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  1. Not every frame needs to be ultra-complicated. Rhino is simple, and all of his abilities are useful. 1 is a gap closer(/armor generator if you use the augment), 2 is invulnerability, 3 is a damage buff, 4 is cc. He's a great starter frame, which is convenient since he's dropped from the 2nd boss that new players encounter in the game.
  2. If something is a long term enemy, I should be rewarded along the way. Liches only reward me whenever I defeat them, thus they are a short term enemy. It takes me about 3 hours of grinding to kill a lich on average, I don't call that long term, just annoying.
  3. I wish I could gift you punctuation...
  4. I just want to be able to see non-english characters on the english client. That would make me happy.
  5. It does not proc. I've had both of them on for ages, and I can't remember a single case of Sanctuary proccing while Sacrifice is active
  6. Me too, I hate it when games make me work for something instead of handing it to me on a silver platter. /s
  7. Sacrificial steel gives +440% crit chance on heavy attack. Blood rush gives +720% crit chance at max combo counter. This means blood rush is better for sustained meleeing, but Sacrificial steel is better for heavy attack spam.
  8. Finishers are bound to the interact key now
  9. Ah yes, give every enemy with low health a brief invulnerability window. That won't be frustrating at all, I'm sure.
  10. Did you make sure to perform the finisher on it? It won't become a lich if you don't do that.
  11. You weren't allowed to rebreed them in the first place, why would that change with Vasca?
  12. Kuva weapons gain 2 additional ranks for each forma added, up to lvl 40, which grants additional MR.
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