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  1. There seems to be an odd translucent hair layer when wearing Mother's Mask with the newer operator hairstyles. Example below.
  2. Long time operator player here and I know relatively few people probably care about this, as Operators presumably aren't the most used feature of Warframe. However, as an Operator player/Excalibur Umbra specter mode tag-team main, I would really appreciate if this could get a fix. I'm pretty sure It's not a functional issue, but it would just be nice. Please and thank you, DE. Pictures:
  3. While Excalibur may have a lot of skins, as far as I know there have not been skins made tailored to Umbra specifically. If allowed some day, I think something riffing off is former life as a Dax could be nice choice for this.
  4. Now, I know people generally say Excalibur has too many skins already, but this is an idea I've had for a while and I hope you'll hear me out. The idea is to make a skin and helmet based on the design of Umbra's original dax form. It could, therefore be primarily designed to fit well with Excalibur Umbra while also looking good enough on its own to be used on Excaliburs and Excalibur Primes. It would likely be something of a mix between the style of Excalibur Umbra and his original Dax form. Below I have included the portrait of Umbra ingame as well as the items which follow his color s
  5. I believe this happens with all menus on the ship. Both pictures are taken at the same distance from the console, only from a different camera angle. This seems to only have with the picture based emblems and not the fancier model based ones.
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