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  1. no tennogen ? we are still missing items from round 14 thats 2 years of wait no update to steal essence ridiculous prices and insane 2% drop chance not worth even doing xoris nerf anyway despite all the feedback just dont update it till you get it together that would be better.
  2. How about making balanced contet so people can use whatever and dont NEED meta
  3. So instead of xoris being the best melee to use as a state stick you are making it the worst ??? I get the change but to all the people who ar saying it was mandetory no it wasnt if you had a god melee riven and use narramon you were dealing more damage this just let you use zenurik (since all other schools are trash) everyone saw this nerf coming but seeing it go from top to bottom this quick is bizzar nothing to address combo disappearing with a single heavy attack/not hitting something for 5 sec but yeah lets just dig this weapons grave and call it a day this is just lazy development period.
  4. I lost 20 cephalite in 2 attempts because the platform falls even tho i jumped on the right planet is it safe to try now ?
  5. Same thing happened to me twice lost all my attempts
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