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  1. Well, that depends on the gate, doesn't it? I see some people mentioning Borderlands as a successful implementation of health and shield gating, but Borderlands had enemies that would require that gate to exist for you to survive regardless of level. Health gating wasn't a failsafe in BL2, it was a mechanic you had to use to survive. In Warframe, since enemy damage scales up ilover time instead of over level, such a system would be badly abused. If you want a health gate, the best in my opinion. For Warframe would be a gate at 50% that would leave you at 1% health if
  2. Unless building another warframe gives you more mod points it'll be the same as every other frame whether you can or can't fit any mods.
  3. All of which are things I addressed in the thing you didn't read because you feel like somehow something literally everyone else in the thread does all the time requires "magic eyesight" instead of paying attention. Address your flaws as a player first, then address the flaws in the content you play. And stop standing in the spawn area if you have a problem wog enemies spawning on you.
  4. The giant iridescent blue or gold bubble dissolves your buffs when you touch it? Aww, maybe it would be good to avoid it then? A suggestion then would be don't stand in the spawns. Most tilesets are 50x50m,and even in the cramped ship areas the rooms are big enough for you to see them. Yes, them clipping through the floor and killing your powers and the weak spot not working at tomrsis a problem, but literally all the other problems you have are caused by you not avoiding them. If you death with the Nullifiers the same way you deal with the drones, this entire thread wouldn't exist. They're a
  5. >they didn't spend 200 hours of dev time putting in 50 unique assassination animations for enemies you only meet on 2 planets that 90% of the player base doesn't even use I mean, well, yeah.
  6. The game has changed quite a lot since Nullifiers were implemented, both in scale and substance. Back then, we still had keys instead of relics and 40 wave T4 survival were the norm. In those times, game play was nonexistent becuase some nuke frame was sitting on or near spawn and just hit 4 with a buffer and energy feeder until everything died. Guns also did ~60k DPS and none of the available content even came near to having 80k health. Nullifiers allowed the enemy to at least give a modicum of difficulty to the game at that point,sincr you can't auto one shot them by pointing in their direct
  7. I didn't say Forma BP, I said Forma. I haven't even done the Kubrow quest yet, but some people are really into that stuff so more power to them. I just think asking for rare mod drops and Vandal weapons is a little too much for a weekly guaranteed reward. Sure, we need to come up with a different source for them but I don't think this is the venue. Those I would rather be goals to reach than random drops in an event.
  8. It's the difference between a hard cap and a soft cap to power, and both are direly needed. Everyone likes soft caps, but they're hard to balance and hard to make fair. No one like hard caps, but hard caps are only put in place (if a dev team is compotent) when power scaling gets so high soft caps are trivialized. I still hate nullifiers as much as the day they came in, but they're still needed as much as the day they came in if the game wants a future.
  9. I love the idea : short, simple, easy enough to do. Don't know if they'll do rare mods or anything, but stuff like Nitain, Forma and Kubrow/Kavat gense would be good.
  10. Lots of bad arguments in this thread..... Rhino may need a buff, but only in the synergy department. All of his abilities are disjointed from each other greatly, especially Roar. I'd argue that Ironclad charge should be built in, and maybe there should be some way to recast IS without the augment, but that's more QoL than a necessity. Why I singled out Roar is that while it's thematic like Rhino Charge and stomp, if you kept with the theme it would be a debuff of buff/debuff combo like charge and stomp are. It's not bad, but it almost feels like it belongs on a different frame.
  11. Scroll back two years in the forum and you'll see people saying that these exact things are necessary to promote build diversity. It's too late now. We have too many ways of generating too much energy, so why would they make it inherent? Why would they want to, when we've proven multiple times that instead of using our abilities in a diverse way we spam 4 until everything dies? You can't call it "build diversity" when all you do is the same thing.
  12. Why not just put more health on your Rhino?
  13. Well, I don't have the numbers jotted down, so I'll just use placeholder numbers. So a lvl30 frame with a matching Aura will have around 70 energy for mods. Let's take poster boy, Excalibur as an example. If I want to go for a tank EB build, I'll need power strength and efficiency with some armor and health. So you'd throw in max Vitality, max Steel Fiber, Trans fort, Blind rage, fleeting expertise, intensify, Streamline and Primed flow. Those last 3 you can switch out with whatever Umbral or other fancy mods you can think of. If you have 6 forma you'd put 4 VS and 2 dashes. Let's
  14. Then the complaint would change to "DE keeps changing all the builds so I HAVE to forma all my frames 20 times and the grind is boring. Having 1 polarity on one slot encourages build diversity since you have to now decide on what your build needs and doesn't need based on what you value. It's not how I would have done it, and saying it reduces build diversity by limiting the viability without grind is a reasonable view to have. But having multiple polarities on a slot will make frames more powerful at the drop of a hat, and as such will make things harder to balance later on.
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