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  1. There is no reason for the ability to have such a downside Its w worse DR than gara 2 whilr having no dmg expeling your meter to deal aoe dmg as a second part of this ability is best use since you can keep it full for max DR or expell it to deal greallt 360 aoe dmg specially since her 4 is now pov
  2. Tennogen on console Its been a problem for over a year now we are still missing half of round 14 while round 17 is already live on pc of which we will probably never see at this rate Most major updates are missing tennogen now and the bundles we get are less than half the round Only one catch up bundle was released and its said that thats the plan for next update but its been a while since saints of altra and nothing yet Can we know what is causing this delay and whats the plan to address it I have been waiting for zephyr graxx for a year now this is beyond ridiculous
  3. This better have the rest of round 14 which was accepted over A YEAARRR AGO And these "catchup" bundles wouldnt be needed if you got tennogen in every major update as we used to do or have them stay but with full rounds Better yet go back to thw round 8 style and lunch tennogen on console same time as pc with a separate update as we were promised years ago and not only you never delivered but we are in the S#&$ show that is happening right now
  4. Best round since forever Glad everything from faven and ernix got in Hopefully we will get it on console before the end of 2020 or 2030.
  5. Lets hope the past contains the rest of round 14 which had been accepted almost a YEAARRRRR AGOOOO !!!!!!
  6. Not sure about the size of the bag thing and the energy circle seems big
  7. So no tennogen ??? How long will we wait for the rest of round 14 its getting really close to a year now
  8. My guess is they transfering the most selling skins on pc first for maximuim profits for them while burying less selling items at this pace some skins for the same frames might release from future rounds making older skins pointless and affecting both playes and artists
  9. Thats it ??????? Thats your list thats less than half Round 14 is now 4 bundles which is already taking over half a year to deliver half Now round 15 and 16 didnt have as many items but 5 skins thats it ???? And hey wait a year for the rest WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH TENNOGEN ????!!!!!
  10. There is a difference between Being playable and being good Valkyr got better because of melee 2.7 but still not as good as she was after her first rework and still exal umbra is better since he has way more range and use less energy Revenant is just not relavent compared to mesa which has a better damage reduction more damaging ultimate and almost half the energy cost with similar mobility with the augment
  11. Temporary is a very vague term if its 10 sec and armor buff is 30-60sec at base which is affected by mods then yeah might be worth using but if its anything less then its complete trash and his only nish would be ruined leaving him in the same garbage can Also armor buff should have a base percentage if you are running lower level content the damage is not enough to make the ability used
  12. If its anything like valkyr/ember/revenant energy requirment wukong will be doomed These frames are S#&$ already and are maily ruined because of the rediculous energy needed to do nothing Specially compared to excal/mesa/wisp who can do the same thing just better
  13. Please reconsider this Noone has ever asked for this and it was never needed before so why screw consols over now if its a switch problem let it be a switch ONLY problem w dont have to deal with it if can avoid it Also the pacing is absolutely insane round 14 was release november 22 2018!!!! and we still dont have it all at this rate we are getting half on two separate packs which means that it might pass november 2019 or delay round 15 and 16 even more This is not acceptable or good for anyone Tennogen is as important as deluxe skins
  14. Just hope wisp 's ult helmet is in this nightwave and you dont leave it out like you did hildryn
  15. More effort please because a year of waiting for skins isnt fun for anyone Specially when you choose the worst quarter of the round to deliver 6+ month later
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