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  1. Loyalty interactions are capped per day, try again after reset to make sure before reporting it as a bug. Also, shadows of the dead constantly drain health, more duration=slower drain and recasting 4=full heal. The barrels fire high-low-high-low, I didn't notice it being broken either but I haven't used it in a long while. Now it's fixed anyway, which is neat.
  2. Operator mode exists and any halfway decent amp still kills them past 16 excavs, or 8 rotations. And you can just find the drone in invincible squat before shooting it with something else. I've sniped them at 300+ ping and killed them with a gram prime, which has about as much range as a longsword. And like... a whole S#&$load of things also work. Pyrana prime. Phantasma. Rando buff of the day. Penta. Supra Vandal. They just fixed the bug that makes them immortal with ancient healers anyway. Life support always sucks without a nekros, it's not new to arbitrations. Host migration ragequits not new either, they already said they wanted to un#*!% survival/excav so you can leave without screwing everyone. I just tested sancti castanas in the simulacrum, no such bug. Unless it's only as client. But solo, it does the correct damage.
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