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  1. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Nidus Deluxe Skin info?

    Didn't realize that those are eyes on the shoulders. Not really a fan of tha, will have to cover them with shoulder armor. Eventhought I love Birkin's design.
  2. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Orbiter and Railjack ship

    Was just pointing it out as some believed that the railjack would permanently replace the orbiter.
  3. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Orbiter and Railjack ship

    And it's confirmed on today's devstream that the railjack won't be replacing the Orbiter. There you go.
  4. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    I think Sony just lost me as a consumer.

    1.Nowhere did I attack your intelligence, just pointed out your flawed view of things, that doesn't reflect onto an individual's intelligence. 3.Your comment's have been disrespectful towards console users, if you can't see that I can't help you. Just warned you to be more mindful of things that you say. Clearly best to leave it at that since there is no point in arguing over this. Have a nice day aswell.
  5. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    I think Sony just lost me as a consumer.

    As I said, I don't agree with it all but not everything is a problem as you try to present it. I bought the console because I knew what I was getting into, didn't buy it blindly. A healthy competition between the companies allows the platforms to improve a lot, with hardware as much as with software and services. If it wasn't for that companies wouldn't bother to improve much on that end. The whole PC Master Race thing isn't a meme without a reason, you are once again presenting it yourself with your narrow-minded view of things.Which is why I can hardly take you as serious Consoles aren't only to blame for this toxic behaviour, same goes for PC with the Master Race thing as you are doing it now. It's not the platforms but rather the people who think that they have a need to insult everything else other than their own platform which goes for all. PS4, XB1 and PC. So don't blame platforms for something that you are at blame yourself. However WF has shown to be one of the most respectful communities in this terms. People has shown to be supportive and helpful no matter of the platform. And yeah EA can suck it.
  6. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Console status

    Yeah, noticed the same, like a lot more activity than usual. Yeah have a decent PC but rarely game on it. However priority with WF could be said that it's rather high as updates come out rather fast once sent to cert. Most other companies don't release updates as soon as they are ready but instead wait for a release date(like Rockstar Games does with GTAO, they like wait 2-3 weeks before releasing after cert has been commited)
  7. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    I think Sony just lost me as a consumer.

    Cross-play is not one of the advertised features of the console, it's only a recent trend that people are demanding.Paying for online sadly is there but it's there to maintain the online services. Dumbed-down graphics are on the Devs of the games not the console itself. The Fortnite thing is about the only one I heard about, haven't heard of any other incidents like that before(if there were any I would have heard about them). Yes there have been scummy attempts(mostly MS) but the userbase has always voiced their opinion.(Look at original Xbox One features, people teared MS a new one over it.). Sony is refusing cross-play as a way to get back at MS for them doing the same on last gen. While I don't agree with all that I understand it. If you want to bring up arguments atleast put effort in doing research on some of the stuff before posting blindly. Well that's the selling point of exclusives, to give another reason to buy the platform, why should 1st party games be on other platforms, to help the competition? Most certainly not. If you don't want to buy a console for the games you like, too bad, that's what it is, it's your decision on what it's worth. Just like I'm missing out Killer Instinct for not owning a XB1 because that's like the only interesting thing XB1 has to offer. Also called you out as entitled because of this line: "If only most players were willing to oppose platforms we'd be able to have all the games on PC." Yeah sorry but no, you just radiate with the "PC Master Race" mindset based on what you said so far.
  8. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    I think Sony just lost me as a consumer.

    There won't be cross-platform Steve confirmed so, no idea where you got that from.Also MS won't allow a transfer either as they don't want to lose customers so you are making a big fuss over a gimmick like cross-play. What's so scammy if I may ask? If you bought it fully aware of it's features then there's nothing scammy about it.However I do agree that it is scummy on MS' end to require online subscription for F2P games like WF. It always comes down to personal preference. Entitled much? Simple, buy the platform if you are interested in those games, PC isn't the only gaming platform you know and it's better that way.
  9. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    accident use of platinum

    Yeah somebody else may be able to help with that question as I never had to contact support before. But rather go of based on what others said that had to deal with it.
  10. Just wanted to add since I saw the edit just now. Yeah I stand with what I said that it isn't justified but not directed at OP since he was talking about others. Also wouldn't take reviewers like that serious at all, especially Angry Joe, never liked him, he is clearly nothing more than a bandwagoner who just rides the hype to stay relevant. One of the better recent examples would be Metal Gear Survive, yes people hate the game but the reason for the low score is unjust, it's not because of the games quality but because of the whole Kojima scandal. His review was full of bias showing how clueless about the game he was and trying to portray things in a negative light while they really aren't. Game certainly isn't perfect but it isn't as bad as he was portraying it, on top of that he stole footage from another person for his vid. So yeah sometimes the best way to judge something is if you do it yourself. It won't be the same for everyone but as pointed up, some just do it to bandwagon.
  11. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    accident use of platinum

    You already made a thread about this and as I said in the other one, just wait, support will sort it out but may take a bit time since they have a lot of work usually.
  12. It would be only justifiable if the game changed drasticly for the worse. However since you spent so much time on it that statement has to be a paradox since you clearly enjoyed the game enough to play it that long. You simply are burned out, it happens to all of us. Just take your time off from the game, play something else or whatever. Also in future refrain from writing such statements as it certainly doesn't put you in a good light to be taken serious.
  13. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Accidental use of 190 platinum

    Just wait, since you made a support ticket they will get to it but it will take some time. So no worries.
  14. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    The Lotus maybe? It's a stretch but she probably had such access. But then again the reasons as to why, how and what for are still there. To prepare for a possible sentient invasion?
  15. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    We should also consider that Umbra was kept prison on Lua and Lua ended being moved into the void. Maybe being kept there all this time while exposed to the void granted it more power?