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  1. After ramping up the cursor sensitivity navigating the menus feels much faster and fluid that the old UI. Using the cursor in conjunction with the right stick... I am now zipping through menus the arsenal and the foundry much faster than I used to. Its not perfect though... Modding doesn't feel very intuitive with the drag and drop on the controller. Might take some getting used to but it definitely feels weird. The other gripe I have is the fly out options in the arsenal for equip, upgrade, and customize either need to be bigger or have their button shortcuts put back. The virtual cursor is not as precise as a mouse and it can be a little bit of a pain to hover right over the exact option you want to grab in a quick fluid motion. This can also be said for the matchmaking options. They are a little tight for cursor navigation as it is. Also, on the same note can you guys make the Foundry tabs a little bigger as well.. its nice being able to to point and click on the tab I want instead of having to toggle the LB and RB buttons... but it would be much easier if they were a hair bigger or at least spaced a little differently. I'm overall pleased with the change. Hope to see you guys make it better.
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