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  1. DE, read this, matchmaking is still a chore on its own, pick a relic and join mission, wait 20 seconds, session found, pick relic again, players drop out, rinse and repeat 5 more times then add a host migration, makes me wanna kick puppies. And Warframe has crashed on me twice in two days. Also, my kavat enjoys getting randomly stuck and dying at any point, anywhere on the map. I like new stuff, and so does everyone else, but the bugs need fixing. 

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  2. @[DE]Drew Why doesn't rest mode automatically download anything from this game? I've gotten 3 downloads finished while it was sleeping, but I turn it on and then Warframe decides "hey, I got new stuff to download." Happens every time...

  3. 38 minutes ago, (PS4)The-Captain-388 said:

    ^^ This dude is absolutely right and this needs a lot more attention/visibility by DE.  We (consoles) are getting significantly less chances at the new Relic drops on Excavation since our version only drops Relics on B rotation.  Not to mention Hieracon is all messed up right now and is still dropping Nyx relics, whereas on PC Hieracon alone is dropping 7 of the new Relics right now.

    @[DE]Drew - Please help!

    I just ran a few excavations and got relics on every rotation, the first excavation dropped a useless mod, after that, relics non stop.

  4. I bought the holster pack believing you could holster anything anywhere, and I could have sworn I read there was a slider on PC to adjust where and how they sit. Do they have that? Do we not get it? And I can't believe that was 150 plat, I bought it, then tried it out like, wtf!? Really? :( Everything else is ok though. Especially the kitties.

  5. 8 hours ago, (PS4)jynxofxaos said:

    I'm not posting this to be negative but in hopes someone from DE reads this.  To not update console players at all on where we stand is immensely frustrating.  I understand that you have certain guidelines you must follow in order to get this next update live, but to have someone from your staff simply update this thread with anything would be the professional and polite thing to do.  Even a message that you are back from vacation and are working on this would be better than silence. This kind of treatment is why many of my friends have stopped playing your game.  If this is true you do not care about your console community I think that is a shame as many of us on console do care about your game.  Maybe being a small company you just lack etiquette guidelines most companies have and that is something you could look at improving.  There are numerous games that are free to play and otherwise that are on console that handle this kind of update in much better ways and I hope you can figure a way to improve this as it is becoming very disheartening to many of us to feel like second class Tenno. I started playing about a year ago and it seems your communication with console players is slowly getting worse. I have purchased every prime access since I started playing more to help support a small company than to get new content. As an independent publisher myself I know how hard being small can be.  I would urge any console Tenno to refuse to buy platinum or the next prime access until you address these issues perhaps a hit to your wallets will make someone at DE notice the 200,000 plus players who feel left in the wind.  Anyway it's doubtful anyone will read this from DE or even less that anyone will care as you already have our money  but maybe it will encourage players to hold out feeding the beast until you treat console players like a real part of your player base. 

    I apologize in advance for my English and good day. 

    First of all if you've been playing for a year or so you'd know how this works. PC first, bugs get worked out, if it's stable enough at that point they begin the coding process for ps4/xbox, then it goes to cert so that Sony can make sure it doesn't brick your ps4, then DE gets the ok to release it. This stuff takes time. It has to be stable. Unless you want a $400 paper weight. And if people want to quit playing because its "taking to long," well then so be it. If your a small developer like you claim to be, you'd know that. Unless your making apps for phones, which isn't that hard. So chill with your negativity, asking people to not buy into this game? Seriously? Yeah it takes a while, sometimes its a month sometimes its a week. All depends on how busy they are and the situation the builds bring. And yeah I'm defending them, their doing their job and people wanna throw rocks at them. As for an update to the process, if you have Twitter or if you watch Drew on the stream he answered it several times. I don't know why people get so caught up in how long an update takes. There's other games to play while you wait. And there's also real life stuff you could be doing to while you wait. Like taking a vacation, camping, fishing, hunny hunting, you know, life. 

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  6. We have to wait for our build, plain and simple. PC gets it, its bugged, by the time we get it DE has fixed most if not all the bugs. Not every game is perfect, even the ones we pay the most for. They do the best they can and we should accept it for what it is, a free to play game. Remember Assassins Creed Unity at launch? Or maybe skyrim, when it was unplayable after a reaching a certain level before they patched it. These are huge studios with big issues, DE is half the size and when we get an update its not perfect, but damn close. So be happy. Has for the changes, not everyone is going to like them, but you can't please everyone. Its going to change, its going to evolve. That's how it works, especially with a game that's always live. Offer ideas, constructive criticism, don't hate on the dev's for doing what they think is best. Warframe is still a work in progress. And for those that still think its pay to win, download Blacklight and see what its really like. Stop nagging or stop playing. Plain and simple. Every time we get an update its the same thing. I'm happy with this game, if your not, then bye bye.

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  7. Stuff that requires little effort, YAY! Double credits? Ill like that stacked up with my booster! :) I don't know what All the complaining is about. Forma, you can always use one of those, potatoes, yes please. PC gets new stuff, we have to wait for it, so we get something to snack on till we get our kittys. By then PC will have the war within. Its all fair. So be happy. And yes I know you PC players get bugs and stuff, but your the first to get new stuff everytime, even stuff we can't get, ever. As for that guy that said "DE messed up bad," really? Its easy stuff, to get more stuff you'll use down the road. And you know you will. Plat for weaponry we can get for free? Uh the market is covered in it, so what's the difference? Its just cheaper. Sometimes is rather buy something then farm for it, as do a lot of people. Just be glad this game is free, and almost everything in this game is free, notice I said almost. So enjoy, be happy, and rage quit over those nullifiers. 

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