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  1. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #119

    First song is Warframe 80's action theme. Don't know the other.
  2. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Are Solaris “people?”

    Agree, to me a person and people can be even artificial life-forms like robots, but that would depend on how advanced the AI is. Well Star Trek surely is something great to watch in this case since it deals with such topics.
  3. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Consoles "certification" processess

    My guess is that DE doesn't have the manpower and resources for such releases. Most of games like that are already pre-tested and clear of bugs that would affect consoles badly and normally those updates tend to be released a bit later unlike WF which release on PC as soon as it's in stable form without any major bugs.Since consoles require the build to be much cleaner DE takes the time since PC release to fix and patch any bugs and works on a build thats suitable for consoles from it.
  4. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Are Solaris “people?”

    Also lets not forget that human isn't the same as people or person. Human defines a race while people and person are used for description of races and individuals with high intelligence that are capable of making complex decisions. While some may question if they are human they still qualify as people and individual persons.
  5. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Launcher Download

    Yeah np, just make sure to check other threads for the same topic instead of making a new one. Edit: Huh, in that case you maybe should check your net.
  6. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Launcher Download

    If you are in EU there's a problem with the download, they are fixing it.
  7. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Warframe app taking plat for completed foundry items

    yeah that's really bad.
  8. Well he did get a glass of Rum from George and the sound team. Close enough lol
  9. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    So Floofs.

    Well there's already plenty of furries playing WF so don't see this making that much of a change to begin with.
  10. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    “Default” skin for MOA companions?

  11. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Solaris United ARG

    So what's the situation? Also looks like update may be this week:
  12. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Solaris United ARG

    Did the forum crash or something for a moment?
  13. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Solaris United ARG

    Maybe we need to examine it a bit better?
  14. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Solaris United ARG

  15. (PS4)reddragonhrcro

    Solaris United ARG

    Yup, up to Unreal Tournament 2004