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  1. Passive: Improvised Armor If all ammo is full, this frame gains 20 armor by picking up ammo drops. This stacks up to 1500. Should he take damage, the armor breaks off. 1) Rooting Void: Ensnare an enemy with a transference vine. This provides a field which will grant damage mitigation to allies standing within 20 meters of the target and take 100% of the status effects the allies (and self) are affected by. 2) Creepy Crawly: break down into individual parts to sneak by enemies. Enemies that see the parts become spooked and lose attack speed and movement speed, as well as unable to activate alarms. 3) Fruits of the Void: Sacrifice 20% of your health and shields to grand allies health regeneration and a burst of energy. Higher shields means more energy where higher health means more health regeneration. 4) Detonation: sacrifies all armor form passive, health and shields until you are down to 10 Hit Points do deal damage to enemies within an AoE burst. Enemies killed this way have extra loot drop.
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