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  1. Ellthan

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    Yes, but the effects look so good.
  2. Ellthan

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    I think I see you but most of your body is covered by a crawler, what frame are you?
  3. Ellthan

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    How did you take this picture?
  4. Ellthan

    Reminder: Clan Events & Scoring

    Hype for Rathroom. Heh. It sounds like schooby doo trying to say bathroom.
  5. Ellthan

    March 11 - 13 Connectivity Issues: Cause & Analysis.

    The book or the movie?
  6. Ellthan

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    w u no fix redeemer
  7. Ellthan

    Hotfix 18.4.3

    plox, fix redeemer already
  8. Ellthan

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Almongside those energy pizzas don't forget the instnat 99% party invincibility/heal with no risk involved as long as you own a qt.
  9. Ellthan

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Honestly, trinity does need to be removed or reworked. As long as she is in the game, she will be holding back every single other support frame and preventing that category of class (support) from flourishing. When you have a frame that can heal, defend allies, tank and break the energy system, why settle for less? All the other frames with support abilities are subpar and never get a chance to prove themselves because they can't. Why use a limbo for minimal energy regen, 25% heal and invincibility, when trinity grants all 3 without preventing you from attacking? Why use an as healer oberon why trinity can instantly max both health and shields? Why use an equinox for the long and hard to use heal, when trinity has an instant fast and stronger one? ect ect ect
  10. Ellthan

    Partnership Announcement (Further Updates)

    Even in its current form, I don't think DE is trying to fight p2w. They are already trying to have as much of it in the game as they can possibly get away with. And most people even defend them for it. How much you wanna bet that when the company starts pushing even more p2w in the game, same fanboys that defend it now, will defend it then saying "DE needs to eat"
  11. You mean like those that have been getting presented for 6 pages now that you kept offhandedly writing off?
  12. Prism completely immobilizes enemies leaving them open to oneshots while they are unable to do anything (like attack move or dodge). Why doesen't that count? I thought hard cc was stun and soft cc was reduction of ability to fight (ect molecular prime, ice wave, ect). Radial disarm is in a league of its own. The point about it is, that the frames that do come toe to toe with RD offer something other than a temporary stun, which stomp lacks.
  13. Building for stomp also destorys rhino's other abilities as all them benefit from strenth. At least sleight of hand benefits from range. If only it wasn't useless. But really a mirage that builds for prism has no reason to use other abilities. Prism has same range, less cost and more duration than stomp btw. Which means its a straight upgrade. Disarm has 5m less but lasts forever and is on a frame with built in godmode. Avalance has even less range, but strips armor away which is very important for non x4cp runs. tl; dr Basicaly your entire arguement is "Yeah most of him sucks, but he has great CC" and my reply is, but mirage can do the same thing, cheaper, longer and leave enemies open for finishers. Prism. That is also cheaper AND lasts longer. Plus it doubles as a disco ball. I can't tell if it's more funny than sad, that out of all the frames regarding CC I had in my mind, zephyr, banshee, hydroid and mag never even popped up. No, frames that I did have primarily in mind for CC that basicaly paints a "Shoot me I'm harmless" target on the enemy, were disarm and avalanche as the main competitors to stomp, as one freezes them and makes them take more damage by removing armor and the other makes them unable to attack if your S key is working. I can include chaos in that too if the AI for chaosed enemies is fixed.
  14. For one, roar needs to be a multifunction ability like so many others already are. After rhino gains proper tanking capability, it needs to act as a taunt to draw fire away form allies, have the augment built in by default and cause an impact proc for minor grace period. Stomp itself is, like I said, the most borderline basic CC possible considering we have ultis that blind, strip armor alongside stunning ect. All the other "cool stuff" is already taken by the majority of actuall CC frames. What I would do with it, is scrap it and replace it with another ability to aid in rhino's tanking, leaving his CC instead of abilities, to the actuall roar, that draws enemies to him using himself as the control. Stomp needs a lot of work to offer something unique to the game.
  15. Valkyr clicks on 1 button. There's no need to keep her buffs up. And mirage's reason for invincibility is her "merit"? Yeah that's a good reason for god mode. Chroma may need to build his buffs, but at the very least they do something. Mesa can just run backwards. You people are acting as if running backwards is impposible. And no. We want iron skin to make rhino compare with the other frames. Then what is his role? If we take his abilities one by one and compare them to others they still suck. Charge has a delay at the beggining and end of his charge and in exchange knocks some enemies down and leaves you in the middle of an enemy crowd. Yay? His iron skin is the worst damage absorbing/reduction/tank skill out of all the frames in the game. His buff is mediocre at best. As other frames offer stronger and more versatile buffs. His CC is the most borderline basic one in the game doing nothing but stunning for a limited duration, --Not to mention how prism costs less, lasts longer and has the same range as stomp.-- And don't bring up that headcannon BS. Rhino being supposed to be a tank is no headcannon, it's what he was advertized as. It's not something rhino players came up with randomly one day and I'm stick of seing it used as an exclusive to keep rhino crappy. "This is Rhino, an immovable force and highly resilient." "With the right mods he becomes and almost unstoppable tank" "Heavest warframe combining offensive and defense abilities" Now please. Do tell me that those official descriptions are meant to signify anything other than a tank. Maybe a scout. Or a medic perhaps?