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  1. Vecasra

    PC Matchmaking Issues [RESOLVED]

    Same here since yesterday...
  2. Vecasra

    The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!

    nvm she fixed it. I guess that's what happened when she didn't have her coffee.
  3. Vecasra

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I know I'm going to be the minority here, but I don't want to see the nerf to spin attacks. But, well...:/ Also, there are various Warframe abilities are affected by combo multiplier; if the combo multiplier is going to change, are those abilities going to adjust as well? - BTW, I have a strong feeling that the "melee won't pass though wall" may end up with "melee can't hit an enemy because there is a small bump between player and the enemy." But we'll see...
  4. Meanwhile in an other game... "We are going to apply a hotfix to resolve this issue after two weeks" ya, two weeks for a "hot"fix...
  5. Vecasra

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.3

    Its quite early, did you guys sleep!?
  6. Vecasra

    Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Since Oberon Prime has been released, is there any plan to adjust eximus' loot table? The Oberon's blueprints don't feel rewarding after defeat eximus, especially in long endless runs. Oh, and I like the design of Sybaris Prime, looks sooooo goooood <3
  7. Vecasra

    Coming Soon: Devstream #70!

    Question: Is there any plan to make a "Challenge 2.0" ? Currently some of them aren't very interesting/challenging (kill 30 mobs) or even odd (asking to hack a console in an AW mission). The rewards are also a bit out of date (1~5k XP). Suggestion: 1. When you guys decide to remake/improve the UI, it would be good to see a timer shows how long does the mission takes; survival mission is the only mission type has this feature, and if other missions can have a timer that may be helpful. 2. I really like the parkour 2.0, it gives us great improvement on maneuverability. However, when the Tombs of the Sentient Trailer released (and the announcement of parkour 2.0), the Excalibur's movement on the wall was dashing, not jumping. I prefer the the old Wall Dash animation(both vertical and horizontal). It really feels like dashing on the wall, instead of a bunch jumping. Thank you for making such a great game :D
  8. Daily Quest: Server Down [1/1]
  9. Vecasra

    Hotfix 17.4.3

    "Clem Clem Clem"