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  1. At the moment not possible. Only if universal cross-platform saves became a thing as I doubt that MS or Sony would allow account migration from platform to platform like that.
  2. When it was revealed if you listened very carefully you could hear @[DE]Steve screaming with joy all the way from Canada. 😄
  3. Was speaking in context of Margulis how she wanted to help the Tenno and prevent the Orokin from turning them into weapons which lead to her death. Lotus appeared after all that. Well when you look at the state of the system no wonder, you wake up and there's already somebody trying to kill you. Grineer being a xenophobic empire expanding with the intention of exterminating anything that isn't Grineer, the Corpus which are a cult of money who see to exploit anything that would make them profit, hell they would sell their own mother probably. The Infestation, yeah don't think that I have to explain that. But that aside we did do some good while under her guidance, like helping the Ostron, the Myconian, the Kavor defectors and so on. So we can't exactly say that we have been only killing under her when we also helped people who needed help.
  4. Well I do care for her, she is a mother figure for the Tenno who lost their families and the only person who was willing to help them when the other orokin wanted to kill them and later on weaponize them. We don't know the full extent of what is currently going on with Lotus/Natah so some stuff that we hear may or may not be true. It would be foolish to quickly judge and try to kill her for what happened until we know everything around it first. I'm suspecting that what Natah is saying may not be entirely true, first point being how she mentions certain details that seem to conflict with what we already know.Second point being what Hunhow said, that he wants for Natah to return to him as otherwise other sentient may come and "reclaim" her which sounds to me like brainwashing.
  5. Yeah that wasn't a event. It just happened when people were able to open up the Helminth room with Nidus and was followed by a week of wondering and panic on what it means lol
  6. Yeah this has been suggested some time ago. Surely would love to see NPCs added to the dojo to make it feel more alive. Got stuff set up like shops and syndicate thematic rooms.
  7. Tbh I'd rather deal with the old alert system than with Nightwave, it's killing the game for me.
  8. Shame that it didn't make it in this round, really hope that it gets in the next one.
  9. While I recived the mail for it being sent the status still gives me an error whenever I try to check what the status is on it's location. Well guess that's what that second point is about.
  10. They stated that they are looking for a way to implement it for console.
  11. You forgot to add: "So I stole other peoples work." lol But yeah Stadia is pretty much a DoA product. Stating that they are able to stream from their server to the user device faster than it takes an image from the eye to the brain? That's some grade A BS if I ever heard any. They were unable to stream it steady on their presentation and they expect us to believe that lie? And not just that, majority of the world still has bad internet so who the hell do they expect to sell it to?
  12. Pretty much that, which is why social evolution is as important in that context. The development and evolution of societies and social norms.And with that in mind we really can't compare humans back then to right now.
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