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  1. Hard pass on a new forma, for me. We already have enough of them (regular, aura, stance, umbra), and the forma system itself has been in a position -- for quite a while now -- where a rework would improve it. On top of that, improving the entire forma system would make people across the entire playerbase more likely to use it, rather than just people who have already invested a lot of time into increasing their MR.
  2. Hm. Y'know, as much as I don't really care about Steel Path on a personal level, I could actually accept it being a way to get Umbra Forma. I'd prefer Simaris, but I'll take what I can get. As for bosses, I kind of wish you got markers/tokens/trophies (w/e) for killing them that could then be turned-in for their drops, somehow, but I realize that would defeat the purpose of having lore for many of the bosses, which makes that idea a bit tougher than just "a hard sell". Honestly, requiring extra copies of a frame to get these slots seems like not only an overkill idea for DE to have t
  3. To expand on this idea with a more specific example: If you invest 1 forma into something, you can polarize any slot you've unlocked (so no exilus without the adapter), with any polarity you wish. (Umbral I'd say requires a deeper discussion, but good enough for now.) This polarization could be Removing an existing polarity from a slot (de-polarizing a slot) Changing the polarity of a polarized slot Polarizing a non-polarized slot For each forma you invest into a warframe/weapon/companion/vehicle, you gain one additional "polarization point" (I can't think of a mo
  4. Damn. And I thought I had done a decent job of testing for trying to figure out the issue with Marked Target on Velocitus. That's small peanuts to this. Eclipse is like 50% of Mirage's frequently-used kit, most of her damage output, and it's the Helminth ability for her. Wow. That's such a bizarre bug man, but I'm really glad you found it. I'll try to spread the knowledge of this in the hopes that DE hears about it.
  5. I *have* been testing myself, and while using less than 100% status chance, they didn't seem to be applied correctly. I will thank you for pointing out the forced procs, because it's allowed me to test with that in mind, and thus the ability to modify how many procs I should expect for each given shot. However, while testing using *only* Shell Rush, Modified Munitions, and Market Target, things still seemed odd. Velocitus has a base status chance of 25%, so with Modified Munitions (+60% status chance, so +15% total), every shot should have a 40% status chance -- and with Marked Target, al
  6. I'll grant it's possible that Fluctus is behaving oddly due to the forced proc, and I'll also grant it's possible that both Corvas and Velocitus have forced procs due to their natures of being a giant pellet shotgun and literally a mass driver, but if those are intentional, they should be explicitly mentioned, and they are not. Additionally, those procs should be calculated separately from other status procs, and should be applied in addition to any procs from the status chance of the shot itself, rather than potentially being an either-or situation. I've not seen any damage numbers in my UI
  7. Apologies in advance for the ugly formatting with the nested spoilers. So I was messing around with the Corvas in the Simulacrum -- because I was testing out a build idea -- and I noticed that, despite being modded for a significant bonus of Corrosive and Heat damage, nearly all of the status procs I was seeing were Impact. The Corvas has two different damage types depending on the game mode, unlike every other Archgun. If used as a weapon in Archwing missions, Corvas deals a mixture of Impact and Heat damage, and this is reflected accurately in the arsenal stats for the Archgun se
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