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  1. I dont know if DE already think of this or if it possible to be implemented in the first place, but here's the concept. I believe it would be cool, if one combo can traverse to another. For example- lets say we have two combos(A,B) with 4 moves on each. Then you start combo A, make 2 hits, then switch to B and make 2 last attacks from that combo. Or what about 4 combos 4 hits each, and making 1 attack from every one of them and make ULTIMATE COMBO WOMBO?😃 This will bring a lot of diversity in melee.
  2. If you search for enemies in codex, you will find, like, dozens of grineer and corpus units. And not just reskins, there are lot uniq types, and these factions constantly growing. But what about little infested fellas? They have only near, what, 10 guys in their swarm? And, to be honest, the visual of them is kinda old. So, that said, my question is: Are you planning adding new units to Infested, or even complete redesign, so they dont look outdated, as the do now. Make us whole pls 😪
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