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  1. I agree with the people saying that it just feels like too much work for too little reward. Personally, once I have the new stuff there feels like no reason to do Void Storms because I can just do a capture, rescue, or even survival of the normal fissures and get my reward much faster. I like the idea I've seen a few times of getting multiple relic rewards from doing them. There would need to be limitations and details worked out, of course, but I think that would be a good solution. Yesterday the screen shake and visuals of the storms were awful. I couldn't see anything at times and definitely could see it causing seizures. I saw on patch notes that that issue was addressed, but I haven't tried it out since then so I can't say how it is now. But yeah, yesterday it was pretty bad. There is also the issue that it isn't really easy to get reactant. I think maybe some ships should drop reactant or something because compared to normal fissures, the reactant felt lacking. I didn't have any runs where I didn't get all the reactant I needed so that issue wasn't too bad for me, but it was noticeable. Overall I don't dislike void storms, I just think they could use some improvement, especially when it comes to the time spent for the reward, and the fact that some of the visuals could seriously injure people that are prone to seizures. Side note, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but yesterday I got a Sevagoth Chassis BP as a reward, while the other 2 people in my squad got a relic reward. This happened once more with other rewards too, where they got endo and I got a relic. I thought it was odd that they both got the same reward and I got a different one, especially since I wasn't host, 1 of my squad mates is playing in the same room as me, and I've always gotten the same rewards as the rest of my squad for other railjack missions.
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