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  1. @NightmareT12 For sure... My brain just went somewhere else thinking about possible looks for our old bois. But yeah, for sure, these minor issues with Excalibur should be the priority. I tend to overthink everything and end up spewing out some far out idea or something when it's not really that relevant... Sometimes it helps, most the time it doesn't lol
  2. Let's be honest here... DE should make an entire new model for Excalibur Prime. They started off making Primes with just making some minor changes to the default model with some gold bits, a recolor and a different helmet. Nowadays, the Primes are COMPLETELY different from the original Warframe, but keep the same theme *I'm specifically talking about Banshee Prime and on*. Same goes for lots of the other original Primes. Frost Prime, Ember Prime, Mag Prime, Rhino Prime, just to name a few, are EXACTLY the same, but just have some texture difference, a different helmet, and some gold
  3. Nah man, I honestly hope they never re release Excalibur Prime. You founders helped make the game it is today 😉 You guys just for once need some love lol
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