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  1. Yes, since that exact wording isn't used with almost every other Captcha in existence.
  2. It is the weapon of the sentinel known as Djinn
  3. DE said in Devstream 79 (or somewhere around there) that Excalibur Umbra would be coming in the next big updated after The War Within. So it's likely that he'll be coming in Update 20; whenever that'll be (likely a year or so. Either way we are quite a way's away from getting our hands on Umbra)
  4. The big problem with a NG+ mode would be when they release a new frame into the game. Good luck trying to level up that frame against level 80+ enemies. Even being able to throw mods on up to 22/44 (assuming you're at that MR) it'll be a slow grind until base health and shields are enough to take more than a few hits. That and even after 700+ hours in the game I would never do a NG+ reset. That permanent difficulty boost is unwanted and honestly unnecessary, as it'd just make certain task (i.e resource grinding, relic farming, etc) needlessly more painful. Honestly I'd rather just see them add
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