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  1. Noticed that something was off with my outfit and realized that the pants were made 1 solid color instead of 2-tone how it was which ruins the look of my outfit. This is what it looked prior to the change: Now the pants are all black. Other outfit parts will need to be looked at as well to see what changed.
  2. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Prime vs Umbra

    Not this again...
  3. Yeah Nintendo's services aren't exactly the best when it comes to regional stuff, didn't have my country listed either for a long time until they did.
  4. Didn't we pretty much have this last year? One of the reasons why people were complaining that there was a content drought. I'm not against "quality of life" updates as they surely are welcome but not sure if it would be a good idea to focus on it again.
  5. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    WIP Fortuna Mem Fragment Map 23/35, Help Needed Finishing It!

    Probably needs to be fixed, fairly sure glass fish was also broken first.
  6. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    since the trials are coming back...

    Good to hear, hopefully I'll be able to actually play and finish them this time around.
  7. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #119

    First song is Warframe 80's action theme. Don't know the other.
  8. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (LIVE!)

    Nice! Can't wait!
  9. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    When can we expect NPCs to be added for dojo's?
  10. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Live on PS4 & XB1: THE PYRUS PROJECT!

    Happens every week on this day. There's different streams during the week. PS4 is tomorrow. Thursday is Prime Time and on Friday it's Devstream which happens every 2 weeks. It's fun and informative to watch these.
  11. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Live on PS4 & XB1: THE PYRUS PROJECT!

    During XB1 stream today. You can look it up on twitch, the announcement should be right at the start.
  12. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Live on PS4 & XB1: THE PYRUS PROJECT!

    According to Megan it may be sent to cert next week, so depending on how things go we could see it within 2 weeks. Earlier than I expected. Guess then UI change really helped with cutting down on the delay between PC and consoles.
  13. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    I expect them to make an alternate look for him. Inb4 people start asking for the alternate look to get added as a skin in global.
  14. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan name: Monroe Republic Clan tier: ghost Platform: PS4 Role: Colonel (Main Architect) Note: the dojo follows strictly themes from the game to be as accurate as possible from a lore point. So it won't have any outstanding sculptures like some other dojo's have.Also this only presents highlighted rooms that are either finished or close to being finished. -Trophy room: the room we use to display our trophies but also to remember and honor the original clan leader that has passed away.This also brings me to reminding DE that they allow us to change the statue within the room so that we can place his favorite frame. -Personal room(1:16): my personal garden decorated to my taste,more or less finished(depending on what may get added in future and what was added with last PC update). Has a small meditation room. Only shown my room since those of other members aren't finished or may need to be redecorated with the release of the new content. -Trading post(2:44): the room where all the trading happens, it didn't look like this until this week.Got inspired few days ago and made it so that it follows the corpus/perrin sequence theme. It has small shops offering various wares and services. It is still a WIP as I need to purchase some more decorations but currently out of plat. This also brings me to mentioning the need to add NPCs to make the place feel alive. -R&D wing(3:33): the place where all the research happens, the tenno lab is kept simple with minimal decorations and uses the clan colors; grineer lab was redecorated with the addition of the grineer decorations, orange makes a nice alternate grineer color as the existing green ones didn't really look good, however may make another grineer room with the other decorations as a steel meridian hub(now that we have the new creative hall coming up, have yet to see it); corpus lab was recently recolored to fit more the corpus theme; infested lab colored all white to give a clean and sterile look as medical facilities normally look, also uses gear from various factions for better research purpose; orokin lab was one of the first rooms that got redecorated with the addition of faction decorations, made sure to decorate it with orokin goods for collecting and research purpose. -Orokin hall(6:07): the announcement of this contest gave me a reason to redecorate this hall from a bland simple hall into this, a orokin themed hall. The only thing that remained from before was the treasury and the 4 lamps around the center. This room took me a while to decorate but now it looks perfect, also reason why there are 3 waterfalls on each corner is because on one side i couldn't place the 4th one so it wouldn't look symetrical so had to leave it at 3 for each corner. -Little Cetus(7:13): now this room I'm really proud of, this was the longest one that took to decorate, mainly because of Cetus decorations and standing with each decoration taking 2-4 days of standing farming.This room has so much little details and as mentioned up another room that would benefit from the addition of NPC's. Also has a small garden with waterfall. But even now it's not fully finished as I intend to place the Quill hood decorations but first need to get last rank with Quills for that. -Small Garden(8:40): a small water garden featuring various plants, a small island and a stonewall with waterfalls. A nice place to relax, intended to use it as a possible room for new loka but realized there may be better rooms for that choice. As a addition a thread talking about NPC's for dojo which also includes ideas from me for that topic: