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  1. Please don't remove our cryotic. It's the ONE resource from out of Empyrean I'm genuinely happy to see, because a lot of people still struggle to get cryotic, and it's a single sourced, relatively tedious farm otherwise - you have to play excav and only excav and lots and lots of excav. Every other non-Empyrean resource can go for now, but cryotic makes sense in space and it's great to have. Alternatively, have 'iceball' random destructibles that show up uncommonly and let you mine cryotic in open space? That would be awesome. I do hope we get logical sources for regular resources in Empyrean somewhere down the line in a way that doesn't dilute critical Railjack resource pools. A little less separation from the rest of the game is a good thing. As for building versus repair drones - the costs really do need to be reduced for salvage repairs at base, even with some things like Titanium getting tuned upward. Carbides are also in short supply and could use more sources or amounts. It'd be nice if we could get repair drones semi-reliably as drops, too - I heard they're from rare crates, could be a tiny bit less rare? Although PoI loot sharing might make it perfectly fine to rely on a 10% chance per mission, we'll see after that change goes in.
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