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  1. Concoles missed out on 2nd part of fractures event, one stream implied there was lore attached to alphabet scans. Will concoles ever get chance at that pokemoning? There doesnt seem to be gap in fragment codex, if that was were the lore was.
  2. Blackbeard, Jim Bowie, Tesla, Albert II etc died for Starbucks, Hot Topics and Participation Trophies. Trailblazing earns scars few acknowledge. Next generation is always viewed as whiney & spoiled by the previous. Oxyum, mutagen samples, focus 2.5... Its happened before. I grit my teeth but expected placation. 6 yrs of content is a lot to catch up to. Lore wize it bugs me most. Turn what i perceived as post depression/ww2 diy mentality of the Ostron in to cosplaying jurassic park attendants... Just add starbucks next to the guy that disappears wives.
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