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  1. DE, warframe still doesn't update in rest mode, all my other games do, including downloading games remotely. It will not update warframe unless I take it out of rest mode. Anyone else with this issue? Its just this game, always had been.
  2. Once to get that low on space the ps4 won't let you update anything else, delete some pics or a video you may have captured and maybe some old save files.
  3. UMBRA!! "Will be a global release after the Chinese exclusive runs out" that's what you said. So when, months? Years? Sometime this millennium? Your tired of hearing it we know, but hey, you said it, and I believe we all deserve an answer that will satisfy the community.
  4. Not everyone wants to spent that much on plat. You missed the little guys.
  5. DE, read this, matchmaking is still a chore on its own, pick a relic and join mission, wait 20 seconds, session found, pick relic again, players drop out, rinse and repeat 5 more times then add a host migration, makes me wanna kick puppies. And Warframe has crashed on me twice in two days. Also, my kavat enjoys getting randomly stuck and dying at any point, anywhere on the map. I like new stuff, and so does everyone else, but the bugs need fixing.
  6. @[DE]Drew Why doesn't rest mode automatically download anything from this game? I've gotten 3 downloads finished while it was sleeping, but I turn it on and then Warframe decides "hey, I got new stuff to download." Happens every time...
  7. I'd like to add this......Drew said during the live stream that the Silver Grove update should be in cert by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. Now to watch the forums explode mwahahahahahaha ?
  8. Can anyone tell me if we have the holster sliders to adjust where our weapons sit like PC does? I can't seem to find it, I bought the pack, tried a different holster position, but didn't see a slider for it. Am I missing something?
  9. I just ran a few excavations and got relics on every rotation, the first excavation dropped a useless mod, after that, relics non stop.
  10. I bought the holster pack believing you could holster anything anywhere, and I could have sworn I read there was a slider on PC to adjust where and how they sit. Do they have that? Do we not get it? And I can't believe that was 150 plat, I bought it, then tried it out like, wtf!? Really? :( Everything else is ok though. Especially the kitties.
  11. Full speed ahead!!! Complaints and wanting war within, it never ends.
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