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  1. StonerJR - LOL...didnt you read: "We are aiming to send a build to Cert" They evidently weren't aiming before now. Unfortunately we still have no idea when tho. Not even the word "soon". In the past there is usually an update/patch around Valentine's day. But thats only 3 weeks away so...... The excuse, "Sorry, we took a vacation." is so lame its painful. Maybe the people paying the paychecks will rethink that idea for the future. Like spreading out the vacation schedules so they dont alienate the entire console player base. Just an idea that most successful companies use. Maybe that cross save function with the new xbox will help. Oh wait, I guess they rolling back that idea as well. So.....ya. Nice to see Microsoft moving into the future, disappointing that Devs are not willing to pony up for the next wave of gaming. But boy-o-boy do those ludacris graphics look good with that spicy new engine they got last year....when it isn't frozen or trying to find crewships hiding 30000000000 meters away in the dark, or running my face into every door for 6 straight years. Ya, the doors are still a problem..and worse on RJ.
  2. I'm located in the USA. I have both a PC and Xbox account. I am able to login on both...however, the Trading/Recruiting/Region chats are all frozen. Frozen for over an hour now. Same thing happened to me last night. I've logged/relogged numerous times, cleared the caches on xbox game manager several times. When I re-login the chats work for about 3 minutes then freeze again until I log out. Squad chat is also broken...cant see any squad names and not receiving any messages. Tested w a friend thru xbox live chat, which worked fine. In game messaging completely broke. Not even a spinning circle..just blank. Clan and Alliance chats; I can see names but cant click on anyone's name to pm. I've restarted my router/PC/Xbox multiple times. Tested speedtest.net THE PROBLEM IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ON MY SIDE! Missions seem to work and randoms do join me, however, when i choose "last mission results" all I see are credits...no other rewards. Maybe we need to rollback to Update 26..scrap 27+ all together and start over?!?!?!?! Also, all other Steam games AND Xbox games work just fine for me.
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