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  1. kuva missions and arbitration do not disappear after being complete playing it again results in rewards already claimed instead of actual end mission rewards its more confusing and waste of players time also udp ports issue for certain regions like mine egypt are still here for almost 2 month now i cant play coop
  2. Tldr Melee is still king just weaker and you have to use top teir melee Viable guns do a bit more damge aoe guns are somewhat viable but single target weapons are still trash and overall its a net negative results
  3. If they didnt touch melee and buffed guns we wouldnt be having this conv would we DE never buffs anything without a nerf to something else
  4. Its like asking why dont you want life to be harder Its a stupid question
  5. Glad to see console is getting regual tennogen but we are still missing items from round 14 for almost 3 years now pls dont forget it Also will the udp port issue be fixed this update its been over a month of no multiplayer warframe for a lot of people
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