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    Wukong Revisit

    As of writing this initially, I have little to no major complaints thus far from my impressions, bar two from cloud walker. The one I will mention first will be more of a warning to players picking him back up. The speed of cloud walker was much needed, but coming from someone that frequently used this power in specific, it feel almost too fast and I am having to calibrate my mind for it. I got so used to the slow stealth it made it feel clunky to me. I repeat again: This I believe more me not being used to the speed yet. I'm sure with practice I can make this part of the power work. The duration feel too short and is more of a panic button rather than actual stealth. My request would be to consider increasing the timer on Cloud Walker up from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
  2. While I am quietly optimistic about this rework and I understand most of the changes. I have major questions in one that comes with your conconcept on the new Defy. How Temporary is Temporary? Is it going to degenerate slowly over time like what happens with Atlas or is it just going to flat disappear? I can see the latter option being an issue going getting hit for ten time the damage because you had a lapse in concentration. Now for the minor thoughts and question. Thank you for not removing Cloud Walker, but rather improving it. This is my favorite part of his kit being able to just slink by enemies. Will we still be able to walk across gaps (my favorite function of it) or will it act more like a traditional Loki/Ivara vanish now? Thank you for improving status chance on the staff and altering how the mod will work with it. It gives me a reason to try primal fury for once. Although the energy drain you need to be precocious about as making the drain too much can be problematic for his overall functionality with the use. As for the clone, having an ally that acts like an Equinox clone but lasts longer. I think that will be neat in concept and only hope it translates well. Is the health carbon copy of Wukong, or will it be modded by power strength?
  3. Questions from me. How will the change to Nezha's blazing Chakram's heal affect reaping chakram? will one enemy pour out more health/energy orbs based on how much damage they take when they die? And would the chakrams from the Divine spears act in a similar manner? I'm curious to see the Warding halo and Safeguard in affect after this. Would he be able to keep himself (and objectives/allies) alive or slightly more durable with damage reduction? Although it's a good call on the temporary invulnerable period when the halo runs out of health. Thank you for removing the mandatory ground slam for diving spears, it really slowed him down too often when you was trying to escape missions The set up looks interesting, can't wait to give it a try.
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