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  1. Archmelee tracking still does not work on some weapons, including at least the Centaur, possibly others.
  2. Kavat energy colors are still broken. They've been broken ever since the dual-channel energy color update. This seems to happen most often when playing as a client, although it sometimes occurs on the orbiter as well. The proper energy color appears mixed with a purple that seems to be some sort of placeholder color. This has been bugged for months and months now, seemingly still unacknowledged. On the left is how it should look, and on the right is how it looks with the bug:
  3. In-game button prompts are still broken. If you change keybinds, the prompts are wrong. I have rebound interact to F and chat to Enter, so in the image here, the "X" should be displaying "F", and the "T" should be displaying "Enter", but instead they continue to show the default buttons. Further investigation reveals that they are in fact showing the lunaro keybinds (changing the lunaro keybinds for chat and interact make these prompts update, even outside lunaro).
  4. I would be interested to hear a little about internal QA (by dedicated people or even just as hoc testing by devs themselves) in general, and maybe about the Old Blood in particular. It seems like lately there have been not just a lot of bugs, but a lot of bugs in systems that would have become apparent with a single test - things that were not corner cases, but systems that simply didn't work (to DE's credit, usually fixed faster than any software company I know). I don't know how to ask this without it seeming accusatory, but I'm legitimately curious because I've been playing for years and things seem qualitatively different than they have in the past in this respect. I'm wondering if there's anything behind the scenes that might offer some insight into this - is this something the team is noticing, is it a product of some other things going on behind the scenes?
  5. Kavat emissive colors are still bugged. My kavat's emissive should be green, but they're randomly mixed with a weird purple color that looks like a placeholder about half the time (seemingly at random). It's been this way ever since dual emissives went in. It's been months and months. A lot of us put in a lot of time to breed a kavat we liked, invested a ton of forma into them - many people even paid Platinum - and it's really disappointing that there is just never even any acknowledgement whatsoever that the bug has even been noticed. I've seen it reported over and over again, unfixed and totally ignored.
  6. Using Itzel and Agkuza and the fix doesn't seem to have worked. My archmelee attacks don't lock on or track like they used to.
  7. Overall, I really, really like the new system. The new combos feel great. It's a breath of fresh air. So many stances feel so much better to use, and even for stances I already used a lot, I'm realizing how great some of their other combos are - combos that I never used before because they were too annoying to input. I think that the general concept of the combo inputs makes sense. The intelligent auto-targeting is something I didn't know I wanted. But it turns out I really wanted it. The range changes more than probably anything else have made so many more weapons viable. Adding more range to so many weapons was great, and making the mods fixed values instead of percentages was perfect: now instead of making the best weapons better, it still improves them, but improves the shorter ranged weapons even more to help close the gap. I do think that it would probably feel better to veteran players if the ranges were 2m for Reach and 4m for Primed Reach though - that doesn't seem excessive, would put many weapons at closer to the ranges they had before (so it wouldn't feel like a nerf like it does now), and it would also mean that Reach is a better early boost to melee for newer players. The change to Condition Overload is downright bad. Conditions are not good enough to compete with crit weapons. You know what's a better condition than viral, heat, or any other condition? Death. Crit weapons are condition weapons that apply the condition Death. Condition overload needed to be nerfed, but it still needs to be competitive so condition weapons can compete with crit weapons. I do not like how Blood Rush works. I know it's kind of a sacred cow, like Maiming Strike was, but now it's even more essential than it already was. Maybe more importantly, it flies in the face of the changes to combo. If combo is no longer a multiplicative ramp-up, but rather a build-and-spend resource, then there shouldn't be a mod that makes your damage ramp up as your combo increases. This mod feels very out of place, like a holdover of the old system. It should be changed - perhaps to something more like Berserker. Don't just nerf it into unviability like Condition Overload. It doesn't need balancing, it needs a conceptual overhaul that fits the new system. The biggest thing: in general, I think that the change from multiplicative scaling via combo to build-and-spend is really healthy, and in terms of inputs it makes sense and feels good. But the problem is that heavy attacks are terrible. This is not a game where we fight small numbers of high-health enemies, which is what the current system would work well for. Heavy attacks should be huge AoE attacks (ideally AoE that scales in