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  1. I doubt that there would be a choice considering they would have to continue the story for either option and that would be double the work for them considering that the Lotus is a important character.
  2. While WF shares some elements with DMC the games are completely different from each other. WF doesn't have the control over combat like DMC has which would be required in the first place for a style system. WF is a TPS with hack n slash elements which are clunky compared to DMC where it's all precise.
  3. Tell me about it, couple days ago got both of the brakk parts at once, I haven't gotten a single one yet aside of the BP in all of these years of playing the game. Hell must have frozen over or something.
  4. And yet I'd rather deal with both of them in their broken state when they released than deal with the BS known as NW.
  5. Either they delay the update or release it at a later date as is and we know how people feel about delays. Obviously the AI system for it isn't ready and still needs work for it to be delayed.
  6. This is meant to be for endgame, there's already too much newbie friendly content.
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