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  1. Oh yeah. That’s right. Lmao I forgot. Been so long since I farmed that stuff.
  2. I don’t know why but, I don’t see Limbo and Mirage’s blueprint in my Simaris Standing rewards. It’s impossible to get both warframes for the Helminth system right now for anyone unless they already have them. I don’t really know how to do screen shots since you guys changed the forums. Believe me I am unable to obtain Limbo and Mirage’s Blueprint in Simaris’ offerings and it’s disheartening to see. I mean I have their abilities already, it’s my concern for other players right now. TLDR; Limbo and Mirage’s Blueprint are not showing in Simaris’ Offerings.
  3. If you have a lich on the Kuva Lich Territory Sabotage node Kokabiel, Europa, once you interact with the console and destroy the core for some reason Alad V will pop up and talk then Sprag and Ven'kra Tel will spawn at level 1 in a random location and attempt to attack you, obviously they fail as they’re so weak. As this is a very old sabotage mission type bugs are known to happen, but this just made me stop for a minute thats this is all wrong. Lol. I had a good laugh. It’s happened consecutively 4 times in a row for me. Just thought you should know this going on DE.
  4. Is the Chinese New Year Of The Ox Alerts coming back in the future? I missed the poster due to the complications of life getting in the way because of it being 24 hour. I’m sad because I am big in astrology. I was also born on an Ox year, so it was a huge deal to me haha. Please, I want them to come back! I want the poster!
  5. So I just got excited about hitting Mastery 26, and from my orbiter I hit Mastery Rank Up. Now, when I hit it, I started to load in, but it told me there was an updated version of Warframe available. I don’t remember seeing any red text or update available text at all before starting the mission. It sent me back to my orbiter, but now I have to wait a day to do my test. I am livid. I did restart the game, and there wasn’t a new version at all, no update. This was like at midnight when I did this, so as I would think DE wouldn’t send a new update at that time. Can we fix this? This is bull!
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