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  1. What point? Level 200? 300? Endurance isn't the focus of balance in this game. I would say, perhaps consider getting over it. It might be nice on her 1, but it's hardly necessary. It's still good and the only real practical change is that it needs ammo mutation in the exilus (which is free 5% crit anyway), lmao. And who cares about the poor riven sharks losing a bit out of their five digits of plat, hah. Better to have gradual buffs than turning her into Saryn or Octavia overnight, lul.
  2. Hmm. I think these changes are somewhat mixed. A few seem lacking, while others seem like good additions. What I would like to see: Grenade Fan: -Speed up cast time somewhat on the ground by making the jump trigger in midair only. -Instead of flat 3 seconds, 2 to 2.5 seconds per level might be a nice change. While you can get quite a lot of duration already, I would like to not feel locked into Narrow Minded at high ranks. -Instead of doubling damage, either Vauban-style scaling COULD be an option, or - my preference - make it pull in enemies toward the center with the original damage value, to make it better CC rather than becoming slightly better flat damage. -Range needs to be tested in the field, but if it isn't enough another meter may suffice. -The "pickup ring" on shield grenades could leave a subtle effect to indicate its radius even after the initial flash. -Shield grenades should ideally give Protea and her companion a copy by default - even keeping the grenade count at 3 would be sufficient if Protea and her pet were shielded independently, and it would allow for some neat tactical defense involving midair casting. Blaze Artillery: -Add a light cone to indicate its firing arc physically - subtle enough to not be overwhelming visually, but obvious enough to make targeting easy to understand. -Give it a little more idle time before despawning when no enemies are around, 10-15 seconds, so it can truly be used as a sentry. -The damage change tentatively sounds fine - scaling might be a little too potent with the ramping mechanic, and I'd guess would be tricky to balance. We'll have to see how the changes overall pan out across levels. Dispensary: -I understand that dispenser count presents serious issues in terms of "nuke camping" with Energizes, but having more, slightly weaker dispensers would be preferable for tactical versatility in my opinion. Maybe make it 2 or 3 dispensers, but adjust overall dispense rate to keep the number of energy orbs basically the same over time? Health could always be adjusted as well if that becomes too potent. Ammo seems fine, not being a meta-changing dispense in most cases. Temporal Anchor: -Invincibility really seems like it belongs to the moment you die in it more than the moment you cast - the biggest issue with survivability is that you often get kicked back to your starting point, knocked down at 2% HP, and immediately die to gunfire. Maybe add some i-frames and/or remove the knockdown and health penalty on death? Possibly make it take 1.5x the energy cost instead, without impeding your ability to get to safety. -The cancel should add something rather than just consuming 100 energy for nothing. Maybe it should detonate immediately without refunding your resources; that would make sense and give it some utility without killing the point of rewinding. -Blast feels like a really weak damage type. Adaptive might be too powerful though. Maybe something like Radiation to make it more generally useful?
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