size with multiplier). Right now it never feels worth it to use them since it means losing Blood Rush benefits. Even without Blood Rush, it would still feel terrible - they're just extremely underwhelming. They feel like they were designed for an entirely different game. When fighting high level enemies, this feels especially bad: it feels like I lost the ability to clear waves of high level enemies and in return I was given the ability to do higher damage to singular targets - I lost something essential to Warframe's gameplay and gained an ability that is rarely needed in Warframe's gameplay. Most of the animations for the heavy attacks are also pretty lame compared to the rest of the stances - a lot of the flashiest stances have heavy attacks that are things like little basic chopping motions. Although the lack of flashy animations is less an issue than the feeling that they don't make sense in Warframe's gameplay. At this point I would rather we just have no animation at all and the heavy attack would just be a big damaging radial pulse of energy or something simple and uniform between the weapons like that - that would be better than the heavy attacks right now. The juggling ideas seem similar to the heavy attacks: conceptually really neat, but in practice extremely underwhelming and seemingly pointless. Virtually nothing survives long enough to be juggled. and anything that does survive that long, I would be better off on the ground. Why would I spend my combo to apply the Lift status to something and juggle it when I could just...kill it? If it's not already dead! I don't really know how this could be solved though without adding or changing enemies to actually give you enemies there's some reason to do this to. Maybe a mod could give me damage reduction while performing aerial hits? I'm still not sure I would use it, and that's coming from a person who loves this idea and loves games with launcher and juggling systems similar to this one. It would also be nice to see the ranged-melee exalted weapons better integrated into the system. Gunblades give combo on bullet hits, so why doesn't Baruuk's Serene Storm give combo on ranged hits? This would be a perfect opportunity (especially combined with better heavy attacks) to make Serene Storm less of a red-headed step-child among exalted weapons. So, to summarize things I would like to see: Find a better middle ground with Condition Overload so status weapons can compete with crit weapons. Change Blood Rush so it doesn't feel like a holdover of the old combo system. Make heavy attacks worth using. Potentially, make them an AoE that scales in area with combo. Maybe try to figure out a point to Lift status and aerial attacks, and/or a way for them to function in a game where enemies have horde shooter health values and not a beat-em-up health values. Put combo generation on the rest of the ranged-melee weapons, just like the gunblades and glaives. Particularly on Baruuk's Serene Storm. Maybe a small increase to range from Reach and Primed Reach, probably to 2m and 4m, which would put us near where we were before while also giving shorter weapons a buff. This one isn't a very big deal though - the current values aren't bad.
  8. 1. The hacking panels (especially the grineer one) don't seem to dim the rest of the screen as much as before, and it can be extremely hard to see them when anything else is going on behind them on the screen. 2. Kavat energy colors are still bugged. My kavat should have green energy, but instead has a weird mix of bright violet and green in missions when I'm not the host, and this also appears sometimes while changing colors and accessories in the orbiter. 3. On-screen button prompts are reading from the lunaro keybinds instead of the normal ones - so my on-screen interact key prompt for terminals says "X" even though I've rebound it to "F" (and the only way to fix this is to rebind it to "F" in the lunaro keybinds). 4. The longer duration Smeeta Charm buffs are not showing durations under their icon in the upper right.
  9. General mercy kill feedback: Mercy kills are extremely cool and the mods are really neat. I want to do them. But I do too much damage in most missions. It feels bad that being more effective means that I don't get to do the cool flashy move. Simply lowering the mercy threshold is a bad idea. It would feel weird for new players to mercy kill enemies at half health. The goal is to be able to mercy kill them instead of finishing them off by just shooting them again. If new players doing low damage could kill enemies with mercy at half health, that would not fit that goal. The problem is that when you're using high damage weapons, when you aren't just one-shotting enemies, you can't mercy kill them even though they'd die in the next split-second, so that doesn't fit the goal. Instead of only using a health threshold, it should use a health threshold plus some rough calculation based on the last shot or two that hit the enemy in the last, say, 500ms. Essentially, the metric would be (excluding the ability to one-shot enemies): would the player be able to kill the enemy in the next split-second? Destiny 2's near-identical new "finisher" system does something like this and it works extremely well. If you reduce an enemy to half health in just one or two shots, you can use a finisher on them even if their health is still relatively high (I think sometimes even above 50%).
