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  1. Also since most recent update/hotfix the placement of any item is whacked. In free placement decoration seems to not remain in fixed mode but adjusts as you move it. And any items that you try to adjust, rotate or move remain in original location and unable to move. Have to leave dojo/return to try again. Very frustrating. I am going to halt all decorating til this gets fixed. 😞
  2. Having the same issues.. and the Tributa Statue is still bugged, not allowing to edit once placed.
  3. On PS4, Since the Gauss update, the Tributa Statue is broken and after placing it is unable to edit its text/lighting options. The option to edit once placed is entirely gone. It used to have "edit decoration" option to edit text, lighting, size etc. Please fix thank you! @[DE]Helen
  4. Actually after checking my clan ad here, it seems it's been "archived" so it's not even available. Last post was in march and was archived shortly after. Sad as it used to be so helpful finding players via the forums. Oh well.
  5. I agree, recruiting here is beyond abysmal. I miss the old way. I stopped using it all together due to whatever page it threw my clan ad on. Viewing "most replies" pulls up posts from 2013+ so of course they'd have the most replies. It is a battle for clans that hadn't been around since then to be seen. There's no "sort by platform" which would be soo helpful for console recruiting.
  6. Can confirm all chat tabs are down. @[DE]Helen
  7. Few bugs I've found today whilst decorating dojo. • While in decorate mode, while placing decoration, there is a pull to the left, the decoration pulls left. It is occurring every minute or so. I have confirmed other players are experiencing the same in decorate mode. Nothing seems to stop this from occurring. • Tributa Statue option to "edit decoration" is not available and color changer on font is invisible while selecting colors. While add more as find. Thanks.
  8. Grats corpus and Rejects of the Lotus!!!!! So proud!!
  9. Clan name - Reapers of Warframe Clan tier - Mountain Clan platform - PS4 Your Clan role - Warlord We are Reapers of Warframe, a 5+yr top event Mtn Clan. Our dojo is home, a place to enjoy a relaxing cup of FloofBeer brewed amidst the bowels of our Reactors. You will see numerous ways in which floofs that snuck in have been/are being eradicated. Again, I must emphasize we are Reapers, harbingers of death. This is what we do. Sorry, not sorry. And of course there's the fun stuff too. But we don't need to discuss that here. Enjoy. Loads of pics in hidden spoiler. Too much for a 3min video. Welcome to a glimpse of Reapers of Warframe. We couldn't of done this without the help of our members contributing their valuable resources. Mad props.
  10. Dog days water gun battle be the death of Warframe 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I couldnt agree more.. I've farmed over 4k points not abusing the afk.. will be nice if can log to reap more reward!! 😑
  12. I couldnt agree more.. I've farmed over 4k points not abusing the afk.. will be nice if can log to reap more reward!! 😑
  13. Reports are flooding "unable to connect". Fix something, break something else 🤪 @[DE]Drew
  14. Perhaps you missed my 1st post. Using exploits to gain high scores is something I am strongly against. However having a clan and coming together to work hard for a top score WITHOUT using exploits has it's own sense of pride. Plus a little variety(leaderboard clan events) thrown in every once in a while(or 2 years oof) is great for the community. It allows for those that still enjoy the competitive nature of game modes to excel. The world we live in now allows for everyone to be a winner. I like that DE implements a leaderboard to highlight those that worked hard for their score with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. But cheating to get there is something I am strongly against. That's all mate. Have a great night!
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