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  1. This one has a good battle scene. Well done. I like the point that you captured a corpus loosing his helmet ^^ But how do you spawn so many charakters? I can only use 3 at a time. you got 4. Or is the drone next to you a specter?
  2. Pls sculp me a Figure of my Frost 😄 Tryied my best to get some nice camera movements. Have seen some nice entrys so far. Sadly my mouse keeps getting bugged while in "advanced Camera mode". I can't use my mouse then and the curser keeps moving to the corner all the time. I had to cancel my whole captura video making 3 times (like 2 hours) before i could finish without getting my mouse bugged again. In the end i could not finish the last work i wanted to try out because it drove me to insanity that i always had to close my unfinished product. Maybe someone had the same probleme and found a solution worth sharing.
  3. Hey i need help. To make the Camera move and rotate is kind of fun but i cant find any button that says record my camera movement. How can I save my work as a video on my computer? Or do i need to use an external screen recording tool? Would be grateful for any answers.
  4. This Contest was realy fun. Lost myself in playing around with all those ideas i got. Sadly i lack skill in phptoshop to get all my ideas down. So here is my entry. It is Grineer themed. They are the Enemies i slay most and someday they will come and masacre my whole ship for revenge of their 300.000 dead comrades. https://imgur.com/LjttogQ Klick this link to take a look on some more and some wallpapers from Captura as well 🙂 https://imgur.com/a/ePMeN1A
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