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  1. Ignoring the fact the the Drones are still annoying, thanks for the changes. But I must ask, are some of these Arcanes and Mods necessary? They honestly only look good for very specific builds.
  2. Still super disappointed about the medallions not being usable in the Conclave. I honestly understand where you guys are coming from, you don't want people progressing through it without actually playing it. But here's the problem... I, along with many others, can't even find a game! So how am I supposed to grind through Conclave if I can't even play it? You guys need to add some other way to get Conclave Standing.... It's not under my control if I get to play it or not. Some days I get lucky, but even then, it's filled with people that somehow stand the Conclave matchmaking and are typically extremely better than me... OR it has those new players who don't even have an idea about what they just got themselves into.
  3. Well there goes my only reason to play Wukong. Once ugly, always ugly I guess. EDIT: The... Change to Banshee's deluxe skin has also made her skirt bump out a lot more than before. It just feels off now. And it seems to have a large crease on the upper parts of it with some animation sets. I'm glad you guys finally fixed the issue but you made more problems than there was before. So two deluxe skins I bought that look crap now... Amazing update.
  4. Well I was hoping Ember would get some sort of love... Guess not.
  5. . How to kill an Amalgam Kucumatz... By yours truly.
  6. @NightmareT12 For sure... My brain just went somewhere else thinking about possible looks for our old bois. But yeah, for sure, these minor issues with Excalibur should be the priority. I tend to overthink everything and end up spewing out some far out idea or something when it's not really that relevant... Sometimes it helps, most the time it doesn't lol
  7. Let's be honest here... DE should make an entire new model for Excalibur Prime. They started off making Primes with just making some minor changes to the default model with some gold bits, a recolor and a different helmet. Nowadays, the Primes are COMPLETELY different from the original Warframe, but keep the same theme *I'm specifically talking about Banshee Prime and on*. Same goes for lots of the other original Primes. Frost Prime, Ember Prime, Mag Prime, Rhino Prime, just to name a few, are EXACTLY the same, but just have some texture difference, a different helmet, and some gold bits. I get this would take up a lot of time, but how awesome would it be if some (if not all) of these older Primes got a brand new model? They can keep the helmet though... Since it's the ONLY unique part of the Prime compared to the default. But this is an impossible, isn't it? I doubt anything DE made 5-6 years ago is on there mind at this moment. Until then, they'll remain as a relic of a forgotten era... Literally. I'm no Founder, but here's a *bump* out of respect.
  8. I would like to mention my Rakta Dark Daggers are still considered "Unranked" despite me leveling them in the past. I don't really want to buy and level another one simply because a bug.
  9. I'm still missing my Mastery Rank and icon showing I leveled my Rakta Dark Dagger... I don't really want to buy and level another one simply because of an update.
  10. Since the update, I have two melees that reset on my profile. I used to own the Rakta Dark Dagger and Kogake before eventually selling them, and I leveled the two weapons. I no longer own these weapons however because I sold them. I sold the Kogake because I got Kogake Prime, and I sold Rakta Dark Dagger because I don't like daggers and it took up a spot in my inventory. However, these weapons reset in level since the update, and since I no longer own them, I cannot level them again... Unless I build the Kogake and buy the Rakta Dark Dagger off of someone a second time, which I refuse to do. I don't know if it also reset some of my Mastery Rank, but either way, it's saying I have never touched these weapons, when I for sure have. Prior to the update, the only melee I didn't have was the Korrudo, meaning I had 154/155, but now I'm at 152/155...
  11. Nightwave: 🙂 Nightwave + Razorback Armada: ☺️ Nightwave + Razorback + Baro is almost here: 😁 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn: 🤗 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn + Operation Buried Debts: 😍 Nightwave + Razorback +Baro + Hildryn + Buried Debts + Limbo Deluxe: 😱 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn + Buried Debts + Limbo Deluxe + Melee Reworks: 🤯
  12. Nah man, I honestly hope they never re release Excalibur Prime. You founders helped make the game it is today 😉 You guys just for once need some love lol
  13. https://imgur.com/gallery/ZOCHYhEW Here's my submission! I hope I at least make someone happy with my sonnet poem and beautiful postcard -Type of Submission: Electronic
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