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  1. While I understand that applying the rewards retroactively isn't really possible given the system... problem is those who watched now might not be able to watch the "next time" again. Given it starts at 2am here, it's certainly not a given for me. Oh well.
  2. Yeah, thanks for the offer, I do appreciate it. Now if only DE offered to fix the spawning, heh 😉
  3. Yeah... DE gets held up as some gold standard for getting things working (like people who came bashing Anthem in reddit sure liked pointing out the utter perfection of Warframe), but many, even simple, fixes really seem to take literally years sometimes. I still can't craft a Sunrise Apothic because Frostleaf simply doesn't spawn for me. At all. Thus I can't complete the Silver Grove quest. Then there's often bugged bounties, crappy host migrations, etc etc. Don't get me wrong, overall it's a great game but the frustrations can stack up sometimes as minor as some of them might seem on their own.
  4. Seeing as how we have this silly unstable host migration system to begin with, can't we at least have more of heads-up time (like at LEAST 15-30 minutes) so there wouldn't be a rush to end mission or rather would know not to even start one? I was in an endless excavation void rift mission, and the hotfix thing popped up. Well, no biggie I though, seems like no one's extracting so I guess I'm not either. Which was of course a mistake; shortly after the hotfix was deployed a host migration was triggered and the game threw me into the orbiter because couldn't "start" a mission with an "outdated" client! A rather ridiculous situation that I really didn't realize to take that into account when I staid in the mission, seeing as I've never even been in an endless mission during a hotfix as far as I recall - at least never had a host migration after it ended. Thankfully it seems there is at least a semi-failsafe for this as at least I got the relic contents into my inbox after restarting; suffice to say after being kicked into the orbiter and seemingly having lost the stuff I was fuming, as it was 5 relics opened with 70+ plat worth of stuff. But course all the XP & cryotic and other resources are still gone. Mainly annoyed about the cryotic since that stuff is an annoyance to get and I'm always low on it. I was specifically doing excavation due to getting a resource booster on login to at least double up the gain.
  5. Good to know. I guess I can then try to whip up the resources for one of the other apothics and join a group doing the challenge so that I won't be a mere "freerider". Naturally I'd like to finish the quest itself too, but I guess that'll have to wait.
  6. Thanks for the offer. I just read up on it and realized the shrines spawn on Earth Forest tilesets in general after the quest. So I suppose it might work for those who haven't done the quest as long as someone in the group has? Not sure I have time/energy to try it today though, spent too much time last night in WF as it was trying to get the quest done.
  7. Since I'm doing the initial quest and not the repeatable farm, I'm not sure that works. I can only enter the quest version of the node, and I can't enter it without the Sunrise Apothic equipped (in fact, since I don't have the Apothic right now I can't even see the node until I do). I'm not sure if taxiing me to the post-quest node would work, seems kind of unlikely?
  8. Adding a challenge to kill Silver Grove Spectres would be fine... if you actually first made sure to fix ancient bugs that leave some players with no way to complete the quest because Frostleaf won't spawn. At all. I know what they look like. I know where they're supposed to be. They're impossible to miss when they're there. But they just don't spawn no matter what map that they normally spawn on I try. Reports of this can be found from years ago as I searched for it, yet it still manages to be an issue. I've wasted my time doing a lot of missions I have no need to be doing other than for the Frostleaf. As I just hit 666 hours on Steam for the game I guess it's fitting to be hellishly annoyed at it right now. I guess I now know why they made it an elite challenge, since apparently a player must hack the game/server to get a required ingredient to spawn?
  9. Hmm... Valkyr fixes abound, but I'm wondering if others have having problems with her to the effect that you end up unable being to attack with either melee or shooting. I'm not entirely sure what triggers it, something with Hysteria and the Melee 2.9 stuff such as shooting, I think. I managed to "fix" it in Orb Vallis by engaging Archwing, but naturally that doesn't help in star chart missions or Sanctuary Onslaught for example.
  10. Died after 3 of the pillars were destroyed. Upon respawn the eye thing is just sitting idle. How nice. So I had to forfeit a nice haul of neurodes which I'm very short on for my trouble as well. To top it off the fourth pillar should've been destroyed, but for some reason the eye's shots seemed to not be affecting it which is why I died in the first place.
  11. Hmm, I wonder if that Grineer forest tileset thing finally fixed that annoying defense where the enemies get stuck jumping on and falling off of those obstacles and thus never reach the objective - I guess I should go check it out.
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