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  1. Ivara's always been one of my favorite Warframes due to her awesome stealth abilities, and I was quite disappointed to see my fashion frame completely ruined by the recent update. Before, it took the energy color and made it that energy color. In my case, I had a beautiful ultraviolet energy color that went along with my Zirastra Helmet (which still has the classic energy color look now, making it look waaay out of place with her new textures) and my Misa Prime Syandana. Now however, it has a base color of white that cannot be changed with only the slight hint of your chosen energy color. It now looks off compared to the rest of the Warframe's energy and like I said previously, now the Zirastra Alternative helmet looks out of place as well. I attempted trying different purples on Twilight, but none of them even got close to previous. It might also be because I missed the little change in the large list of patch notes, but I did not see a word about any change to Ivara. Though I did see a lot of FX changes in there (not including the melee FX notes) in there, which, if this was not done on purpose, could be the reason. This is just something that's been bugging me lately... The old one was just so much better on showing energy color... And you can't even make them completely invisible with the pure Black color on Smoke Colors any more! Anyway, while is might look fine with the classic Ivara colors on, that's only because the bright blue energy blends in with the white well... I cannot say the same with most other colors. While I don't see any change coming soon of course, but I'd like to put it out there... Fashion Frame is true endgame... Though I do get the feeling I'm the only one who even cares 🤣
  2. Nightwave: 🙂 Nightwave + Razorback Armada: ☺️ Nightwave + Razorback + Baro is almost here: 😁 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn: 🤗 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn + Operation Buried Debts: 😍 Nightwave + Razorback +Baro + Hildryn + Buried Debts + Limbo Deluxe: 😱 Nightwave + Razorback + Baro + Hildryn + Buried Debts + Limbo Deluxe + Melee Reworks: 🤯
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