  10. I have played around a fair amount with the system now and have a decent feel for the rate at which things happen, the gameplay loop, etc., and a couple of changes would radically improve the system without requiring massive, fundamental reworks or interfering with what's already here: The lich should rarely invade regular missions just like stalker or any other invasion. Probably they should have a higher chance of appearing in their domain, but a random chance anywhere. (They could show up with a couple of thralls too, like the Wolf, which would have a level appropriate to the lich rather than the mission.) Figuring out its requiem mod requirements should just be a game of Mastermind. It's halfway there already. Just tell us how many mods were right and how many of the ones that were right were in the correct position. This is what should appear on the card - some analog of mastermind black/white pegs instead of the current system where it just tells you left to right whether you have the right ones yet. (If you wanted to get fancy, maybe someday down the line, maybe use a slightly extended kill attempt animation sequence for this: we get in a hit for every mod in a correct position, the lich parries or blocks a hit for every mod that's in the sequence but in the wrong place, and then the lich kills us.) When you get a hint from thralls, you should just get a quick UI screen after the mission (like Riven pop-ups) where you can pick which slot to reveal and and it should tell you what's in that slot. This way it never tells you something you've already deduced. And the grind for murmurs is already long enough - it would be fine to tell you position too. Add a fourth requiem required if this feels like it goes by too fast with these changes In all other ways, it would work exactly like it currently does. They'd claim territory, steal things within it, etc. These changes would mean that you can fight them passively, changing up your parazon after each encounter and eventually deducing how to defeat them. They would add depth and variety to everything else in the game instead of being yet another bolted-on system that you have to drop everything to go do and that you get no gameplay out of when you're not purposefully interacting with it (which feels especially bad when the downsides apply outside the activity). They would show up organically like in Shadow of Mordor! There's a reason it's integrated that way into the game instead of bolted on as a separate activity like this! And they would be a lot more memorable too: right now they're not really significant foes that follow you around so much as randomly generated loot pinatas that last until you go break them open to get a gun inside. If they appeared passively, you'd encounter them more over a longer period of time, and build more of a player relationship with them. So you wouldn't have to drop everything to go hunt them down, but at the same time you could if you wanted to, and hunting thralls in their territory would still be a way to specifically target the liches and defeat them quicker because you'd get information faster: both from from any encounters with the lich and also from thrall murmurs. And when you hunted them down, they'd still scale the level of enemies in those missions just like they do now. So players who don't care as much about the system still occasionally interact with it. Players who want to target the system can do so. And, best of all, you'd get players inbetween: imagine a lich with annoying abilities and immunities that you grow to hate each time they invade and kill you, that is getting more troublesome each time, and eventually you just decide "you know what, their time has come, I'm dropping what I'm doing and I'm going to go hunt them down - they die tonight!". That's what you want out of a nemesis system. Some additional small changes I would make: It probably also shouldn't show you the gun you're going to get ahead of time. Getting a gun you don't want would be disappointing, but working towards a gun you already know you don't want sucks. Let us buy requiem relics with kuva. It wouldn't hurt to have more things to spend it on anyway. People would still be incentivized to do floods and siphons - in fact they'd be doubly incentivized because if they really wanted relics and not kuva itself, they could just spend the kuva they got on more relics. Palladino would be a great place to put this. Everyone should get an initial set of the mods. This would work well as a reward right after The War Within. Maybe after your first lich spawns, you get directed to Palladino, and she gives you an initial set and introduces the system (this is a complicated system and it seriously needs an in-game introduction). Reactions to the relic farm -> mod farm -> lich farm right now are really negative, but having spent more time with it, I think that the rate of consumption of the mods is actually pretty well-balanced, and the relic and mod farm really doesn't feel bad. It just feels terrible farming the entire initial set before you can get started (and to be frank it looks pretty bad when you sell an initial set of them to bypass this, especially when it comes only in a package with other stuff that increases the price). As a single bigger thing which I think would be too much work for tweaks, I think it was a real mistake to make this only start appearing after War Within. A big part of the charm of nemeses in Shadow of Mordor was that you saw them, especially your first one, grow alongside you. That's how you grew attachment to them. Kuva liches are not like that at all - they're just randomly generated loot pinatas that last as long as you don't go hunt them down to kill them. Given the work put into randomly generating them and how neat it is that they level up and all that, this seems like a real shame. What would have been really great would be seeing them introduced earlier and using them to hint at kuva and War Within. So at you hit level 20 missions in the star chart and during a grineer mission you awaken a kuva lich. You have no idea what's going on and what it is, and there's this cryptic cutscene that plays. And it's tantalizing! You really want to know what's going on! And he hounds you. He's an actual nemesis. He occasionally invades missions, but when you try to do a Mercy kill on him, it never works and he always kills you instead. Then you finish War Within, learn about kuva (which doesn't just come out of nowhere since you've seen it and its effects via the lich), and someone (probably Palladino) hands you the requiem mods and explains to you how to actually kill the lich. Not integrating it like this feels like a huge missed opportunity.
  11. 1. Every melee attack untoggles toggle Sprint. This feels awful. 2. The Display UI is extremely buggy. Toggling the presets in particular makes random things get greyed out incorrectly, and after setting a number of things and restarting, the settings were completely different than when I saved and exited. 2. The UI is reading button prompts from Lunaro. I have chat set to Enter, but the lower left of the screen still shows "T". Similarly, my interact key is bound to F, but all the prompts say "X". Changing the bindings in the lunaro bindings makes the prompts correct (including outside lunaro).
