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  1. I like rework. I don't like current 3. It's useless. I said it and why I think so in rework topic. (Spoiler: I don't want old Defy back.)
  2. Looks like Wukong deluxe looks not like it should... So... Gauss have an ability to become immune to most damage and it restores his energy... Looks like you took Defy away from Wukong, put the Rage mod inside and gave it to Gauss. Why for 1 frame it is OP and for another it's ok?
  3. So - maybe that's why I said that it is a brainless path? And we will have same 5 slots for mods out of 8. I'm talking just about base damage and multishot mods. As for second part. Hmmm. You need to vary your elements right now, don't you?
  4. So, due to rework Wukong became my most-used warframe after the long state "MR-only" (cuz of slow and boring gameplay). And after playing him a bit I can say: Passive. I'd personally prefer previos variant or more constancy in current. (Maybe - a way to recharge this passive and remove buffs from it in that case. Like Nidus can do this. Or make buffs more constant if not.) But I understand that someone like it current state and I for me passive is more a usefull feature rather than something critical. Celestial Twin. I like it, much better than Iron Jab. It's fun to have your bro with you. And he is very useful for low-mid lvl, when our buddy can stay alive. Also he can be a little pocket Rhino with Celestial Stomp augment. Actualy he's good enough with melee or a bow, for example. AI need to be much better, but since it's an overal problem (despite he has own AI) - can't blame him for that. Cloud Walker. Perfect. It's fast, heals, ignore lasers, stuns enemies. Even with so little duration it's incredible better and more usefull than before. As for augment - useless unless the ability would be able to catch and heal allies as it can with a twin. Defy. Almost useless. The only useful thing here - invulnerability phase. That's all. Because when you're facing low-mid lvl enemies you don't need this 1.5k armor buff. Just use your 2 when needed. When you're facing realy high lvl enemies - 1.5k armor won't save you. Damage? Use something else - it would be faster. So - invulnerability phase is good, anything else - nope. IMO - should be changed. Remove armor cap, or let it restore energy instead, or make Restraint-like resourse for Primal Fury and let it fills it, or let it give you damage buff, or let it restore passive charges, or something else, that would be really usefull. And I'm not asking for revert changes and get old Defy back. I'm asking for making this Defy better. Primal Fury. Good changes. Slash is nice. Actualy - I'd prefer evenly IPS. Where to get Puncture? First: You actualy can pierce something with a stick. Second: It's an freaking energy staff made from the void energy, why not? How did Valkyr makes Impact damage with CLAWS? But It's only my opinion. Energy drain is horrible. You have 5 enegry drain per second with 180 (195) energy pool. Should be much less. Excal have 2.5 ED with 150 (225) EP. (Don't take Valkyr, since she has another mechanics in ED with her 4). Or shoud be with Defy-replenishable Restraint-like meter. Augment is ok. Keep testing my new buddy, taken from the old dusty shelf.
  5. At the very least, we can hope that something is happening with this, something is being done, and this issue is not at a dead end.
  6. I'm actually already confused with the state of this rework. Searching gives so different results. It's in work, It's not prioritised, it's moded with Primed Soon and etc. But, thanks for your reply. I'm not involved in twitter so much, maybe cuz it's not so popular in Russia.
  7. So. Besides "What Is Dead May Never Die" we need to get new damage system. DE constantly drops new mods in game now. But, can we use them? Or - better say will we? Let's take for example our secondaries. How many builds do you have without Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent? Let me guess... 2-3? Pox? Zakti? Hikou Prime? Maybe few more fully assembled for pure utility. How often you're using for example Sure Shot, Perpetual Agony, Hawk Eye? (If you don't know - this mods also exists and pretty sure that you have them in you're inventory...) Or, maybe Ammo Mutation? Never - I guessed? Why? Because we almost everytime have only 5 open slot's out of 8. Cuz first 3 are mandatory for almost every build. Someone can say, that elemental or base damage mods are mandatory too. But. Here we have options. You can go for 90%, or 60/60%, you can chose 4 of the last or 2*90%+2*60/60%. You can go for crit, or status, or raw damage, or hybrid. Take Magnum Force, or Augur Pact, or maybe better to go for reload speed (rarely, but could) or fire rate instead. Will you sacrifice base damage mod (no, chroma-mains, say nothing here, you're the only) or multishot for something? I don't think so... And the same story with primary weapons. Serration (or 25% sprint speed) + Split Chamber, Point Blank (Primed) + Hell's Chamber. Is there anything besides Sarpa and daggers you're using without Pressure Point (Primed/Sacrificial)? Why we always should have less, than 8 slots for mods? Why for example we can't put endo and credit's directly in weapons for get our base damage bonus? (just an example of challenging way) Or just up all weapons base damage to that point of mods bonus and remove them (most easy brainless way). Same with multishot. Why can't it grown up with polarisation, for example up to a certain limit. And, finnaly add please "Status chance befor multishot/per pellet" in UI. I definitely sure - we need this rework for the long-long time ago... UPD: "If I'll have 8 free slots - I'll put all my 90%+60/60% damage mod's." - So, let only 4 elemental mods would be alowed. P.S. Sorry for horrible english.
  8. Same on PC. UPD. Not shure, but looks like DE fixed it with one of the latest patches.
  9. So... Naramon school is broken? Combo counter drops to zero almost immediately...
  10. Now It's almost impossible to see second energy color on Revenant, that was gorgeous before. Something is definitely broken... 😫
  11. 100 runs and no mask... You gave me the hope...
  12. R.I.P. sparring weapons. I'm not a fast fist ninja anymore. I'm a shty midnight dancer now, trying to kill everyone with my slow mo brakedance... You definitely should do something with sparring stances....Boxing, karate, taekwondo, muay thai etc. There's a lot of martial arts. But not that dancing, that no one would use in a fight.
  13. Maybe I'm stupid, but does the current end date mean, that I still will be able to get to lvl 30 if I'm currently at lvl 20?
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