomberman mechs look on from opposite sides of the room as well! STARGATE TERMINAL As a huge fan of science fiction shows like Star Trek and Stargate, I just had to make a life-size replica of the Stargate portal from SG1! The stargate is the centerpiece of the room, which features a sorta train station theme and two arcade machines for playing some Frame Fighter to pass the time while waiting for the next portal to open! DONATIONS ATTIC This is where our members come to donate credits, resources and donations at our main Treasury Post. With an old dusty attic theme, a fully customized motorcycle is stored here, along with an orokin themed version of the tumbler batmobile, as well as a giant mechanical scorpion! OBSERVATORY A great place for stargazing, but this is mainly where our members come to access navigation, begin missions, play around with their loadouts in the arsenal, or even play a few games on the arcade machine! SPACEWALK/FRONT PORCH Our very own spacewalk! Covered in ice and snow from the cold in the vacuum of space, it also features space faring plant life. It drops down to the Front Porch below, where our clan performs ascension ceremonies at the alter when we are ready to rank up. Beware of the towering dragon who protects the alter on our front porch from rival clans! DUELING ARENAS Our Dojo features three different dueling arenas - a boxing ring, a totem battle arena, and a multi-level dueling room! PSYCHO DUNGEON This is where we interrogate Grineer and Corpus agents for valuable information! STARGAZER STATION Where clan members come to await new arrivals, watch outgoing ships, and gaze at the stars! THE LABS All of our labs are fully decorated and customized, themed toward the factions that each lab represents! NATURE TRAIL A huge arboretum area featuring 6 interconnecting biospheres - a water themed room, a jungle temple themed room, a camping area, a picnic area, a dark forest, and a burning forest of ash! POWER LEVEL/REACTORS Lots of detail has even gone into our power level and reactors as well! Featuring a corpus and electricity theme, this is what keeps the lights on in our Dojo! BONUS VIDEO TOUR! Along with the screenshots, I wanted to include a quick bonus video tour to the second dream theme music! It wasn't easy cutting down all the dojo greatness to fit the songs length at just over three minutes. Haha. Enjoy! SPECIAL THANKS First, I'd like to give a special thanks to my son, Solomon, who is always giving me new ideas of things to build and loves to watch me work on the Dojo, and to all my clan members, who continue to amaze and inspire me every day! A big thanks to DE as well for holding this contest! 😃
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