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  1. I agree with the people saying that it just feels like too much work for too little reward. Personally, once I have the new stuff there feels like no reason to do Void Storms because I can just do a capture, rescue, or even survival of the normal fissures and get my reward much faster. I like the idea I've seen a few times of getting multiple relic rewards from doing them. There would need to be limitations and details worked out, of course, but I think that would be a good solution. Yesterday the screen shake and visuals of the storms were awful. I couldn't see anything at times and definitel
  2. Also happening to me and my entire squad. Have lost a few hundred intrinsics because of it.
  3. I made a post a couple days ago about a bugged railjack mission and included a second bugged mission experience in it. Today that second bug happened again so I figured I'd make a post that is just about it. The missions were Iota Temple on Earth Proxima and today Nsu Grid on Veil Proxima. I was host and my husband was my other squad mate. We completed all of the objectives except the very last step, "Destroy the radar array." When we get into the room the doors won't open except the door to get inside. This was the issue both times. Both times I had to abort and lost everything because there
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