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  1. I never used explosive weapons. Except for Tonkor when you could troll bounce people. Outside of that they were never interesting to me. Regardless people are completely idiotic to think it will ever be reverted lol. I agree Amp self styagger is stupid and the Shedu having it as well is annoying but I am also not dumb enough to think they will rever the changes of a major update. People need to pull their heads out of their ass if they think that will ever happen lol.
  2. Lol are people really dumb enough to be asking the full reversion of self damage changes? Seriously lol, get real kids. That major of a update thats enjoyed by the overwhelming majority is never gonna be rolled back no matter how much you kick scream and cry.
  3. Enemies health is halved, larger vacuum, and void holes pull will be stronger. It's still gonna be the most used and effective mod by far. If the pull rate is made stronger honestly it'd be better imo. Sometimes it takes forever to pull enemies in even if you loop around them to slow their speed by making them turn.
  4. Hotfix:"Aviator reduced to 20%" Us:"Oh you skank..."
  5. Guys, these nerfs come regularly. Stop acting surprised. Of course they suck but seriously knock it off with the shock and anger lol. Just stick with the anger part, the shock just makes you look newer than majority of you are.
  6. Not at all. They will always be a good amount of extra stats you cant get any other way. You just wont always have 300% crit/ or damage on them.
  7. I mean no disrespect but I feel you are smart enough to know a entire weapon rebalance every 90 days is a pretty outrageous idea especially when the system to adjust dispositions is already in place. I get it, I have alot of rivens I spent a huge amount of time farming Kuva for, and some I spent a ludicrous amount of plat on. At this point though people should not be upset every single time a disposition change happens. We know its coming and we should really remember that everytime we buy a riven. And I know that you are aware of the absolutely massive laundry list of stuff DE needs to fix. You would rather they take time away from trying to duct tape their game back together and have them do a weapon rebalance every 90days when they already cant keep up with what they have? You are smarter than this Voltage.
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