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  1. PS4 Archwing Blink Not working as intended. Blink meter bar missing. Since Saturdays Tennocon hotfix I have been unable to use "blink" in any archwing on every mission. The bar showing its "meter" is also missing. I have tried options, config etc and saving but nothing has fixed. I also have config set to R1 -crouch, roll, slide, blink. I have been host and also not to see if as altered. Nothing seems to fix this. Not to toot but with over 7k hours played in game, this isn't a matter of user error. @[DE]Helen please help. Thank you! -SG33
  2. Just heads up I sent support ticket to DE as my PS4 code was invalid. Steelseries sent a PC code and DE fixed it. If tells you invalid code and a CONSOLE player in the US send a ticket with all info to https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com
  3. Sadly, went through entire process, signed up, got code, entered code only to say code is not Valid. Sent ticket.. waiting lol.. sad day.
  4. Can confirm. Battle/tactical avionics are not working as intended. @[DE]Helen
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