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  1. One thing I'd like to see more of is interactive/toggle decorations. Decorations that allow you to toggle between different states on them.(like for example having the spy mission objective consoles which have 3 states: off, active and deletion mode) Asking mainly since the grineer decorations have no proper console yet which I need for my grineer/steel meridian themed room and that spy console looks really nice with the animation going on. Another good thing would be an ambient music/sound decoration item or room option to play ambient music or sounds.
  2. It's not always the case but sometimes you just get stuck on nothing while trying to go through the door and have to jump through it.
  3. Lets not forget that the Umbra line is considered a sidegrade to Primes, not a direct upgrade to them.
  4. Well the old warframes that were talked about were more than likely the prototype failures from their attempts prior to using the Tenno. As explained most warframes onwards were blank slates. But yeah making permanent and toggleable would be a good choice compared to the original idea of being a temporary thing which would make it useless a farming it probably wouldn't be worth the time. Otherwise, we still have yet to get more Umbra frames.
  5. Yeah but didn't the warframe category stay like before(at least I remember it still being there when it ended the first time), now it's missing from the list.
  6. Aside of that what ever happened to the Twitch Prime stuff, it's just gone.
  7. As the title implies. Inclusion of new Railjack ships would be a welcome addition to give players more options. Also ability to get personal faction crewships(like the grineer Gokstad crewship and whatever the Corpus equivalent will be) that have been retrofitted with railjack tech so that they could be used in same manner like a railjack.(maybe with some benefits and drawbacks to it) Obviously this is not currenty a priority considering some of the fixes, changes and improvement the system needs but would like to eventually see somewhere down the line this type of stuff added.
  8. Encountered a bug today where other players are able to steal your personal necramech. Recalling only teleports the player with the stolen necramech to you.
  9. Tbh I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the Grineer and Corpus Crewships that we could customize.
  10. Yeah was unaware that it was from the very first version they envisioned. Thought it was from the finished game.
  11. So as some of you know, DS was a cool game that DE made and was the spiritual origin of Warframe. With last devstream they mentioned that they had plans for a trilogy as they shown a notice that was intended to present to publishers. Honestly would be nice to see them make sequels for the game. I know that it's very unlikely to happen but if anything at least I'd like to show my support and interest for it.
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