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  1. I am desapointed here... The amount isn't the biggest issue here, but the implementation of the entire mechanics are a mess... sacrifice my life support?! 1min defending the piece?! a "tiny" amount of life support after the entire endeavor is done?! This is way to much bull in order to get the kuva... We won't be able to even use all our life support to it, else we will run out of air :(

    I don't think even having a bone daddy with the group will allow us to do this thing right.

  2. I can't say I'm overjoyed with this news... At all!! 

    First off, this is great for new players, people that were not here during this primes first pass. Also, this will drive the prices on this gear down by quite a bit, again a very good thing for new players!

    Now... my issue with this "new addition" to baro's wares is WHERE ARE THE NEW STUFF? Every time we have baro paying us a visit(since his "rework") he always has something NEW. Is it useful? Not always, but it is NEW!

    I am a veteran player DE, I have been enjoying WF from more than 2 years now... I already OWN all this prime gear! This new isn't new at all!!

    And here is my issue with it... Now we will be seeing valted relics instead of brand new mods, or weapons, or cosmetics... Baro's visit just won't mean anything to me :(

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  3. Imvery curious to see how this changes will play out... I'm a bit disappointed with something here and there, like for instance the difference between synapse and Amprex... those numbers lead me to believe Amprex is still the king, even with her infested sister having a more powerful single target application...Also, a magazine nerf on Synapse, It feels like the very good "handling" she had is lost on top of that all, but I'm very unsure about what all the other changes really mean to my Synapse and Amprex, I am willing to sit and test them before raising any red flags. Looking forward to testing then all DE, HIT ME! 

  4. Can't say I will be missing the trial system... Years and I've only did LOR a handful of times, and never did Jordans!

    I fully support the decision on having Arcanes on Eidelons, now I have a reason to pay them a visit every day!!

    I sorry for the people ho enjoyed the trials thought... Let's all hope that it won't sit in the limbo for years like other systems... >.>

  5. 29 minutes ago, Jigoogly said:


    uhhh I think this is a mistake @[DE]Rebecca unless it's meant that both of these weapons now have exactly the same stats as each other despite one being a variant.....and requiring higher MR despite no change in stats.

    They only listed the changes, Supra Vandal has better "Handling" with bigger magazine, ammo poll, and accuracy! 

    Or, it could also be a mistake from their part... A lot of stats listed in there are wrong lol

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