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  1. Ok so I just created my first Lich and decided to go on a hunt. So here's my feedback: 1. Level increase in controlled territory is a good thing, I was getting bored by now and suddenly there's a challenge I can't rush through. 2. Requiem murmur bar needs to fill out faster, timewalling us is one thing, this is just beyond insanity. 3. Mercy kills should be immediately patched so our weapon dmg does not apply when the target is at our mercy. I run one mission with Soma Prime and lemme tell ya, there was nothing merciful about seeing every single Mercy target bleeding out insanely fast. Make them fall to the ground like capture targets, otherwise players will be too frustrated to bother. Especially since using powerful weapons on those missions will make them die even faster. 4. A notification that the areas level has increased would also be nice, I jumped into one mission thinking it's going to be 12-14 (Lich appeared on Ceres) well boy how wrong I was, seeing them spawn with 65+ level. All in all, the Nemesis Lich system is a great concept for a game like Warframe but the current execution of this concept leaves me sad enough to go back to running normal relics and doing Nightwave stuff. Just like with the raids DE, you had a great idea but made it so over the top people won't find it any good. And instead Grineer we'll redirect our efforts on doing Corpus only missions.
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