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  1. Clan name : VOID WARRIORS Clan tier : STORM CLAN Clan platform : PC Your Clan role : Architect Hello Tennos, On the behalf of my Clan, i am honnored to present to you our dojo. All Clan members participated in the project in many different ways, ressources, ideas, chek up, Rp event ... Our clan do not reject our Orokin heritage, You will see a lot of Orokin style structures in our Dojo. We tryed to be as inventive as we could ^^ and focused on volumes, spaces, and logic. We have a vaults room, garden, place to live and relax, gaze at the void. We really tryed to elaborate a real fonctionnal Dojo. We also have secret passage ways to secret super hidden room. ^^ The video is quite long( my first attempt at editing), but we hope you will enjoy it An Avant gout Thanks you all Thanks DE (guys/girls I love you all too ^^) From France with love
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