  12. Button prompts like the interact button when near consoles or the chat button that is usually present in the lower left do not display the correct buttons from regular keybinds. Instead, they display the buttons from the lunaro keybinds for some reason. So if I change my chat keybind to Enter, I still see "T" in the lower left corner (in all game modes). But if I change the lunaro keybind for chat, I see "Enter" (even when not in lunaro).
  13. I thought about this when I was making the mockup. I agree with you thematically, but unfortunately I don't think it would be a good idea for the UI. The problem is that it makes it too difficult to understand the size of the buffs. If it went to 100% normally, then 115% or whatever with Redline, what should the tooltips say for the buff sizes? Does that mean that Kinetic Plating says "35%-85%", but it really goes to 100% when you have Redline on? Or does it mean that Kinetic Plating says "35%-100%" even though you don't actually get 100% when the battery is at 100%, only when it's boosted with Redline. Also, I'm not totally sure that it makes sense thematically either. The redline in your car is past the maximum safe limit, but it isn't the actual maximum RPM (otherwise going past the redline would be impossible - you can't go past the max). So it makes sense if you think "80% of the maximum is the safe limit".
  14. I've played Gauss for a few dozen hours now, including in sorties every day, arbitrations, ESO, two long kuva survivals, and a smattering of other things. I've also seen a lot of the response to him. I think the problems that need addressing are primarily UI related. Redline is fantastic. The buffs are gigantic, it's trivially easy to sustain with a little efficiency since it makes Mach Rush so cheap, and it promotes a fun, unique, fast-paced playstyle that matches the frame perfectly. A huge proportion of people misunderstand Redline because they see that percentage next to the meter that appears when you activate Redline and (quite reasonably) think that's the focus of Redline. The fact that it's so easy to hit "100%" with default Redline duration is further reinforcing the idea that the main goal of Redline is to get that percentage to "100%". People think that adding Duration is a negative because it makes it harder to get to "100%". The ability descriptions for Gauss are incomplete even by Warframe's usually low tooltip standards. The number of people who know about the melee damage bonus from Kinetic Plating is probably in the dozens. The numbers are all absolutely fine. Everything works great. One of the best-balanced warframe releases in recent memory. The UI for Redline needs changes. Here is an example of how it might be made more intuitive: With Redline off, there's a percentage next to the meter which simply tells you how full the meter is (and thus how strong your buffs are): When you turn Redline on, the battery meter gets uncapped just like it does right now, and it also gets a second outer meter that fills as you keep the meter above the red line (replacing the current UI's "percentage" display). This means that the percentage displayed over the battery meter is still just telling you how full the battery is - this prevents confusion about which of the meters/percentages matters for your buffs and damage reduction: When you're at 100% battery power, but have only been over the red line for a few seconds, it's a lot more obvious that you're still getting full buff power: When you've had your battery over the red line long enough to fill the outer meter (corresponding to the current UI's "100%"), neither meter goes down for the rest of the duration of Redline. This makes it obvious that this is the reward for filling the outer meter, while still remaining clear that the thing that governs buff strength is the inner meter because that's the thing the percentage above the meter was telling you even when Redline was off: Something like this would go a very long way to helping people to understand Redline. Right now, it's clearly confusing: because the top of the meter unlocks and a different percentage appears at the same time, people aren't clear on which one they're supposed to be filling, leading them to think that it's "too hard" to get to "100%" even though getting to "100%" isn't actually very important - it's a little bonus for playing actively, not the main goal. Some other, smaller things: Mach Rush should probably just do the same thing when you rush through enemies as it does in the AoE when you wall slam (including Kinetic Plating's additional effect). It's awkward that, at least at lower levels, it so clearly rewards a playstyle of purposefully slamming into walls over and over. Making the effects the same would also make the ability easier to understand. It would be nice if Kinetic Plating absorbed other damage types, maybe to a lesser degree without giving energy back. As it stands, there are certain situations where you just shouldn't bring Gauss, like sorties with the wrong elemental enhancement. Similar frames don't really have this problem. It's thematic and it's cool that we have to pay a little more attention, but I think a middle ground might be better. Kinetic Plating effect looks very, very cool when it absorbs hits. The passive visual effect with the faint orb clipping through Gauss looks pretty silly though. Thermal Sunder's AoE rings seem unnecessarily complicated for an ability that is already absurdly complicated. Why do they do this fancy shrinking thing? The way they combine is also confusing - since they have a duration, it's not clear when you look at them whether dropping a cold ring onto a heat causes an instantaneous blast or creates an AoE that will blast anything that steps into both rings.
  15. Watched for an hour, no drop. Never had an issue before - I even got a drop yesterday from Prime Time.
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