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  1. Yeah solo is my preferred way to play it, unless I'm playing with friends which are rarely on. Playing with randoms can be a pain sometimes as you'll come across people who really have no clue what they are doing or are using poorly modded railjacks that clearly aren't ready for higher lvl stuff.
  2. Idk about the numbers around that, yeah some may not be interested into PvP at all but even I who doesn't play PvP in general much would be interested into it. So yeah a Battlefront styled game like this is surely something I'd like to give a go. Even better if it also has a story mode. The WF universe is interesting and has potential for spin-off games. Like how about a Dead Space alike game where you play as a Corpus or Grineer trying to survive on a infested ship.
  3. Because infested weapons are that, infested. They are in most cases mutated versions of existing weapons which may not have been intentionally created. Warframes on the other hand were all created by the orokin and the Primes were the first with the regular warframes being cheap copies.
  4. Mentioned some time ago that they should do a spin-off where you play as Corpus and Grineer like this.
  5. Obviously, people don't like it and have complained about it along other stuff that was done/intended to be done since the new guy in charge. However that mainly falls under cross-play so I do wonder if cross-save is not viewed in the same light as the different platforms aren't interacting directly with one another like with cross-play. Either way there are changes that need to be done over at Sony.
  6. With how many of these threads pop up it should be a clear indicator for DE to make a quest to act as a tutorial for it. But yeah sadly you can't cancel the lich, however do not worry about stolen stuff as you will get it back after defeating the lich, best would be to ask someone to help and guide you through the lich system. It is something you will want to do obviously due the stuff that you can get from it but when you feel more ready for it, for now just get someone to help you clear it.
  7. Because I enjoy the system, aside of the weapons it's something fun to do when I don't have anything else to do.
  8. That's RNG, played for 7 years now and didn't get Despair until last year.
  9. Well this thread is a bit of a spoiler so a spoiler tag should be added. Most logical conclusion is that the organic matter is grown(that's where the helminth comes in play) when crafting a warframe. As I understand the infestation learns a form and memorizes it and uses it to create new duplicate units(chargers, crawlers, ancient,...) My guess would be that in a similar matter the Helminth learns how to craft a specific warframe.
  10. If there was a movie I'd like it to focus on a different story. Another tenno, maybe during the Old War, stuff like that. Something that adds more to the world building.
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