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  1. It's reassuring to see a good explanation about this role thing... Although some of this changes worry me a bit. One of the best things regarding Phage is it's ammo efficiency, and long sessions of firing your beams around, this is a needed feature for a weapon with such a singular mechanics attached with its wide/narrow spread, this change on economy will hurt her a lot, I fear it will make it just as bad as the convectrix... Is my understanding accurate? Or am I reading way to much and mistaken here? Also, convectrix its self is SOMEHOW getting a even worse ammo economy if I got it all right...

  2. I'm not asking about the price of rivens, but rather the estatistical data regarding the possible stats themselves!

    I see around people "greading" rivens, based on how high are the %s on each stats... How do we know how high can a stat be? 

    I also see people posting what looks like a SS of an app with the riven pick and a grade based on A+ to C- on its stats... What is the name of this app?

  3. A bit old anwers... But here we go! lol

    I got a CC/CD riven for mine and it was a very good 1k investment, this thing with a normal 5 forma CRIT build(Serration/SplitChamber/HeavyCal/PointStrike/VitalSense/2xDualStatElement/Riven).This build allowed me to bring my Ignis to a long Orokin survivor, we left at 40min and the Ignis was still keeping up!

    If you can afford a riven for it, the CRIT build is AWESOME! If you are not willing to go this extra mile I would highly suggest just using the default status build with focus on fire rate!

  4. Looking forward to know... I'm a few days away from the 650d reward,and wondering if we are going to catch a new weapon or if they will break the cycle and give us a new primed mod.

    In regards to the very long goals that the log in system provides... I agree with people about it been to much... 700 days of commitment to a game, this S#&$ is indeed insane!!!


  5. OK that's golden lol

    Remind me the time I was hosting a relic share... A new player asked me If he had to have the relic to participate.

    Told him that was what "RadShare" means... Dude proceded to say he was a new player, didn't knew what the chat language means and that I was a $&*^... WTF?! LoL


    You should have let his Nick show. Someone could just go to him and explain a few things before he end up actually believing warframe market word is rule... And actually get skammed 100pl on ammo drum 😂

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