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  1. NOt sure if this is the right place. I hope so? I tried to swap a loadout on mirage and a glitch happened where it put an aura mod into the last slot of my loadout. it refused to remove the mod nor allow me to remove the said mod unless I forced removed it with Remove all. I swapped over to a different frame (Inaros) to see if it would happen again. While it didn't add a mod to the slot, what it did do was give me a read out of me having -2 of 70 points. anyone else have this issue?
  2. She's a great and fun frame to learn to use. She deals damage, she buffs, she mildly CC's. I love making fun little songs to use with her.
  3. If you are talking about putting mods and slots onto the exalted weapons themselves. No. Why? You would lose a sense of fluidity and versatility the exalted weapons have. So there's a few specialty mods like that they can't use. If you want to truly use the power of the exalted weapon, you should consider actually building for that knowledge before hand. Yes there are terrible natural weapons out there that can't really be used without a syndicate, riven nor acolyte mod. You can still use them with the kit of the warframe and not dive into the exalted weapon. And there is another hug
  4. I agree. I am hoping that they take a closer look at her kit and how it works. I've always wondered the buff aura issue myself, why IS it so low and non-modifiable?
  5. Fear not, I have been wanting Pixie girl looked at for years! I've always seen this and the enemy goes straight up. it's not terrible in low ceilings, but watching it happen in the plains is happen is painful. It should have a range cap on how high it can go! You also forgot to mention 1 is also a status nullifying power if you cast it at your feet, on/near allies. Now as for any ideas I might have. Lanturn I think should have almost a resonator effect, the more enemies that see it, the "brighter" the light gets and more enemies get drawn in, pacified as they look a
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nezha PLEASE be so kind as to Educate yourself a little before making assumptions. While it "is a feminine name" from Arabic, he is based off of the Chinese Diety that looks the same in the English language.
  7. It's one of the most beloved bows for most people. It's mostly slash damage with some of the highest Crit chance of any primary weapon. It can be made to be one of the hardest hitting weapons out there.
  8. While My coordination with the Opera buff is good, I have to admit it's a lot harder for me to get the invisible buff going for Octavia. In all of my time playing and using her, I've only gotten it to go off three times successfully, both ally and self alike even with the "ear cancer" songs. Mallet is only as strong as the damage it takes as it's reflected back to the enemy and is multiplied by Amp, and I do agree it scales ridiculously. There's no real counter point I have to that part of the argument outside of it's her only option for damage period. This Ivara thing I have not seen do
  9. As someone that can't even run the planes without my computer locking up due to poor connection, I feel your pain. Even though the Ghouls spawn "out of the events," they are still a semi-rare enemy with a rare chance to drop a rare stance. Honestly I feel they lost revenue (at least from me) when it comes to the Gunsen because I would have bought the Gunsen bundle if it came with the stance, being a new/unique weapon type.
  10. I really enjoy this frame, but I'm fairly certain many other players wouldn't mind seeing her reworked. I personally feel she needs a small touch up and not a complete overhaul to what she is capable of. The only thing I could think of is improving turbulence. Turbulence: When it is active, it gives a radius and damage buff to dive bomb and tailwind. I believe this would be a nice quality of life change for her because you would think with vicious winds whipping around her, it would increase these two powers at least. Most people that are going to run Zephyr will know that turbulence i
  11. So I know others have mentioned this,but the benefit to mastering an older warframe is for mastery rank. The actual stats for most of them aren't too noticeably different from their regular form save for roughly one or two? All the skills and base damage and/or concept remain the same from standard to prime.
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