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  1. Off thats the biggest L this year and it was full of it Nothing but deimos is worth mentioning in warframe 2020 Lets hope for a better 2021 i guess
  2. I am sorry i dont have any positive feedback on theses they are terrible and i would never use them over current arcanes let alon farm them My only advice would be make the kitgun arcanes on hit and 5x the states on all of them
  3. what about items from previous rounds ? we are missing some of round 14 items thats 2 years waiting for a rapier and dagger skins
  4. this doesnt explain why an item by faven who clearly have many tennogen items in is still missing if its licencing issue also its not per item buy thats why they disabled market discounts on tennogen artist still make the same percentage per item sold on console the difference is its not money handed to DE directly so they are slacking in porting less popular items because there is less money in it as most people have plat laying around so no new plat is bought unless item is overwhelming in popularity
  5. Thats not true and even so why ?? There is no reason to do that other than lack of people working on porting the items We are missing the rapier skin by faven for 2 years, he does all graxx skins so its not an artist contract issue its just lazy
  6. We havent got new tennogen in a long time (since june) wasnt expecting round 19 but we are still missing items from round 14 15 16 17 and 18 round 14 items were added 2 years ago this is not acceptable and in not addressed in anyway be DE If it cant be in regular builds then maybe it should be in seperate builds
  7. There would be no cap problem if the mission coount was equal to the cap why the #*!% would you expect people to not do all missions either by the time the cap is reachable there arw no more missions or the cap is the maximum of the score of the missions this doent make any sense
  8. Even on solo i still get them and there is a new chapter that is about to begin that gives 7k point eximus mission gave me 4.5 more rep today no i wont accept my points to be gone its already a time waste for 15 credit i am getting those 15 credit and retroactive points too This is not acceptable
  9. Today i reached rank 90 in nightwave i did more missions before reset and now i am at 10k but cannot reach rank 61 also i have 5k more standing after this rank
  10. so round 19 was just released and ok we wait BUT where are the items from round 14 that we are missing for 2 YEARS now where are items from round 15 round 16 round 17 round 18 the previous rounds before round 8 ????????????? nothing we get none ?????? zero ????? how is this possible who is not working on this and why ?????
  11. Th build needs to be 29.2 with bile changes and less nerfed MFD otherwise there is no point also old tennogen
  12. If you dont want a turret ability then dont make a turret ability this range is pethetic you dont evwn play your own game to know whats usefull and whats not making a 250% range a must for the ability to just function is not acceptable Double the god damn range
  13. As long as its above 100% i think it will be fine 150% might be good on ash tho Can the ash augment be looked at banshee and excal augments seems to work fine but ash doesnt
  14. I hope consoles dont have more divinding and we get ALL of batch 1 cause tennogen on console is getting really annoying we still missing items from round 14 thats 2 YEARS ago
  15. Since her wof nerf ember had been gathering dust in the same corner vauban is sitting at after raids are gone First thing we all know cc is almost useless now a dead enemy is the best cc With how powerfull weapons became since zaws kitguns redemeer prime etc its either a warframe deals enough damage or can take giant hits So lets start with Ember Most important change remove the range decrease and use the volt discharge treatment where it deals less dmg over range This will help with the nuking of low levels while keeping the augment working for higher leve
  16. Are you f****** kidding me why the hell would you do that Blindly ingnoring that the rest of round 14 is better than round 15 Why release half a round and the half a round So we will get round 14 by 2020 ?? While pc will be on round 25 Even if you are going to release tennogen on 2 updates why ruin the order ypu choose the items that are going to make you more money thats not only disrespectfull to players choice its also bad for the artist who will be lossing out on any income from their items Round 14 was accept on november 2018. LAST YEAR !!!! Why in the name of
  17. Any old tennogen nyx and rhino graxx ? round 9 ? I know pc is still waiting for round 9 because of us but no mention of them here
  18. @Yatus your chance to shine mate lets get all your N series in, please do your best to fix everything with the skins i must have them. ❤❤
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