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  1. (PS4)Cypher_0

    Eprime not spawning enemies [Investigating]

    This has been a problem for a long time now
  2. (PS4)Cypher_0

    Unable to switch back to operator during Eidolon hunts

    There's a reason we collectively call it Glitchframe. Or, I like Warbug, personally 😉
  3. (PS4)Cypher_0

    Umbra being killed whilst in operator sends you to space

    Whoa. Sounds very similar to the PoE glitch where you can walk on top of the map in certain conditions.
  4. (PS4)Cypher_0

    January 15 2019 warframe mission bug ps4

  5. (PS4)Cypher_0

    Specters not behaving as they should

    I've noticed that most times you go into a mission, specifically the Kuva Survival on Tavueni, that your Specters won't behave as they should and seem to vanish until you get to Extraction, in particular the Shield Ospreys and the Sanguine Eximus specters, everything else thrown out behaves as they should but I'm getting tired of constantly having to deploy a new Osprey or Sanguine specter because the 1st or 15th I throw out does not follow you. They just....... Vanish when you move to the next oxygen pod. It's a waste of time and resources to build them if they are just not doing what their intended purpose is and I've actually deleted the game for a break because of this constant bugging out of them. It's sickening that we keep getting 'new' stuff but no bug fixes. Speaking of disappearing stuff, fix the Inventory glitch that deletes items randomly. That should never have been allowed to get as bad as it is and has needed addressing for years.
  6. (PS4)Cypher_0

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    love seeing that theirs a patch note for fixing the kubrows imprints but yet there still remains a black out line around the damned thing well done d.e yet again #*!%ing up more or nothing at all.
  7. (PS4)Cypher_0

    TennoCon 2017: New Announcements!

    You guys put have more effort into this than you apparently have fixing the game.......................
  8. (PS4)Cypher_0

    Hallowed Guardian (18.8.2) [+hotfixes]

    Colour has messed up making Kubrow imprints very dark, nigh on impossible to see unless you up brightness which makes everything else too bright
  9. (PS4)Cypher_0

    PS4 Server Hardware Upgrade!

    It's been longer than that, going on 8 or 10 hours since I got booted out of Pavlov with 2 undetected data captures. Really tired of this kind of crap happening, what with all the plat monet DE make, what is it something like 10 million US a day it gets? 3rd or 4th highest 'earning' game out there......... -_-
  10. (PS4)Cypher_0

    PS4 Server Hardware Upgrade!

    Agreed, my boosters are counting down, yet I can't log on all day now