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  1. of cource i play. U said it have no use and you are wrong about this and it is fact
  2. Instalkill Eidolons. Destroing spider orb without using archgun summon. Just mod it and try. Necramech is imba thing today
  3. This changes is bad. Still weak, need more buffs.
  4. !!!!VERY CRITICAL BUG!!!!! TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Clients necramech 4th ability weapon mods stacks every cast and cause billions damage!!!!! VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Mod your necramech 4th ability with some dmg crit attack speed mods. Join any free roam mission. Be not host (client). Summon necromech. Sit on necromech. Spam 4 ability many times. Shoot with necromesh 4th ability. EXPECTED RESULT: Receive broken numbers, attack speed that cause low fps. OBSERVED RESULT: Insane attack speed, insane damage, insane fps
  5. 2% of players have railjack. More less have maxed out the system. Just forget about command branch it is unpopular
  6. I think roar will be dominate at all that is why variety will be detroyed. This fact forced DE to nerf imbalanced abilities in pool
  7. without helminth, newcomers have a lot of content here
  8. I agree with nerfs. BUT. I completely disagreee with reducing to MR8. It is end game content as DE said that this system is not for new players. #REVERTTOMR15
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