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  1. Watch_Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 later on when I grab a PS5. Pre-ordered WDL all the way back then when it was first announced due Collector's Edition, only game series where I own all the CE's. Edit: oh also Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  2. Yeah it's bad but tbh it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be with the military thing as they get teleported into another world/dimension(which is also a stupid thing). If anything it will be stupid fun but really don't understand why they had to shoehorn that idea with the military and another world/dimension, could have done without it. Another thing that the tone of the movie is more serious which also doesn't fit MH as it's tone is a bit more light-hearted and humorous despite the dangers. If anything we can hope that it won't be a mess like the Resident Evil
  3. Well with the PS5 around the corner that shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  4. Fairly sure Margulis wasn't an Executor. Considering the corpus liches will be all female (odd that they are limiting it like that) and are described as lawayers it should be something in that direction. Maybe "Advocate"
  5. Considering one of the recent streams where they mentioned that they'll have to get working on it soon it sounds like they do have something special in mind for it. So I doubt that it will be just a mastery rank-up like any other, there will be something to it. But yeah people shouldn't expect anything crazy, best to keep expectations low.
  6. Nobody said anything about every warframe getting a Umbra variant, even the devs said it back then that the Umbra line would be limited.
  7. No reason why it makes no sense and plenty of people have shown interest for more Umbra frames.
  8. Yeah that would be nice. I just made a list for frames to farm and cross them of entirely once subsumed.
  9. Have visual related feedback to give. Some of his shoulder armor is placed rather high which doesn't look good.
  10. Also missing a flower, subsumed Rhino as the 5th frame if I remember right and his flower is missing. Other flowers are all present.
  11. Agree, especially since some of them were platform specific due some packs not being available for all platforms like discord pack.(remeber a decoration item infobar from corpus gas city that I couldn't get due it being on pc only)
  12. Yeah it was a poorly thought out item that wasn't worth the investement to farm it and also was taking away from what makes Umbra(s) unique.
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