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  1. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/slippery-slope
  2. Got any screenshots or video? Post that in bug reports, it could help them understand what you mean.
  3. Amalgams actually are resistant to Void. I'm sure you've heard the Ropalolyst dialogue a thousand times, but it says so there, that Amalgams were meant to 'cure' Sentients' crippling Void weakness. As for Eidolons, that's presumably just a balancing choice for now given that certain Warframe builds (like, say, Volt with Xata's Whisper) would be able to just win the entire fight without bothering to use the Operator at all, and the Eidolon fight is already so full of balancing issues they don't want to add another.
  4. Great list of changes, but it does feel like it might be lacking in a few key ways. Passive: 25% and 75% still doesn't feel like it's reliable enough. Maybe the Vast Untime could add a second, separate 75% instance that rolls/checks separately from the 25% instance - so you'd get multiplicative DR like Baruuk's Restraint with AOE attacks, and two chances to dodge damage. Void Damage: It's a great step in the right direction, but neutral to everything is not true neutral - it's affected fully by armor DR. Being able to bypass armor while having zero positive multi
  5. Even more Necramech-specific mod ideas that add mechanical changes rather than being mandatory-mod stat boosts: Alpha Strike: Adds a chance of firing missiles when you hit with an Archgun, dealing a percentage of your damage after all mods. Reactor Leak: Leave a trail in your wake that deals constant Radiation damage and proc. Raptor Targeting: Increases damage dealt with weapons while jump jets are engaged. Quake Servos: Walking staggers enemies within 6m, and running staggers within 10m. Ablative Plating: +DR to Health against AOE weapons. And some vanilla m
  6. Yeah, that's fair. Accusing DE of being lazy and having zero new ideas isn't, though. Yikes.
  7. Ensnare has the massive benefit of preserving headshots, which has powerful synergies Larva doesn't have - Larva is strong, but technically speaking an overrated ability relative to Ensnare; it's non-recastable, can lock you out if enemies get stuck, and its ragdoll is generally bad for crit-focused weapons. They're sidegrades, and really should be treated as sidegrades. Perspicacity being a Parazon finisher opener would be a lot more interesting, but I really think that tying it to hacks is a mistake and not at all thematic. Empower is fine. Having energy conversion on demand is fin
  8. The other guy's notion is that DE put zero effort in and just purely copypasted old content, and that the Mausolon is just a Dera with an Opticor bolted on. So, yeah, no, that kind of nuance is not present.
  9. I'm actually gratuitously amused by the fact that you refer to the Catchmoon as more unique than the Sepulcrum when it's literally a secondary Plasmor and has been referred to as a secondary Plasmor by basically everyone since its inception. That really shows how narrow your argument is, because you only accept things that fit your opinion. The rest of your 'argument' is basically the same thing: Saying "it's fine that you have opinions, but my view is objective fact and superior to yours". And also not reading the lengthy *on topic* feedback post I made talking about the mech mods and th
  10. I'd take that for Devour 2.0, make it a radial burst too in a moderate radius like 6-8m. As for the formatting, I pasted from discord into dark theme, so that was a mess all around. Actually, if scarabs added flat armor, it might scale better overall than the current mod-value armor. 200-300 x Strength is honestly fine. I will say though, I don't think those augments are particularly good ideas - they're different, but not more interesting, and overall just downgrades. Especially the melee one: Have you ever seen anyone say Frost's passive is usable? Heck nah. I'd go for an
  11. General I love the potential of the Helminth system, but the execution is still just shy of greatness. 100% agree that configurations should move with the mod config, so you can reorder your slots however you want. I do think the poor neglected Helminth Charger deserves special interactions with Helminth! Let it show its child a little love. Helminth Abilities Empower is fine, I think. It's really not bad, and scaling would make it kind of broken. Infested Mobility I expected to be disappointing due to the short duration, but considering how ludicrously fast i
  12. Wow, they copied one piece of code, so they're the same weapon! Also, that whole wall about how they're all just copies of other weapons is completely wrong (you didn't even correctly identify the Cortege as a Larkspur with higher stats but a different AoE mechanic, or the Mausolon as a single Decurion with higher stats and an explosive alt-fire, and saying the Sepulcrum's alt-fire is just Akarius is grasping at straws), so... I don't think you really do know what you're talking about. The Trumna's altfire is just a Tonkor? By your extreme reductionist logic, there are only really about a
  13. The one issue is, Devour being an AOE heal would just make it another Scarab Swarm, which is literally that. I'm not sure how you'd make Devour better for ally healing without just making it copy what's already there - if it's on damage it's Well of Life, if it's in AOE it's a scarab'd enemy. Anyway, I've got an alternative Inaros rework, a more conservative one that keeps all his base mechanics while making them just... better overall. Passive: Change to % based drain so it can guarantee the enemy kills, or change to a flat amount of health/shield drained for self-revive, beca
  14. There's a guy in the necramech thread who claims the Entrati weapons are just rereleases of the Battacor with different stats, so I kind of get the impression people don't actually try things very often.
  15. The Necramech itself is an awesome concept - handles great, really feels like a big stompy mech. I will say though - the UI should change based on either your Mech energy color, or your UI color. Grinding necramech mods, though? Not fun. Not fun at all - the drop rates are too rare for such limited kill counts. Stats from the wiki say it's a median 1600 Necramech kills to get all the mods, which is about as bad as Condition Overload grind used to be. Mods really need to be more generous in drop rates, or have Rank 3 Loid options to buy them for standing, to incentivize getting the hi
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