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  1. Ugh yeah that always really got me! DE's all like "Hey go ahead and use Archwings in combat on open worlds if you like but also we're gonna strongly discourage you from doing that! Have fun!" At least make the rockets take 5 hits and not just 1, jeez...
  2. I didn't even think about all that, wow! Good point! Yeah it's sad the extent to which DE overlooks things... like for example, to this day, there's still hardly any reason to loot lockers and crates cause the loot still isn't worth the time...
  3. Sad to say I think you're exactly right on every point you've made here... 😢 ...I hope DE eventually realizes that there's no point to make such heavy-handed development decisions for a game that they themselves don't even play very much, and I hope they realize that when they make us happy it'll make them happier too!
  4. Nah soon you'll be glad you only started playing recently because those good feels will wear off SO quick as you continue playing, then you'll realize the saddening status quo of this game.
  5. <Insert obscure problem that only I and 3 other people care about> sTiLl IsN't FiXeD aNd YoU bEtTeR fIx It RiGhT nOw Or I'lL hAtE yOu FoReVeR! But for real, yeah what you did with Nights of Naberus was a lazy move and then you knee-capped it by removing forma from the rewards. Plague Star was already lazy, boring and tiring enough.
  6. Oh my God I'm so dumb... how did I completely forget that? Thank you! Then the only logical reason is no longer a factor, even better! I will edit accordingly.
  7. I definitely agree with you on the first part, but I'd take it a step even further in our favor. I personally don't think the Umbral Forma should be seen as so precious and powerful that it has to be made so difficult to obtain. I mean, it does make a good difference for sure, but not one that I think justifies the ridiculous grind for it and laughably low frequency of opportunities to obtain it (only once for each Nightwave session, each of which take months to end?!). I feel like this should be no harder to get than an Aura Forma, but that's just me. Especially since DE will be r
  8. I didn't expect to have to create a thread for this, but here we go. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. (tl;dr We can't use our Archwing and our Archgun at the same time on open worlds like Cambion Drift, and it just makes no sense. This defies logic and intuition so and I'm calling for this to be changed.) Ok, so you got your Archwing. You can go to open worlds now. You did all that painful grinding to be able to get Gravimags for your Archguns. "Wow DE, thanks for giving us the ability to use our Archguns on the ground now, as a Heavy Weapon! That's awesome!
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