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  1. Mine happened while solo, but I believe it was an orphix mission. Not 100% sure.
  2. Experienced the same. This is why I wish there was a /reloadui command. EDIT: Someone in game pointed out that you can close it by pressing P.
  3. I understand and respect the goal, but I think it's been implemented poorly. A hybridization would be nice. Maybe we should be able to pilot the railjack kind of like in the Mass Effect star chart, and have a choice between pure old-style missions, and the railjack versions. I don't really see how matchmaking would work though. Would be kind of weird to fly to a node and then suddenly you're on someone else's railjack.
  4. There are definitely some QoL issues with this update. My main issue is having to wait for multiple players to be present for the mission transition. That's lame and it's a HUGE impact on mission pacing. Also, what's with the infinite fighter spawns? Another thing, in my opinion, endless mission types don't belong in railjack. Nobody wants to fly a railjack to a defense mission and do 20 waves. The railjack portions already take way too long for the rewards to be worth it, let alone a defense mission.
  5. If someone dies while you are in the tactical menu, you are stuck in the tactical menu and not able to do anything at all.
  6. Do what I do. Assume 2028 at the earliest and then be pleasantly surprised when you have the cinematic content before then.
  7. Was the sevagoth gameplay with an unmodded frame? It seemed pretty interesting.
  8. This has been happening a lot for me too. GTR 2070 SUPER with i9 9900k, 64GB RAM. There's no way my computer shouldn't be able to handle loading a dojo, and it never happens when going to the dojo from orbiter. It's 100% a software issue.
  9. It looks like the extraction waypoint works properly when a reward has just been earned, but it disappears from the HUD as soon as the next orphix spawns, and is only present at its absolute location on the minimap until a reward is earned.
  10. Confirmed, this was occasionally happening until recently, but now it consistently happens.
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