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  1. Aklex conclave skin when? Also new cool conclave themed skins? Conclave skins for warframes?

    PLEASE make possible to farm conclave reputation in frame fighter. It will make a reason to play this gamemode. Because another PvP gamemodes has been broken since adding parkour 3.0. It is impossible to play. But frame fighter is sort of PvP it must be connected to conclave as well as lunaro connected to conclave.

    Also any plans to remake PvP and returning Dark Sectors? For example return PvP stamina, or deleting bulletjump on PvP. And making dedicated server matchmaking, because host can kick or lag clients by cutting connection speed on network manipulator programms such as NetLimiter.


    Solo clans orientation cannot be accepted and it should be changed too. No lazy solo warframe gameplay. It is utopia. We must remember that cooperation is the one of the major aspects of the game. Communication is the way of success. You know it, because you used communication with community and communication with guys in dev team. Because of this you have so much appreciation. Hema was the right move it forced clans to farm together. We need new researches had the same requirements for  new clan stuff. Haters gonna hate. But they cant understand the majority, profit and pleasure of temwork. Sometimes you need to ignore some community complaints because sometimes they really dont know how would be better.


    Why dark sectors? It will make clans alive because we would have a reason to have a good clans.  And provide to devs more free time to make more giant and high quality content because it will reduce content hunger for veterans.


    Double resourse weekend. The last resourse weekend was more than year ago. I think we need some love.


  2. 11 минут назад, Ksaero сказал:

    Don't know if it's been posted already, but you can check your email to be sure you've got everything ready for the quest.


    Recieved same mail. Does *fully unlocked the power of the tenno* mean maxed focus?

    Because some my friends who didn`t maxed focus didn`t recieved mail.

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  3. 2 часа назад, ErzaSakuretto сказал:

    Not Umbra Prime. Maybe they altered his model as well. Who knows... (except DE)

    I dont think so. Because if DE alter his model, players will blame them.

    and the second reason why DE will not change umbra model - sword form the teaser page. It have excal umbra prime sign on handle (same on excal umbra prime helm, forearms and ankle)

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  4. 2 часа назад, -Ringed-Umbra- сказал:

    That makes sense for holding the specific date.. But, i'm not sure if they will talk about the sacrifice, I hope they do and or release it on the same day or a day later.

    Releasing on the same day is possible and would be very cool. I remember some years ago Killing floor 2 developers released addon during the conference by pushing button I loved that move.

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