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  1. I also noticed this. This was the primary thing I wanted to make sure to pick up. Would be very nice if fixed.
  2. Orokin Tea sets through steel path is very nice. Yessss. On another note though could this longstanding visual bug please get a look at?
  3. Still bugged as of 30.3.5. I tried replaying Saya's Vigil to see if that would fix it incase the bug was caused by some kind of line reset from Warframe being on a new computer, but replaying the quest did not fix the issue. This audio bug alongside a other little visual bugs in Cetus (like it raining through some areas on the central structure and the fisher at the dock having a broken, floating fishing line being fixed would be appreciated, DE.
  4. When she's advertising in Cetus, she literally says she sells rugs/carpets in her voice lines. It'd be great if she sold single rugs like those from the Ostron Rug Collection in the market, even if they're pricy. This is not a new idea, but I think it's a fair one.
  5. That might be one way, though personally I'd prefer to allow both Umbra sitting and use of the showcase. It's still kind of amusing to think of Umbra actually climbing down from the showcase area though like "no." DE hasn't even added a dating sim to Ludoplex yet, so your mind can probably rest at ease about that kind of stuff. For now
  6. I know a lot of people have talked about wanting Excalibur Umbra to roam the orbiter and do stuff when not in equipped. I think that would be really cool too, but it would probably take Dev time that DE doesn't want to spend on it. So instead, I offer a (possibly, maybe, could be) simpler option. In our personal rooms, we have a couch. Umbra could sit on the couch. So, my idea is would be a toggle from the arsenal that gives an option to let umbra just sit on the couch with a simple idle animation when not equipped in your current loadout. If DE wanted him to do anything else like interact with the Somacord, Pets, or his Shawzin while there that would be super cool, but even just the basic sitting would be great. TL;DR suggesting a toggle to let Umbra sit on the couch in our personal quarters while not in use
  7. Yes Inaros and other frames like him will be outliers that make your companions way tankier, though, if most all frames have at least have 740 of each shields and health with Vitality and Redirection maxed, you'd then get 165% of that with maxed link mods even on less tanky frames (though their armor would likely be much lower than an armor tank). That's still mostly better stats than Sentinels have currently with only a (hopefully) simple change instead, I think? Also, remember that the link mods would seem to allow real time restores and buffs to you companion's health, shields, and armor based on what buffs and heals your Warframe is getting. So things like resetting sentinel shield gating and buffing up their armor using arcanes would likely be on the table with link mods even for less tanky frames. Still, if DE wanted to do something along the lines of buffing mods like Enhanced Vitality to allow better use on less tanky frames and roll those link mod based healing and buffing effects into those mods so link mods aren't just better, I suppose I'd be down for that. Maybe alongside a pass to companions base stats to allow for better use of those mods. I'd still personally like it if Sentinels has access to link mods, but we might just have to agree to disagree on that.
  8. I don't expect to see DE reworking all companions any time soon, but if that's what they want to do, more power to them. I'd be happy if they gave a refresh to some like some of the older sentinels and kubrows though, as I imagine their abilities are showing their age. I could maybe see them getting rid of loyalty decay eventually. I don't expect DE will make companions auto-revive or be invulnerable considering the mods they're pumping out these days related to companion revival (thinking of the upcoming parazon mod as one). I could maybe see them allowing universal Awaken and replacing the precept on Djinn since they eventually relented on Vacuum with enough pressure, but I don't think it's incredibly likely. In the short term though it seems like at least allowing link-health, link-armor, and link-shield could be a good step in the right direction. Perhaps we could also get Enhanced Vitality and Calculated Redirection buffed up to 440% like the Warframe mods of similar name? It might not be a sweeping overhaul, but you know.
  9. With recent efforts that attempt to do things like allow Sentinels to be brought back after death through mods, outside of a full rework, I think the main thing we're missing for Sentinel survivability is the fact they can't use "link" mods. Unlike the health, armor, and shield mods sentinels can use now, link mods actually allow for sizable increases to companion health that scales with your investment into Warframe your survivability mods AND it causes your companion to be effected by shield/health restoring abilities that affect your Warframe AND is affected by increases from buffs to your health/shield/armor in real time. Link mods can be used all all companions except sentinels, meanwhile (while mutually exclusive) either link mods or the health/shield/armor mods used by sentinels can be used on other companions. I think it is time for this change and I think it would be a very appreciated one. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. So... ...I know I might be a minority of the player base, but I play a lot in spoiler mode with Excalibur Umbra and as far as I know his special passive specter mode currently can't benefit from conditional triggered buffs from mods like Adaptation or Argon Scope or any Warframe arcanes except the untriggered status effect resist arcanes that work like mods. If conditional triggered buffs is the way weapons are going for endgame viability, do you think we could pretty please get a look at this so they can be used with Umbra (and in the process maybe allow him to use the other mods and arcanes too with his specter mode)?
  11. Huh. Just noticed this after seeing some stuff with the longer "neck" and thought I'd see if it was a bug.
  12. This bug appears to also extend to Nightwatch Seekers, Lancers, and Bombards as well.
  13. Arrows (most pressing): 1. The arrows in the quiver do no change based on equipped arrow skins. 2. The secondary and accent colors on the default arrows seems to do nothing, while the tertiary controls not only the metallics, but also stripes wrapped down the arrow, and the shaft. Bow: Seems to not be accurately taking most colors applied to it? Most of the colors aside of the accent colors seem to vary wildly from those selected compared to your average weapon in Warframe (unsure if a bug). This is a really cool looking bow skin despite all these issues (which you can only get from a bundle), so I would really appreciate if this was looked at.
  14. Assuming it has not already, perhaps this could be fixed?
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