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  1. That's RNG, played for 7 years now and didn't get Despair until last year.
  2. Well this thread is a bit of a spoiler so a spoiler tag should be added. Most logical conclusion is that the organic matter is grown(that's where the helminth comes in play) when crafting a warframe. As I understand the infestation learns a form and memorizes it and uses it to create new duplicate units(chargers, crawlers, ancient,...) My guess would be that in a similar matter the Helminth learns how to craft a specific warframe.
  3. If there was a movie I'd like it to focus on a different story. Another tenno, maybe during the Old War, stuff like that. Something that adds more to the world building.
  4. People seem to forget that early on Red Veil also had some events and yet still have a quest(Chains of Harrow). Aside of the quests rewarding us with new frames they also gave us some info on the syndicates we did them for. So yeah I'd surely like to see them do quests for the remaining 2.
  5. Tbh with situations like this DE should probably also consider making Primed Armory Packs containing weapons and gear that got skipped or isn't fitting the theme of PA's(considering that being a thing lately)
  6. Think Xbox also may be the platform with a lower count of players compared to ps4/ps5 and pc. But yeah people are more than likely focusing on the newer stuff.
  7. Yeah cross-save. They said that it's something they are looking into and intend to do but we don't know how high of a priority it is and how much has been don't on it yet. But we do know that it will come at some point.
  8. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea for a hacker frame to be a stealth warframe aswell. Afterall makes sense that it would have to go in and out unnoticed. So a invisibility ability of some sorts would be needed. Maybe something like a digital camo and copycat where it makes him invisible or look like a enemy (each having their uses obviously to not make 1 better than the other, like copycat lasts way longer than invisibility but copycat is only active as long as not sprinting while invisibility has no limit on sprint) Obviously both would be same ability slot with press/hold toggle.
  9. I did it with Octavia, also you can use gear items so you can use stuff like specters and on-call crew to help with the killing. Considering the on-call crew is pretty powerful it's a good idea to spawn the crew member during wave 3 or 4 so that they don't despawn on the last wave when fighting the bosses.(that Nox was annoying to kill)
  10. Here's a thing to add to the list, the new corpus proxies for Sisters of Parvos, the hounds. They need to get rid of warframe helmets on them because it looks straight up awful, like I legit don't understand who thought that that would look good.
  11. Noticed that some of the more interesting emotes from crew are missing. Seem to be the ones with objects like the wrench(Steel Meridian) and datapad(Perrin Sequence). I really would have loved to get those emotes.
  12. Agree, it really doesn't look good and it's disturbing.
  13. Yeah especially the move room option. Clan I'm in with my friends was already partially built before I joined and over time we just kept expanding however early on we made a layout mistake due to which it doesn't look symetrical. So in order to fix that I would have to destroy the 2 floors above which is just out of question considering how much was built and decorated there.
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