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  1. I notice that after the update, my FPS has dropped a bit while in the Arsenal/Mods/Companion area of my Orbiter, most likely due to the addition of an open window on the roof. One thing that I think would be neat, both as a cosmetic feature AND an option for FPS optimization, would be a wall switch or something similar that would close "blast doors" over top of the windows, obscuring the space background from view. This look would be preferred for some players regardless of FPS, and for lower end players, this would aid performance on start-up and between missions.
  2. Great update! I just have one request. Please, please, look into letting us use both Tether Grenades and Napalm Grenades together on the Penta. The two mods would work well together, and would make the Penta a much more popular weapon, I think.
  3. Tested the new display option on a low-end laptop with integrated graphics. Overall FPS increase, but causes vertical screen tearing.
  4. Very disappointed in the decision to withhold the ability to use Universal Syndicate medallions for Conclave standing. There are many players who were looking forward to that, myself included. In addition, please allow us to customize the lens color of the Dual Oculus Operator cosmetic. I liked the sunglasses that they had turned into.
  5. Still no addition of the Eidolon Ephemera to normal gameplay. We need to be able to obtain it without waiting for Nightwave Intermissions.
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