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  1. This is already ingame even tho its not in any bundle
  2. What about different elements how does adding percentage work with that ?
  3. The amount of resources the parts need is beyond ridiculous specially when parts are rng and you need to build over and over again its not that we have so many resources its that we dont have enough gear to use it on This thing makes it just a pay wall to progress when you can skip the resources with plat which is really scummy Why not do those ridiculous numbers with old resources where vets will have no problem doing and new players will have to progress through the actuall game first or just get pulled into pay to win since thats your main focus in the past 3 updates
  4. please dont forget tennogen for the next update we are still missing items from round 14 since zaw are skin viable now i really want the grineer dagger and rapier skin
  5. Wait Why we could have just got the risong tide next Also so we are back to no tennogen huh
  6. Dual kamas prime and scindo prime are really outshadowed by nami skyla and galatine respectively Please reconsider these states Hoping for more frequent tennogen catching ups till we keep up with pc
  7. Who told you that 26.0.7 have no bugs or that 26.0.8 wont be better lets wait for the end of the year then maybe the build will be better for all of you Guess what your first weapon cant be a duplicate, convert your lich to trade later. Ask for a faster updates after this thats a good thing but no update thats just dumb Play one lich do arbitrations get grendel vaska use kronen prime there is alot that can be done till we get the next update
  8. We didnt have a single update in 10 weeks wtf you already dont play the game then dont till next update drops we NEED content.
  9. Please keep Lich to lich trading no plat no mods nothing else you trade a lich for a lich
  10. Its been 84 years Actual one year DElay Have to say disappointed the rest of round 14 is not here yet, but at least we got something.
  11. This can be really problematic for variants which stats are close to its base Prime/syndicate varients might swap usage due to rivens being a factor Zhuge might be better than zhuge prime due to better dispo etc Its a good approach dont get me wrong but you need to be really carefull with this Hope it goes well Read some comments and realized this could be really problematic for trading people might be scammed really hard a warning must be shown when trading My advise some base varients shouldnt be counted for clairty ex braton lato karak Instead dispo is different in varients ex braton prime/vandal karak wraith/kuva etc which hopefully will keep values close
  12. So galatine and gram are on a similar level while poor scindo is still trash Can we up the crit to 36% make it a crit heavy blade instead of just mastery fodder ans wasted skins slot
  13. Anyone else thinks that the armor effect from heat should have been for puncture procs that is anti armor !!!! Eating away enemy armor should have ben 10-15% from BASE armor every sec the proc is active Or just give 75% armor dec for 6 sec for punc For ember Her 1 is useless compared to her 4 the augment helps off course shince her 2 and 3 no longer add heat dmg 2 is fine but would still loved to have explosion when you get to max meter I think the meter should be the same as gauss decrease with time/not using abilities and all ablities make it rise Also if the energy drain on meter must be a thing then it needs a cap of 5 enegy/sec with max efficency 3 is just accelerant would have been better can we get heat dmg buff on non armor enemies at least Also should be 50 energy not 75
  14. Maming strike is now dead i get that making all weapons crit wasnt good but when you also nerf condition overload to the ground crit IS the only option My feedback 1. primed reach needs to be +4 2. condition overload scaling fix with the 120% was what i wanted since the change was announced but it should be at the end of the calculation otherwise its useless ( we know hybrid builds are too strong but status weapons are just trash now ) 3. maming needs to be 300% plain amd simple 150% is not enough a weapon with 30% base crit will go up by 45% thats half the 90% we had so 300% is where it should be 4. some combos are still buggy and slow wukong iron staf is worse somehow 5. heavy attacks so combo was changed for them while i would rather see the old combo back and heavy attacks be a constant thing with scaling combo that might not be the teams vision So my fix heavy attacks should not consume ALL of the combo instead use a fixed number 20-30 hits that way it can be used constantly and dont ruin blood rush scaling Just realised this now bloodrush only scale off base crit chance not moded why the hell would you do that all crit chance rivens are now useless 6.bloodrush needs to be 75% and scale of modded crit chance Most zaw hybrid builds hade 15-25% crit chance thats not enough for red crits even at 12x combo
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