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  1. Conceptually I have no issue with it at all. I'm ambivalent to the actual change. I do have an issue with people angrily complaining about it when DE literally explained the exact reason for it in the update post itself. And as you just said, we have a ton of bugs already and might have very well introduced many more with the recent UI changes, so why would be a good idea to introduce the possibility of even more bugs when they could instead just switch it off entirely. It's an incredibly minor cosmetic change, and the fact that some people can still feel justified in rudely complaining
  2. Try restarting steam. I launched mine just fine and my Steam has been open since before the Warframe update, so you might be missing a steam update
  3. They explicitly explained why they weren't making it a toggle -- because that introduces not just more coding work, but also introduces opportunities for things to have bugs.
  4. A possible idea to change that Lavos augment: Instead of making it additional elemental damage, have it literally convert a portion of the weapon's total damage into the infused-element-type for 8 seconds -- with the conversion being proportional to the other modded damage types. So if a weapon normally does 100 base damage, and is modded such that it does 400 IPS damage + 600 [elemental mods] damage, then for 8 seconds it will instead do (400 * 0.75) IPS damage + (600 * 0.75) [elemental mods] damage + ((400 + 600) * 0.25) infused-element-type damage It wouldn't actually buff damage, but
  5. Lavos augments: 1st augment -- this seems like a pretty good idea, but I'm not quite sure how DE would design that augment, seeing as it applies to all his powers. Would it take the place of the augment for another ability that doesn't get a unique augment? Maybe it could change his passive from Valence Block into this instead? (just brainstorming) 2nd augment -- not sure that a 'double-dipping' augment is the way to go, especially if the range of the explosion is 200% of the probe's range, but maybe something that instead reduces the cooldown on Transmutation Probe itself? 3rd
  6. I'm aware of Hirudo, and yes it's good for frames/players who like being close-in (which isn't my favorite) but I actually rarely use Healing Return as it is. Despite the infrequent use, that particular method of using it is my favorite, which was why I mentioned it. Frankly, my zaw outdamages the majority of my other weapons and my warframes, because Exodia Contagion + Primed Reach on a status/crit weapon makes for some truly absurd damage numbers -- and that's without the projectile damage being boosted after traveling 30m. Mesa still puts it to shame, but I equip that zaw probably upw
  7. My personal favorite weapon for healing is just to use Healing Return on my melee -- putting it on a weapon that inflicts a lot of status itself, or pairing it with another weapon that you can just use to hose-down a crowd and then start swinging for the fences. Especially with Saryn or Lavos. That said, I'm extremely biased because I hardly use anything except Zaw weapons, which outclass basically everything else simply because you can equip Exodia Contagion to turn them into an artillery weapon.
  8. Conceptually, I get what you mean, they do both have similar functions. I do think that Snow Globe could probably use some updating -- honestly, I feel like several of the old warframes need their kits re-considered. Not necessarily overhauled, but some better synergy between abilities would be nice. (ex: Like being able to improve the range of Ice Wave Impedance if you cast it inside Snow Globe.) Keep in mind, however, that the two abilities aren't exactly the same -- both of them have different ways of greatly scaling their health (Iron Skin especially). Snow Globe can stack with its
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