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  1. So I know I'm a bit very late to this party but I've kinnda been wanting to get my hands on one of the John Prodman posters for my landing craft. However, the only way to get one is to go an hour in the index. Anybody have any good frames and weapons (and builds) that would be good enough to go an hour solo? Every guide that I've found is ~2 years old. Asking for Solo in case I want to do more runs later on (for multiple posters)
  2. Not OP but I want to ask as I'll be getting my Hemlith system tonight. Do you know if there a timer, cool down or rotation-esc thing before certain resources will give him more of a % boost again? I.e. If I start off by feeding him, lets say 20 Orokin Cells, then a number of things like Nano Spores, Neurodes, Rubedo, salvage, would he be 'hungry' for Orokin cells again and give a higher % boost than if I gave them to him immediately? Or is it too early to really say/know the system that well?
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