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  1. It's good to know in what way Empyrean will be released, however the question remains when will the first part release. We are already in October and we know there's a mainline coming this month. Will it come with it or will it come with a mainline after it. Other than that it was nice to see more of the Kuva Lich, been looking forward to the kingpin system since it's first reveal way long ago.
  2. Looking forward to getting the skin once it's out on consoles. It's a shame that the design had to be so gutted, it was perfect.
  3. Yeah I hope so, been waiting so long for NPCs to get added to the dojo, even set up shops and all. I really hope that we get access to lots of NPC models, from allies to enemies, even customization options(well color options for start but later on armor, syandanas and accessories if not possible right away) So that aside of existing NPCs we can make custom NPC characters.
  4. Taking a break from WF due burnout from NW once again.
  5. No but you seem to be considering your responses, what the hell are you talking about. I just gave an answer that relates to what the OP was saying and then you come in talking about something else that has little to do with my answer whatsoever.
  6. That stands but was talking about that specific case that OP brought up, just because it seems one way it doesn't exclude other possibilities.
  7. That would possibly be the only good way to rank up conclave lol
  8. As much as I hate Nightwave I have no problems with this element whatsoever, then again the only reason I'm doing it is for codex scans and lore.
  9. Nothing wrong with that, it's more so about the context of how this statement has been used. People have been using it as an excuse to shut people up who they disagree with which is what the OP is talking about.
  10. Yeah I'm aware of problems with some of the moderators but this certainly sounds like a bot kick.
  11. I'm somewhat optimistic as I want to see the "good in people" and that we are capable of greater good and all but I'm also a realist and aware of all the horrible stuff we are capable of. It's sad to see that there is still so much ignorance, intolerance, primitivism, malice and greed out there. Probably explains why in general I avoid other people. Religion is an entire different topic but one that somewhat fits within this, I rejected religion for I see for what it is, a means to control the masses, to pollute peoples minds with values created by certain individuals, mostly with self-interest and gain. While not all of it's values are bad there are the ones which drive people to some of the previously mentioned problems that are present in our society or use it as an excuse to do their ill intentions. After seeing some of this disgusting behavior I decided to leave it for good. If there is a God, one thing I'm sure of is that most of these if not all religions don't represent him. Therefore I live by these values only, be kind to each other and treat others like you want to be treated yourself.
  12. Sounds like you were baited, it's not a moderator that kicked you but a bot, trap is a trigger word in chat due to how extensively people used it. Sadly you will have to wait it out.
  13. Tried to take it slower and span out the challenges to do day by day instead all at one like some recommended, I gave it a chance but I still feel the same about Nightwave, I hate it. I'm glad to finally have completed all 30 ranks so that I don't have to deal with this BS any more until the next series. Despite all the positive changes that made it better compared to the first season I still can't enjoy it for it's breaking one important element that was always there in the game until it was added, and that's playing the game at your own pace.(among many other reasons) Before I would play the game how I saw fit and do what I'd like and therefore was less likely to burn myself out of the game but now I have to come day after day for weeks(2-3 months) to bother with this stuff and eventually get burned out by it and leave the game for a while because I lose the will and joy for this game.
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