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  1. The Helminth system is such a good idea. I was more excited for the Helminth system than any update to the game that I can remember. I was looking forward to it ever since it was announced, playing more than I have in a long time, thinking about what I wanted to do with it, watching videos, etc. I still think the basic idea is great, even if some of the ability choices were kind of iffy and pointless. But the way it's set up has very rapidly sapped my interest in this update. First the pre-emptive nerfs to some of the most attractive abilities, which still feel pointless when the ner
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Atmospheric archwing's Move Down control no longer works if it's bound to the same key as Hold to Crouch (even though Hold to Crouch doesn't do anything when in atmospheric archwing). REPRODUCTION: Bind both atmospheric Archwing Move Down to Space and Hold to Crouch to Space, go into the Cambion Drift, deploy the Archwing Launcher, and observe that Archwing Move Down doesn't work. EXPECTED RESULT: Archwing Move Down should work, even when bound to the same key as Hold to Crouch. OBSERVED RESULT: Hold to Crouch prevents Archwing Move Down if bo
  3. The new quest is much better than the old one. It feels much more exciting, follows well from the intro cinematic, introduces the basic mechanics quickly and effectively, and even has some nice small hints about later things like Vor's mention of the Twin Queens and "divine blood". Some small things: The lander blowing up was neat, but running into another lander that is your "old lander" a few minutes later feels strange and maybe even slightly confusing. I think it would help enormously if the first lander that was blown up had a different skin on it to make it look more distincti
  4. TYPE: In-Game UI Regression Bug DESCRIPTION: Some of the UI is reading Lunaro keybinds again. This was fixed a while back, but seems to have broken again. For example, it's reading the Lunaro keybind for Chat rather than the main keybind, so my chat window says "T" rather than "Enter", which is what I have Chat bound to. If I change the chat keybind in the Lunaro keybinds, it changes the button prompt on the chat window (even though I am not in Lunaro). This may affect more than the chat button prompt, although it is not affecting the Use button prompt on Orbiter consoles, which the old
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The button prompts in the initial mission do not respect Options settings. The Jump button prompt is reading the Lunaro bindings instead of the regular bindings (why does this problem keep cropping up with UI reading the Lunaro bindings?!). The jump prompt was for Space even though I have jump bound to Shift. Changing the binding in the Lunaro key bindings changed the displayed button prompt. The Melee button prompt does not seem to respect "Melee with Fire Weapon Input" option. The Sprint button prompt seems to be unreliable. The first time I
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Was hunting for Avichaea, and found the nest inside the Cerebrum Magna structure. I used the lure, and the avichaea spawned stationary, deep inside the ceiling, unreachable. VISUAL: The avichaea is highlighted by the tranq rifle directly under my cursor. REPRODUCTION: Use a lure at an avichaea nest inside the Cerebrum Magna structure. EXPECTED RESULT: Either avichaea nests should not spawn inside this location, or the avichaea they produce should spawn inside the structure or just outside the entrance. OBSERVED RESULT: The avichaea spawne
  7. Cambion Drift is definitely my favorite open-world area. It's just the right size, the art is fantastic, I love the little extra touches like the little mini-event shrines, and for the most part the enemies look and feel like some of the best new additions we've gotten in a long time. I think the token system is actually pretty fun, although it maybe needs some fine-tuning - I like that it adds some variety to the turn-ins, pushes me to maybe go hunt for a specific resource for a few minutes to finish off a valuable turn-in I have everything else for, and means that I don't feel like I'm wasti
  8. You'd still have all the archwing missions, Empyrean, PoE, and Orb Vallis. It would be totally fine if we didn't have them in Deimos.
  9. The changes are really nice, but I still see very little reason to ever use k-drives. They're still extremely slow and clunky compared to archwings, which are available even to relatively new players. The fact that they can be used underground might hypothetically be useful, but the caverns are so cluttered and it's so easy to bonk yourself off a k-drive (even with a fully ranked mod) that I would never dream of using it to get around, even with weapons. And velocipods, while a really neat idea and wonderfully animated, seem doubly pointless when k-drives are easy to acquire. I suppo
  10. A while back, endless missions were changed so that individual players could leave (by going to the exit in survival and extraction). This solved the problem of players who wanted to leave being held hostage by those who didn't, or players who didn't want to leave being kicked out by a pair of players who did. The new Endless bounties do not have this feature, but they really should!
  11. I have the Sungem railjack skin on, but when I look up out of the skylight from the main room of the orbiter, I see the default railjack skin - the colors are correct, but the skin is not. I tried toggling the Sungem railjack skin off and back on, and that didn't fix it. I am using the experimental rendering.
  12. It is not "indisputable best performance". That isn't just disputable, it's flat-out wrong. It has absolutely no more power as a stat stick than any other melee weapons. Many melee weapons are significantly better, like Mire or the Venka Prime. This nerf already feels terrible as a player who made the mistake of investing time into the Xoris, but it's borderline insulting when the stated rationale is essentially gaslighting the players. It isn't strangling player choice. It does not outcompete any other stat stick during active play. If it is overrepresented, which is not the same thing a
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